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Captive Love

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Summary: TtH Summer Fic-a-Thon; Dawn is kidnapped, but it's not by someone out to get Buffy. The kidnapper is looking for her boyfriend, Adam Pierson.

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Highlander > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Methos(Moderator)KaylaShayFR1323,5811247,7582 Aug 062 Aug 06Yes


IllustrationTITLE: Captive Love
AUTHOR: Kayla Shay

DISCLAIMER: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and respective parties while all things Highlander are owned by Davis-Panzer Productions and rest.

NOTES: Written for KatSqueaks for the TtH Summer Fic-a-Thon. Guidelines:
Dawn // Angel // Spike; Highlander // Firefly // Harry Potter
Romance between an older man and younger girl; A lot of drama, everything is tense...; Someone finding out something about themselves that they didn't previously know
Character death; Cheesy sexual scenes or scenes that are full of nothing but mindless humor; Slash

Dawn cradled her aching head in her hands. It was Tuesday. Why did she always have to be kidnapped on a Tuesday? She tried the breathing techniques Willow had taught her in order to clear the pain in her head. She needed to take stock of where she was and figure out what had captured her. Then would be the escape plan and the recruiting of any nearby slayers to slay the evil thing that had taken her.

She thought back over the day trying to recall just what had led her to this moment…

Dawn skipped across campus to Adam’s office. Well, in her mind she was skipping, but in reality it was just walking with a slight sway to her hips. In just a few short weeks, she would graduate from an accredited university, which, she was glad to rub in to the others, did not sit on the mouth of hell. But the most important part of graduating was not the diploma receiving, it was the fact she could make public the guy she had fallen head over heels for; a man who was known as Adam Pierson, her ancient languages professor.

It had started out as your typical young coed crushing on the relatively young professor who happened to look great and know his languages. From there it moved to her becoming his top student, academically of course, and him suggesting that she participate in an independent study course to focus on her best subject; ancient Sumerian. Next came meetings over coffee with discussions that lasted for hours over the development of language systems and how much history has been lost over the years.

Dawn was drawn to his perspective on everything. She sometimes had the feeling that he had lived that history. It was the look that graced his eyes while they talked. While a person living throughout history was not out of the realm of possibility, she believed that Adam was just a normal, run-of-the-mill human with no supernatural ties.

Their coffee meetings had turned into dinner dates, which progressed into a goodnight kiss. The relationship had come about in such a normal way that Dawn was constantly watching for any abnormal signs. Nobody in her family had ever had a relationship go this smoothly. Well, as long as you discount the whole professor/student problem.

It was lost in these thoughts that she felt a sharp prick in her neck. If it hadn’t been for the bright sunshine, she could have sworn a vampire had just bitten her, before she fell into oblivion.

So now she sat in some unknown cell after having been drugged and kidnapped. There were three stone walls, no window and some old iron bars that served as the door. Experimentally, she reached out to tug at the bars. They didn’t budge, but at least it didn’t seem to have some kind of magical binding on it.

Beyond the bars, she only saw bare stone walls, much like what was inside her cell. Then an idea came. There was the lock on the cell door. Maybe, just maybe she could pick it. But, she had no available tools on hand. Sitting back, she tried to remain calm and think of anything that could help.

She was unsure how much time had passed when she heard a female voice. “So, I see that you are finally awake.”

Dawn looked up sharply, “Who are you?! What do you want with me? Come on, bitch, let me out of here!” She shouted in what she hoped was a demanding, menacing tone.

“My, my, you are a feisty one. Of course, he always liked his girls with a bid of a fight in them. It turned him on.” Dawn watched as a tall woman with long dark hair and piercing eyes walked out of the shadows to run her hand across the bars of the cell. “It doesn’t hurt that you are a pretty thing too.”

Dawn’s mind was turning. What the woman was saying didn’t make since. Who is this guy she’s talking about? They always kidnap her to get to Buffy. “What are talking about? And by the way, stop hitting on me, I’m so not gay!”

The woman just laughed. “He’s going to come for you and then I’ll have him. You know, child, you should really find out a man’s past before you fall in love with him. You never know what skeletons you’ll find hiding in his closet.” She laughed again as she walked off.

Dawn rocked back against the cold wall. This was about Adam, her normal, non-supernatural, professor-slash-boyfriend, Adam. The woman wanted him for something and she was the bait. Why the hell was she always the bait?

Hours passed as Dawn waited. She knew that Adam would come for her (or hoped he would anyway). But she also knew that if he did, something bad could happen to him and also to her. But all she could do was wait.

Then her ears caught a change in the room. There were light footsteps coming towards her cell. She watched as Adam’s face came into the light. His face was hard lined and he looked tense, as if expecting an attack. Then their eyes locked and wordless thoughts were carried between them.

He knew it was a trap, but he was also going to get her out of there at any cost. He motioned her to step back from the bars and he pulled a long sword, an Ivanhoe if she wasn’t mistaken, from goddess knows where.

Within moments, he had jimmied the door opened, but not without a surrounding creaking sound as it opened. Then Dawn watched in fascination as he tensed, as if hearing some high pitched frequency, then he turned in a fluid motion, keeping her safely behind him.

The dark haired woman stepped out the shadows, sword held confidently in front of her. “Methos, glad you came.”

Adam nodded at her, “Cassandra.” Then the battle was engaged.

Dawn watched in wonder as the two faced off against each other. It was like watching Buffy and Faith spar with each other. They were both in complete unity with their weapon and with the fight they were having. It was a beautiful, yet deadly dance and the participants had forgot all about Dawn as they moved around.

Dawn was so caught up in watching that she had not paid attention to their movements. At some point, they had rotated, placing the woman beside her. Before Dawn had a chance to move away, something changed in the battle.

Adam had gained the upper hand and knocked her sword away. Then he began to lunge forward. Time stopped as Cassandra turned, grabbed Dawn and pulled her in front. Dawn watched in wide-eyed horror as Adam’s thrust placed the sword right into her stomach.

Dawn fell backwards to the floor. Somewhere, she heard Adam shouting and felt hands around her neck and on her stomach. She felt so cold; she wanted her mom there with a cup of hot chocolate and some of those tiny marshmallows. She tried to open her mouth to talk, but felt a liquid in the back of her throat causing her to cough instead. Everything around her dimmed until all she knew was Adam’s voice repeating one thing over and over. “Don’t die on me. I can’t lose you. I love you.”

She wanted to tell him that she loved him too, but she couldn’t speak. She prayed that he knew. Then her head told her it was time to go to sleep. So she did, thinking about Adam, Buffy and everyone she had ever loved.

Cassandra watched as the man she hated with every breath she took cradled the dying girl in his arms. Something pierced her mind as she wondered for the first time if this was same man she remembered from all those years ago. The man who held her captive would never have cried like this. He never would have shown love for anything.

Turning away from the site before her, she felt a weight lift from her heart. He had taken her innocence and now she had helped him lose something of just as much importance. “Our fight is over for now,” she spoke the words softly and left him to grieve.

Adam sat with Dawn’s head cradled in his lap. He had lost her before he even had a chance to learn all he could about her. Something had drawn him to her; almost liked she shared a soul as old as his. Now the place she had filled was empty. Pain and grief started to surround him.

He looked at where his sword protruded from her body. With a sickening sound he pulled it free and let it clatter to ground beside her. It was his fault she was gone before her time. Before she could experience life. He continued to cradle her as a single tear rolled off his cheek and onto her lips.

Then he felt the typical twinge to his spine, the presence of another immortal. If Cassandra walked back in, he may just let her take his head to be done with it. But nobody entered the room. He glanced down at Dawn’s body. He knew she couldn’t be immortal, he would have sensed something before, he would have known.

His breathing hitched when he saw the little lightening sparks play across her stomach, sealing her wound. He knew it couldn’t be possible, but yet there she was, taking her first breath as an immortal.
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