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DS-Verse: Episode One – The Beginning Of The Dark

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Summary: One little slip of the tongue and now what!

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Chapter 04

The cat looked up at him as if to say, 'Well!' as clearly as if it had said it.

Xander blinked a few times then shrugged. He'd figure out that bit of strangeness later, right now he had to see if his memories were true. If they were he knew the code to this gate. If they weren't he had just noticed this house at some point and it had been drawn into the chaos of his mind the night before.

He walked over to the gate and to the right hand side. There indeed was the pad as he'd imagined it. Now it was just a case of making sure he had the right code. If he had the wrong one, it was likely he'd piss off whoever was the owner.

In his 'memories' he or rather the mage was the owner and had lived alone, and rarely at that property.

His fingers danced across the number pad.

A nanosecond seemed to stretch into unbearable minutes and the gate buzzed and clicked. It swung open on well maintained hinges and Xander breathed out in relief and worry. Relief because he wasn't going to be accosted by security and worry because that meant last night was more than likely NOT a figment of his imagination. It also meant other memories may also be true.

Xander shivered a bit at that. The Mage, Zackery something, hadn't been a bad man per say. Certainly when measured against a demon he was a virtual saint, but he hadn't exactly been nice either. His memories also stretched well beyond his apparent age as well.

Though Xander DID have a ghost of an idea/memory about why that was. He wasn't sure he wanted to believe it but...

His feline friend had apparently gotten bored with waiting for Xander and walked through the cat with the swaggering arrogance that only a cat truly possesses. Xander watched it go, tail in the air and apparently no care in the world. He had to admit he was slightly jealous of the animal at that moment in time.

Still, he walked in through the gate which he closed behind him and let out a low whistle.

His memories hadn't done the place justice. It was HUGE, the grounds were immaculate, and Xander supposed that a gardener or something took care of them on a regular basis. He'd have to watch out for that. He didn't want to be chased off of the property by a pitch fork wielding guy, or worse a security guard.

He wanted to make this place his new home if he possibly could, and it was occurring to Xander more and more that he might just be able to pull it off. If other's of his memory were as accurate as the gate code had been.

Not having the actual key to the front door turned out not to be a problem as it was also code locked and Xander remembered that it was thankfully the same code as the gate. So far so good. Now he just had to keep calm and think his way through this situation.

The truth was he was half a second away from calling Giles. The only problem there was that he would tell Buffy who would in turn be mad as hell at him and make his life a living hell. The idea of all this, somewhat dangerous plan, was to improve his life for the better.

He knew Buffy meant well, that didn't mean it didn't bug the hell out of him though.

He walked through the immaculate home, no house. Xander could easily tell it wasn't really a home, there were none of the tell tale signs that it was a home. Nick nacks, pictures and other human items around the place.

There were pictures, as in art work. Some of which Xander was mildly interested in. Other's he thought were horrible. He'd have to ask Mrs Summers if she'd be willing to check them out, somehow. He was fairly sure he could get her to do that without alerting her daughter. After all, Buffy was going to college and she was home alone as it were. Hopefully that and a promise not to tell on him would do it. If he could assure her they actually belonged to him. Perhaps some of them would be worth some money. A place this big would need some serious money to look after.

With that thought in mind Xander found himself wandering towards a room at the back of the building. He opened the door to find what appeared to be an ultra modern looking office over looking, strangely enough, a large indoor pool.

Xander smiled when he saw that. He loved to swim, he would certainly have to have a go in that pool.

He sat himself behind the desk and looked at the obviously high end computer sat on it's shiny surface.

"Now if only I could use one!" he mumbled. He reached forward and stabbed the on button. It booted the OS almost instantly causing Xander to smile. Willow would kill for a system like this he knew.

He experimentally stabbed at a button, his other hand coming up to lay the other side of the keyboard. Then he found his finger's begin to fly across the keyboard as if he'd been doing it all his life.

"God Damn I'm Possessed!" he said gleefully. Watching almost as if it were someone else operating the computer. He watched as Internet banking interfaces came on line and were logged into with all the correct details logged in. He watched as his fingers leapt to his will.

He created an online branch of his own account and then... dumped a load of money into it. Knowing he had to be fairly careful he wrote off the whole thing with some backwards digging as a late second cousin who had left him a load of money and the house. He managed to hire a lawyer online and get them to deal with his case, the case of shifting the property to his name. A fairly standard procedure. He then hacked the M.E., to his amusement, and filed a death certificate for Zackery Strongbow, and then ordered a copy to be sent to his solicitors.

This and seemingly a hundred other things Xander did in a matter of minutes. Then for another three hours he worked, worming his way deeper and deeper into the online life of Zackery Strongbow.

The things he found amazed him.

From the mundane account holdings; if one could call being a millionaire. To the bizarre, like his subscription to several unusual pornography sites, the character of the Mage slowly came to Xander's eyes. He was also finding his memory well and truly jogged as he went. It was disturbing at times he actually found himself thinking of himself as Zackery, not Xander.

A habit he intended to make sure was well and truly broken as quickly as possible.

All the while, the cat sat by his feet and chased Rabbits in his sleep. Of course now they were Technicolor rabbits that sometimes chased him back, but he was a much more complex animal now...

Los Angeles

Helen swore as she walked out of the bank, yet another interview gone to hell and yet another pervert more interested in her legs than her work experience.

Sometimes being a woman sucked, she decided. If she'd been a man at least the pervert behind the desk would actually have met her eyes once in a while.

She knew she had a somewhat toned body thanks to years of hard work in a circus and, yes her legs were quite long in proportion to her body. That meant that unfortunately the only skirt she had was in fact fairly short on her. On other's in the same size it would've been the right length, but oh no she wasn't that lucky.

So, eventually, she'd given up. She wasn't ready to offer the kind of 'job dedication' she just KNEW that guy had wanted.

She'd never be ready for that.

She sighed, where was next? Double Meat Palace, oh brother she was not having a good day.



The cool, but pleasantly so, water washed around Xander's body as he dived into the pool. Then before he knew what was happening a loud SNAP launched him from the pool and threw him across the room where he landed with a sickening crunch.

Cat, sprinted across the room and peered carefully at the now smoking human. He was fairly sure that they were NOT supposed to do that normally.


The human didn't move at all, from the strange angle of the humans arms and legs, something was obviously broken. Cat looked closer at the humans head then leapt back when with a sudden crack one of Xander's legs righted itself. Then crack, crack, crack his other limbs did the same thing. Then finally, CRUNCH his neck twisted back to a more correct angle.

"OW!" Xander said coming to life in the twitch of a whisker.


Xander looked at the cat then at his surroundings, "Lucky escape there. Some bastard must've wired the pool."


Xander looked at the cat who appeared all the world to be shaking its head at him. "You're not quite a normal cat are ya buddy?" he asked, shifting himself into a sitting position as he did. He gave himself a bit of a shake and quickly got to his feet. He really needed to find who had wired the pool, but first he needed to find out how.

As he approached one side of the pool, when he was close enough for him to reach out and touch the water, a spark leapt him to the water.

"Yea-ouch!" Xander said leaping back. "Damn it" he said redoubling his efforts to find the power source.

Ten minutes of hard searching later and he was beginning to have a horrible realization. There was no power source. At least, nothing external. He held out his hand over the pool and a spark leapt from his hand to try to earth in the water.

Strange, he expected it to hurt and had pulled his hand back in expectation of the pain, but it hadn't really hurt. Nothing like the first time.

"I don't freaking believe this" he said suddenly getting it. The night before, the lightning, some how he'd been charged up, changed. "This sucks" he said sitting on a lounger heavily.

Cat dived up onto his lap and curled into a purring ball.

Xander relaxed quickly after that but he was still upset. If he was right, and as crazy as it seemed he thought he was. Swimming, one of the few things he'd always liked, was SO out of the question now.

He focused and reached out a hand. A fork of lightning sprang from his hand and blasted a lounge chair the other side of the pool. Atomizing it within a few seconds. Xander noted that he didn't in anyway feel drained or anything.

Then, slowly, he began to smile.

He had a power, so it detracted in someways, but a vampire would no way stand up to that sort of power. His smile grew, now he could really help out, finally they would stop trying to push him away!

He had to tell them as soon as possible!

The End?

You have reached the end of "DS-Verse: Episode One – The Beginning Of The Dark" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Aug 06.

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