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DS-Verse: Episode One – The Beginning Of The Dark

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Summary: One little slip of the tongue and now what!

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Chapter One

TITLE: DS-Verse: Episode One – The Beginning Of The Dark Summoning.
SUMMARY: One little slip of the tongue and now what!
RATING: M: Mature – For ... because I feel like it and I swear.
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know 'K
FEEDBACK: Please, good or bad just please be gentle with me
CATEGORY: Action Adventure / Horror / Super Hero.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own BtVS or any of the other brand characters used in my stories. This work has been created for fun, and not for profit, so please do not sue me.
BETA READ: Posting Live
WARNING: I wrote this! Scary huh. Because of that fact expect Horror, sex/sexual situations, Violence and all that other fun stuff they don't let people put on TV.
CROSSOVERS: Poly-Crossover.

I've been called a super Xander writer, so I decided to prove those who have said it right. That, and because inspiration comes from the strangest places, this site :-

So basically, the Super Hero character's you don't recognize... I made them up with that little machines help :) I'll post some pictures up on my website when I get around to converting this fic to HTML.

Due to chronic writers block, this and all my other stuff is coming out VERY slowly at the moment, so be nice, send feedback and hopefully this will get me going again. I hope!


The soothing sound's of Oz's band crept through the club like an aromatic smoke. As teenager's both legal and not poured through the nightclub and danced, talked and generally enjoyed the atmosphere.

"So we all up for patrol then?" Xander asked leaning back against the table. He, Willow and Buffy had come for a little welcome back Xander drink. He had not long got back from his American tour which had been an utter bust.

Buffy glanced at her red haired friend to find her own concern mirrored there. Xander was actually pretty good for a 'normal' human and managed on the whole to stand up well against vampires, the problem was that he was essentially frail compared to the other's in the gang. Willow had protection with her magic, as did Giles. Oz basically couldn't be hurt unless someone used silver and she was the slayer. In their own way's they all had either protection or a way of healing fast enough that being hurt wasn't too much of a problem. There was also Xander's nasty habit of totally ignoring these facts. "Xander..." she began slowly.

Xander narrowed his eyes at the one time holder of his heart and had to sigh, "Not again" he said wearily.

"Yes again, this is a dangerous world you're in..."

"No really?" Xander cut her off, "You think I don't know that?"

Buffy shook her head, blonde locks dancing as she did so, "No, I... We think that you don't realise how much of a rick you put yourself in every night. I mean, you don't have to come with me every SINGLE night."

Xander quirked a smile, "Bored of my company?" he asked her wryly.

"NO!" Buffy said quickly, "No, but worried....worried I am for sure." she added with a soft smile.

Xander breathed in deeply and then with a slight nod of his head he calmed her worries that this time would be a repeat of the other times they had tried to get him to dial back and not leap into danger. "Sure Buffy, I can see where you're coming from. I'll take more care. Maybe not come out every night?"

"That would be good Xand, we just want to keep you around for as long as possible. You're our Xander-shaped friend. What would we do without that?"

Xander smiled, "Okay, then I'm kinda tired from doing the double-meat thing. Perhaps I'll call it a night tonight then?"

Buffy looked at him with a little surprise, "Okay Xand, well goodnight?" she said, standing and giving him a big hug, "We really do care about you" she said into his chest.

"Thanks Buff" Xander said with a lopsided smile.


About half an hour after Xander had left Buffy found herself feeling a little uneasy and apparently she looked it as well.

"You okay?" Willow said with a half smile and eyes full of emerald concern.

"Hmm" Buffy said in an uncommitted way.

"Buffy, what's wrong?"

"Oh, I was just thinking."

"Wow, whatdya know it's not true after all" Willow said with a cheeky smile. "Blonde's really do have brains."

When Buffy didn't respond Willow wilted slightly, "Buffy, what's the matter?"

"Well" Buffy said looking up at her finally, "I was just thinking, well...When have you ever known Xander give in like that?"

Willow looked at Buffy, her eyes misting as she ran through her memories of the dark haired man that had just left. "Hmmm, well never."

"That's what I thought"

"Maybe he's just realised we're worried"

"Or that we won't shut up about it unless we think we got our message across?" Buffy questioned/stated.

Willow frowned, "That's more likely"

"What do you suppose he's doing right now?"

"Oh goddess" Willow said, "Think we should try to find him?"

Buffy was already up and grabbing for her jacket, "You kidding?" she asked.

"I'll just go tell Oz"


Xander stalked his prey. Normally this wasn't his way of doing things or his normal prey for that matter. Yet, there was something very odd feeling about this strange man. He'd picked up his trail about 15 minutes ago when he'd seen him coming out of the Magic Box arm's almost spilling over with the amount of supplies he had been carrying.

So Xander had followed his nose and followed the normal, average even, looking man all the way into the dock's area. That was when Xander started to feel better about playing his hunch. There were precious few reasons to be at Sunnydale Docks at this time of night and very few of them had anything to do with dock work.

The guy looked around furtively causing Xander to step back into his cover. Year's of fighting on the hellmouth had instilled certain skills into Xander such as being able to hide. Despite what Buffy apparently thought Xander knew only too well how much danger there was in the 'Dale. In fact more than she did more than likely. After all evil wasn't limited to Demon's.

Once his prey had slipped into the warehouse Xander slipped out of the shadows scaring the crap out of a passing cat who puffed up and hissed at him. Taking a moment Xander knelt and tickled the mangy old ginger tom between it's ears. As he did that he looked around for anything out of the ordinary, so far so nothing... Xander knew, however, that something was up, he could feel it. The strange feeling was also coming from the warehouse that the man had just entered. As the cat purred at his ministration's Xander stretched out his sense's as best he could and tried to feel his way around the odd sensation of foreshadowing he was feeling. It was no good though, he'd have to go and have a look. Smirking at what Buffy would say about what he was doing Xander stilled his stroking of the cat, much to it's disappointment, and stalked down the road towards the back of the warehouse.

It only took him a few short moments to pick the lock, it was amazing what could be learned from the Internet, and make his way silently into the warehouse proper. Moving silently was another of those hellmouth survival skill's he'd picked up. It was funny to think how often he'd snuck up on a vampire and taken it out before the demonic entity had known what the hell was going on.

As he slipped through the door, unseen by him and moving with more grace and silence than many creatures can even hope to match. Death slipped in on pawed feet, following the kind stranger in hope of more kindness.


Zackery Strongbow held his arm over a bowl and used a razor sharp scalpel to cut deeply into his wrist. Thick blood welled up and ran down his wrist and fell into the receptacle he had prepared especially for the occasion. Putting down the scalpel he used his now free hand to drop in a few herbs and other 'special' ingredients. As he did that electric tendrils worked over his wound knitting together the muscle and veins he had cut and after a few short moments the wound had closed completely, then it faded to a light scar and eventually the only sign of the mortal wound was rapidly drying blood on his forearm. Grasping the bowel in one hand he used the other to mix the potion until it turned green. Smiling slightly Zackery an immortal of 900 year in age and with several 100 head's under his arm then held out a wand and tapped the bowl three times. He paused, three taps more, paused two beats and then repeated the pattern.

He paused once more to add some drops of blood from a vial. His secret ingredient, vampire blood, blood of another type of an immortal essentially. It hadn't been that hard to get. The vampire in question had cut himself on Zackery's sword, then blood was in large supply.

This was his plan to protect himself, to make sure he could win the game and claim the prize, whatever that may be. Despite having a fairly good amount of head's to his name he was not a great lover of sword play. Once this spell was complete that would no longer be a problem. Once this spell was complete he would be the oldest immortal alive, and the most powerful. He was using his knowledge of the 'arts', vampire blood and his own quickening to power this spell. This was it, the big score. It was also just in time. He had to meet with a challenge later, the cocky bastard had allowed him some time to 'get his affairs in order'. So being the lateral thinker he was Zackery was doing just that. This was all he had left except running, and that he couldn't bring himself to do. Warped as they were, he had his code of honour after all. Once all was said and done, he knew that he was in no way a match for Duncan Macleod, and all because of something that happened 100 year's ago! After he had completed this night's work however, Macleod or even the mythical Methos himself would no longer pose a threat. He just hoped nothing went wrong, he was balancing a lot of power in this spell, if anything should upset that, then he had no idea what would happen. Final death would be the least of his worries.

"Alma Vestige Runamia Sun" he intoned in a deep voice. A crackle of power leapt from the wand at the last word and caused it to suddenly rear up into a high yellow flame. Once it died down Zackery's heart leapt into his throat.

"I don't think you should be doing that!" A young man said to him, a grave expression on his face. "I'm no expert but blood magic is dark magic."

"NO!" Zackery screamed in frustration as the young man reached for the wand as if to take it off of the wizard.

Suddenly the world became a riot of colour and chaos.


Xander screamed as his finger's made contact with the wand. He should have known it was a stupid thing to do, but then he made a habit of doing thing's he shouldn't.

His finger's seemed glued in place on the wand and his cries of pain joined those of the wizard as their world's seemed to combine, Xander experienced things he had never experience, saw things he could not and felt things he'd only dreamed of. Unseen by either of them a ball of lightning was building from microscopic proportions between them. It quickly grew until it encompassed them both, then the room, then the warehouse it self. As it went, it pushed aside furniture, equipment and even the wall's themselves. The roof was blown away as soon as the lightning ball made the barest contact. It spun off and landed a mile out into the ocean. Inside, the two people was still locked in a frozen tableau, like a horrific wax work. A snap of electricity would occasionally leap from the wizard to the young man, burning holes in clothes and rendering away flesh. Normally that would kill the young man, but instead flesh grew back in a flash and skin was left unmarked.

The Wizard's blond hair started to bleed out to white as Xander's did the same, growing at a seemingly horrendously accelerated rate as year's past as milliseconds in that ball of pure power. Xander's brown eyes also bleached out, becoming at first lighter brown, to palest brown and then finally flashing from blue to black to brown to hazel and then blood red irises were left looking blankly out at the frozen world.

Then a full two minutes after it had started the bubble burst in a pyrotechnic display to put Hollywood to shame obliterating what little was left of the building. Then just as it had seemed the ball lightning had gone it suddenly shrunk down in a blink of an eye slamming into Xander's chest and sending him sailing away from the wizard Zackery and the wand. As soon as contact was lost Zackery seemed to just explode his head flying off as his arms and leg's did the same.

Then all was silent.

Just as the world was able to breath again, tendrils of power started to emerge from the torso of the immortal Wizard and began their search for a compatible being in which to earth themselves.

It took them half a minute to find Xander's virtually naked form, once they did what happened next was almost miraculous. The cloudless sky filled with cloud's, Dark and pregnant with foreshadowing they built like ink being poured into water. Lightning leapt from cloud to cloud almost playfully. Strikes leapt in reverse from earth to cloud, as Zackery Strongbow's quickening spilled out from the shell that had been it's home into the freshly minted being now lying inert meter's away.

Then, the heaven's opened up, and let rip with a torrential downpour. The rain drenched everything within moment's of it's beginning.

Xander's body was lifted in the air, his arm's hanging limply. He was spun around slightly as the lightning poured from the limbless torso to him and was joined by several strikes from the heaven's themselves. Then there was a suddenly flurry of strikes from the corner of the warehouse than slammed into Xander in mid air, sending him careering into the next warehouse along. The wall crunched where Xander hit it. A few tendrils of quickening leapt out from the almost empty corpse of the wizard and leapt into the corner of the warehouse, or what had been the corner and earthed there as well.

Just then everything just stopped dead. The cloud's dispersed like burning cotton wool, the body of Zackery Strongbow just atomised and off in the corner of the warehouse a small furry form got off of the floor hissed at the room in general.

The cat shook itself and padded over to view the man it had followed into that strange place. As it walked the world around it seemed to change. Colour bled into it's eye sight with a strange fizzing of it's razor sharp predator's brain. Numerous scar's and old wound's healed over with a blood red crackle of lightning and it's coat, once mangy and tattered was now sleek and glossy.

Wondering what the hell was going on the cat curled up against the human's still form and glared out at the now colorful night and began to think really odd thoughts.
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