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Written in the Stars, or Not

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Summary: Ever wonder about the flip side of the Buffy episode 'Halloween?'

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Star Wars > GeneralAesopFR711,2421112,4083 Aug 063 Aug 06No


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to the movie or television show and earn no profit in writing this.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I’ve seen only one other story like this, which may mean I just haven’t looked very hard.  It starts from a point almost everyone will recognize in a popular movie and goes somewhat AU from there.  If you have any comments or preferences, please don’t be shy.  RandR.



She started violently awake and looked around.  Her surroundings, sadly, hadn’t changed.  Still locked in the detention cell, waiting for Tarkin to decide she was no longer useful.  It was surprisingly easy to shove that to the back of her mind, though, in light of what had just happened.  Well… that was… odd


The dream had been remarkably vivid, and the details of it stayed clear in her mind after she woke, as if she had actually lived that terrible night.  Children becoming monsters and attacking innocent bystanders had been only the latest horror the small town she had found herself in had endured.  Beasts that disguised themselves as humans to prey on the populace, evil men with power not unlike the Sith, and corrupt authorities working to conceal rather than combat it all had made life there a nightmare.  Only a few individuals had fought against the darkness, and most of them had been caught up in what had happened that night.


She had dreamed, apparently, from the perspective of one of that group, and somehow, that person’s memories lingered.  It was no actual effort to sort her real memories from the dream.  The two were so distinct.  What shocked her were the memories from that dreamworld that involved her.


Apparently, in that world, she and her civilization were a fiction. 


An entertainment, with me as a main character!  The notion was flattering and baffling at the same time.  How could her whole life be a fiction for someone else to enjoy?  Bizarre. Stranger still was that the fiction was over 30 years old.  It had been followed by sequels and novels that stretched decades into her future.  Very bizarre.


She shook her head and tried to think logically.  It’s more than bizarre.  It’s impossible.  The interrogators had pumped her system full of strange things in an effort to pry the secret of the rebel base out of her.  She was fairly sure she hadn’t given anything away, but it was hard to tell.  Every time they failed, they either upped the dosage or tried some new concoction.  That had to be it.  The dream and the ‘memories’ she seemed to have acquired had to be a side effect of the drugs running through her system.  Maybe they’re trying to drive me crazy now, she thought morosely.  As if watching my home-world destroyed wasn’t bad enough.


She lay back down and closed her eyes.  Sleep wouldn’t come, Leia hoped, but she couldn’t look at the walls anymore.  Having already searched the cell for any potential weak points, she knew there was no way out unless someone opened the door.  Even then, her chances were minimal.


Minimal doesn’t mean zero, an angry voice from at the back of her mind insisted.  Even if they were, you can’t give up.  Leia told the voice to mind its own business.  Leia Organna had never been the sort to give into self-pity, but, at the moment, it was tempting.


It was only when the cell door opened that she started to pay attention to the world around her again.  A single storm trooper stood in the entrance, watching her.  A single short storm trooper.  “You’re a little short for a storm trooper aren’t you?”  The words had popped out of her mouth before she could even think about using this opportunity to escape.  She silently cursed the dream/memory.  Baiting one’s captors was all well and good, but it was counter-productive if it meant that this lone guard would call for backup and destroy this opportunity for her.


“Huh?  Oh!  The uniform!”  He took off the helmet and a shockingly familiar face came into view.  “I’m Luke Skywalker.  I’m here to rescue you.”


“What?” she asked dazedly.  The memories from the dream came unbidden to her mind.  This was exactly how it had happened in the dream/memory.  What’s going on?


“I’m here to rescue you.  I’ve got your droids, I’m here with Ben Kenobi.”


“Ben Kenobi!”  She was on her feet in an instant, knowing that this was not the time to look a gift horse in the mouth.  What’s a horse?  She wondered as she raced out of the cell with Luke, is he really my brother? by her side.  Impossible, a rational part of her mind argued, but that rational voice was cowed into silence as the next few minutes unfolded exactly as she recalled them happening in the movie, up to and including jumping into the garbage masher.  It was a bad idea then, it’s a bad idea now


At least this time, she knew what to expect.  Firing several blaster shots into the muck below to keep the creature at bay, she began setting up braces for when the walls began to close.  “You have a comlink,” she called to Luke.  “Use it.  Call Threepio.” 


The walls had barely begun to close in when they got through to the fussy protocol droid.  He immediately complied and shut down the garbage masher.  Even Threepio’s self-recriminations were the same as Luke, Chewbacca, and Han cheered their good fortune.  What is going on here?  She concentrated and the memories of the next sequence of events came back to her easily as if she had been the one to watch the movie a dozen times. 


When they reached the central shaft, she extended the bridge before letting Luke shoot the controls.  She fired on the troopers who appeared on the upper level before they showed themselves, with an accuracy that surprised her.  Every shot found its mark and she dodged incoming fire with a fluid grace that the strange ‘memories’ couldn’t entirely explain away.  She had always been a good shot, but her vision seemed sharper now, her hand steadier.  The foreknowledge did help them avoid a few of the troopers though, and they reached the hangar well before Vader. 


When he appeared and began to approach Ben Kenobi, she didn’t wait for Luke to notice.  Hoping that her pseudo memories were true and she was a latent Jedi, she let go of conscious thought and allowed something else, the Force she hoped, to guide her hand.  Drawing her blaster, she opened up on him with an uncanny accuracy that drove the Sith Lord back while scattering the troopers. 


Han, Luke, and Chewbacca were taken by surprise but quickly joined the firefight.  “This way General Kenobi!” she shouted.  “Come on!”  The old Jedi seemed as surprised by her actions as anyone, but only hesitated a second before running toward the Falcon.


As soon as they were on board, Han raced for the cockpit.  “I hope you got that tractor beam offline old man, or this is gonna be a real short trip!”  Leia started at the familiar words, but quickly hid her surprise.  She still wasn’t sure what was going on, but she did know three things.  Whatever had happened to her, it was not a drug-induced nightmare.  She had gained more from the experience than memories that didn’t belong to her.  Finally, whatever came next, she wasn’t following the script anymore.



The End?

You have reached the end of "Written in the Stars, or Not" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 06.

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