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Mystra’s Musings

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Summary: The goddess of magic visits a realm quite distant from her normal haunts.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsKneazlesFR131432142,0564 Aug 064 Aug 06Yes
Title: Mystra’s Musings
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR13
Crossover: Forgotten Realms
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I am not making any profit from this piece, it is just for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: The goddess of magic visits a realm quite distant from her normal haunts.

Willow sat at the base of a tree, focusing intently at the patch of grass in front of her. She concentrated on the root system of magic. Slowly a plant shoot rises out of the ground before blossoming into a purple flower.

Unnoticed by either Willow or Giles, a bluejay with mismatched eyes landed upon a branch overlooking the pair. It was unusual for Mystra the goddess of magic to manifest herself in this realm, quite distant from Dweomerheart and Faerûn, but before the Time of Troubles, her previous incarnation had answered a plea from a young witch seeking powerful magic to restore a soul and now that things had settled some what in Faerûn it was her duty to check on that young witch and see how she had handled the gift.

Young Willow, without the intensive training that magic user in Faerûn would received had shattered almost all of Mystra’s tenets—she had used the magic as a tool, and as her powers had developed she had used more instead of less and she had been prideful about it… indeed the only tenet she had followed was to learn and create new magic; but despite this, Mystra could see why her predecessor had found the redhead worthy of the gift. In many cases the witch’s intent was honorable, for example, thinking to rescue a friend from a hell dimension, she sought an answer, and unfortunately opened herself up to the seductive lure of black magic. Yes at times the witch had been driven by darker emotions, but then again many reacted in anger or vengeance at points in their life and now with the harsh wake up call the witch had received, Mystra was sure that Willow would treat the magic with the respect it deserved and go on to fulfill great things. However, Mystra made a note to keep a close eye on this dimension… yes it was rare that a deity took back a gift, but if the witch did stray down the wrong path again, something would have to be done.

As she was about to return to her usual realm, she smiled as she heard Giles council his charge. “You know we can’t. This isn’t a hobby or an addiction. It’s inside you now, this magick. You’re responsible for it.” Perhaps the advice was given too late, but with current Willow’s state of mind the advice would probably make a greater impact than it would have before.

The End

You have reached the end of "Mystra’s Musings". This story is complete.

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