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Resist or serve

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Resist or Serve". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith on the verge of psychosis is hired as a driver, by a cynical disillusioned Alex Krycek (X-files) to travel from the West to East Coast. Set March 2000.

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Television > X-Files, The(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181033,5979266,4546 Aug 0612 Sep 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One

Author: Kiwikatipo
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: Characters and ‘verses aren’t mine. BtVS and those characters still belong to Joss Whedon, and The X-Files and those characters belong to Chris Carter.
Summary: An FFA inspired pairing. Faith on the verge of utter insanity and a cynical Krycek need to get to one side of the U.S.A. to the other. Faith is the driver. You know they're just destined to end up in bed together. This story is more black humored than angsty.

February 29th 2000

San Francisco

Faith stood curiously outside the seedy hotel room and knocked on the door firmly.

The door was opened abruptly by a tall, dark haired man in his early thirties.

“Come in,” he said to her wearily. The guy's face showed dark circles under his eyes. He was dressed in an olive sweater and faded jeans. It was his left arm that was false, Faith noted. She heard he only had one arm.

“I’m here about the driver you wanted, to take you to New York.” Faith introduced herself. The word on the street had been this was an all expenses paid no questions asked deal, which was just what she needed to get to the East Coast.

“Alec Krycek,” the man said, shaking her hand.

Faith possessed a good handshake, the mayor used to make her practice with him. The mayor informed her often a handshake bespoke of a persons character and that Faith had a great one.

“You look young, you got a valid drivers license?” Alex queried disbelievingly.

“Yeah, here,” Faith pulled out her driver’s license from her jacket.A good fake she’d purchased at a Demon bar. The driver’s license had her real name and birth date on it unfortunately. The spell to create it wouldn’t have worked otherwise according to the witch she bought it off. Faith found it easier to just accept the vagaries of magic. She had enough to worry about.

The man read the details on her driver’s license. “Faith Lehane, you’re only nineteen.” Alex raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“I’m legal to drive,” Faith pointed out. “And I wanna get to the East Coast.”

“Look, I don’t want any dramas on the journey. You drink, you have one night stands, you take drugs, the deal's off.” Alex told her firmly, “I pay for your lunch. Separate rooms the whole way. I’ll pay for them. ”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way,” Faith replied, she looked scathingly at his false arm. She wasn’t into screwing cripples. In fact she found his false arm repellent.

“I’ll need to stop in a few places along the way, drop some things’ off to clinics. The trip should take twelve days.” Alex informed her, instinctively aware she was revolted by his false arm. “Are you in a hurry to get back East?”

“Not in a real hurry, no.” Faith decided two days ago to travel to Boston and look up her family. Maybe kill a couple of the worst of her mothers ex-boyfriends. Then she’d work out what to do with the rest of her life.

“I can smell you smoke, not in the car.” Alex stated, as his final condition.

“Okay,” Faith agreed slowly. “You keep your hand to yourself the whole way. I think I’ll pass on my chance to propose to you today, it being February 29th and all.”

Faith was still freaked out by her bizarre last sexual encounter, sleeping with Riley in Buffy’s body. Faith didn’t ever feel like having sex again.

Alex looked at the tired girl before him. Faith was wearing skintight bootleg jeans, a red tanktop with black bra straps showing and carrying a dirty denim jacket. Her hair was greasy, she was wearing too much black eyeliner and too dark a shade of red lipstick. She looked like the cheapest kind of Goth tramp.

“I think I’ll be able to restrain myself.” He assured her contemptuously. “Well let’s see how good your driving is. Take me into the city, over the bridge and back again.”

“Okay, your gas.” Faith let Alex lead her to the motel car park.

He pressed the car door unlock on his key ring. A four door silver Lincoln sedan beeped.

“It’s a babe magnet,” Faith sneered as she climbed in.

Krycek got in beside her and did up his seat belt. “Turn left,” he instructed her, throwing her the car keys.

Faith drove in silence. Fortunately the mayor had taught her to drive himself last year. One of those father and daughter experiences they both enjoyed so much. Faith tried to forget about the mayor and concentrate on the road. Her slayer senses made her an excellent driver. She didn’t know what B’s problem with the whole driving experience had been.

Alex nodded approvingly at her when they returned to his motel. The girl was a good driver, and Alex's allocated driver came down sick at the last minute. Alex could tell Faith wanted to keep under the radar for some reason, as did he.

“I’m leaving at seven, show up here at six forty five.”

“It’s a date,” She agreed, she opened the car door to leave, “Anything else?”

“No.” Alex shut the door in her face.

March 1st

En-route to Salt Lake City

Alex opened his motel door to Faith’s knock. “You’re fifteen minutes late,” he accused her, annoyed.

“I don’t have a watch.” Faith said to him simply. “I’m ready to go, are you?”

“What, is that it?” Alex gestured towards her one travel bag, with his good hand. He would have thought a teenage girl would have more luggage than that somehow.

“Yeah, I travel light,” Faith stated. “Where’s the car?”

“Here.” Alec walked down the stairs. “I’ve already packed my things.”

He pressed the central unlocking system and got in the passenger side.

Faith got in behind the drivers wheel, throwing her bag carelessly in the back seat.

Alex passed her the keys.

Faith started the engine and waited for directions.

“Go up this road and take the freeway turn off.” He instructed her.

Faith and Alex rode in silence together. They had been traveling forty minutes without talking, until Faith broke the silence.

“Can we have some music?” she requested. “I don’t care if it’s easy listening, just not classical music.”

“No rap,” Alex warned her, tuning in to a classic hits rock station. “Don’t sing along.”

Faith rolled her eyes, shit, this jerk was an utter control freak. “I’m not the sing along type.”

“That’s good.” Krycek said. Marita Covarrubias, his ex lover always liked to sing along to music. He found it endearing, when 'she' did it.

The Rolling Stones belted out ‘Angie’ and they rolled along the freeway.

They stopped for lunch at a small town. He took the car keys off her.

Faith and Alex ordered a hamburger each at a diner. They sat down without speaking to one another. The only time they spoke was when they placed their order.

They were both finding it a sheer relief, the other wasn’t talking or asking questions. They both had a lot of secrets to hide and didn’t want the trouble of having to kill the other if their secrets were to be discovered.

When Faith’s burger arrived, her beef patty was virtually uncooked. She stared at it in dismay.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked instantly, noting the revolted expression on her face.

“My meat’s almost raw.” She said showing him. “Is sending it back gonna be a drama?”

“No,” Alex conceded fairly. “You can’t eat that.” He waved at the waitress.

“This lady’s burger is raw.” Alex told the waitress. “Can she have another one thanks?”

The waitress chewed her gum. “It looks alright, a bit rare maybe.”

“Steaks are rare, this is botulism waiting to happen.” Alex said annoyed. “Send it back. Redo the whole thing.”

“Oh alright.” The waitress sighed in a way that indicated Alex was making an unreasonable demand. She snatched Faith’s plate away and stomped off into the kitchen.

Faith and Alex’s eyes met in mutual irritation. They caught themselves. They didn’t want to share even a moment of comradeship with the other.

“I’m going for a walk.” Alex told her. “Meet you back here in forty minutes. There’s a clock on the wall, use it.”

Faith nodded, she waited till her burger came back cooked properly. Faith ate it quietly and then went outside to have a cigarette.

She stretched her legs and walked up and down the side walk, drinking a can of diet coke.

Alex came back. “Was your burger okay?” he checked curiously.

“Yeah,” Faith said, pleased she hadn’t punched the waitress down on the floor, she felt like it. Faith only needed to get to Boston without getting arrested. It was her sole quest now. Get to Boston, see her family, enjoy a little pay back time.

They reached Carson City that night, checking into a motel. True to Alex’s word, Faith received her own room. Faith looked around her surroundings without interest, she’d been in worse.

Alex got up at dawn and went for a run. Sweating he came back to the motel. He spotted Faith swimming in the motel pool in her underwear.

She was like a white trash mermaid he thought, admiring her body. She wasn’t his type. Alex admired cool, intellectual, blondes', he reminded himself. He went off to his unit to have a shower. He jerked off, remembering the time he and Marita had made love in a shower in Zurich. Shutting the unwelcome memory out of his head, he concentrated hard on imagining Claudia Schiffer going down on him instead.

Alex came out dressed and Faith was still swimming, seemingly in a trance. She was thrashing up and down the pool, she was a strong swimmer. He leaned over the pool fence.

“Faith, I need to go now.” She didn’t hear him. “Faith!” he yelled.

Faith stopped where she was, and spun round in the water. Rubbing water out of her eyes, she gazed up at him warily.

“I need to go.” he told her, trying not to stare at her erect nipples poking through the silky material of her bra, or the tattoo on her arm. He noticed her goose fleshed stomach. Faith had a nasty scar on her belly. “Can you leave in ten minutes?”

“Yeah,” Faith said slowly, as if coming out of a dream. She pulled herself up by the arms on the tiles, and got gracefully out of the pool. She grabbed her towel and put it around herself. The false impression he got, was she did that more out of habit, than any instinctive modesty.

“The motel does coffee and donuts for breakfast. What do you want?” Alex asked her.

“Just milky coffee thanks, one sugar.” Faith told him, going off to get changed.

She got back in the car, her hair still wet. Alex handed her the coffee with his good hand. Faith took it, trying not to flinch as he got too close to her.

“Relax, Faith, my stump isn’t contagious.” Alex promised her, noticing her suppressed shudder.

“I plain don’t like you near me, pal.” Faith tried to explain, starting the car. “It’s not just 'cause of your false arm.”

“I don’t want to be any nearer to you than we are now.” Alex confessed rudely, getting the map book out. “I don’t think I could ever get that desperate.”

Faith imagined banging the bastard’s head again and again on the steering wheel. Till his skull and the steering wheel were both smashed.

“Where to now?” she asked calmly.
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