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Author MagnusXXN

Every teenager knows how bad highschool is. Few know it as well as Xander Harris. Living ontop of a Hellmouth during your teenage years has to suck. So lets move him somewhere else. Maybe better...maybe not.

What if Xander was expelled? Snyder was hardcore about getting Buffy kicked out, why not Xander too? And though Giles is a good guy, Buffy's like his daughter...Xander's not. He wouldn't fight as hard as he did.

Where would Xander go?

Think about it, where could he finish his education? There are soo many places.

Xavior's School for gifted youngsters...
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Halloween is one of the most over done story ideas in years. Buffy & Scoobies put on outfits and for one night, there who they pretended to be. But that isn't the only time the Hellmouth has remade people over.

When Cordeila Chase's heart was broken, a demon granted her wish. And the world was made...crazy. Faith like Buffy, vampire Willow & Xander, puppy Angel.

Heres my challenge, what if Cordy wished something else on her ex-boyfriend? What if she wished him to know the pain she knew? What if she wished him dead? What if she wished him just to go to hell?
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In Smallville its a well known fact that kryptonite or 'metor rocks' make mutant freaks of the weak. An outside stimulie causes the reaction.

Hot green rocks mad the football coach a firestarter. A CAT scan with green rocks mad a kid turn into Magneto.

But what would happen if someone had Kryptonite on a Hellmouth?

Most Haves:

Xander finds a red, green, or black Metor rock and gets mutated.
An unlikey pairing, Xander/Buffy, Xander/Willow, Xander/Dawn. Something UC.

Most Not Have:

No Clark Kent!

No godlike Xander.
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Theres been rumors for years just what Joss had in store for Xander Harris. Lets see if we can actually do something more then just the token human.

First Season: Rumor was Xander was to be the male leader. This fell to Angel.
Second Season: We were promised a hook up between Xander and Buffy. Aborted.
Third Season: Xander was to be made either 'gay' or a magic user. Willow snagged both gigs.
Forth Season: Xander was to join a secret demon fighting group controled by the US Army. Riley came out of nowhere.
Fifth Season: Xander was supposed to be glory's human half...
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There are plenty of Xander becomes a Jedi fics out there. Like most 'good guy' stories, its easy to draw him into the role of a Jedi lord. But I've always found evil so much more fun. So heres the challenege.

Xander leaves Sunnydale as planned after highschool on his trip. But during his adventure he finds something unexpected, a Sith Holocrom. And doesn't just learn that he has the abilitie to learn the ways of the Force, but he can learn at the hands of a Sith Lord.

I'll leave the creater of the holocrom up to you, but remember there are some characters, like Maul who cou...
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There are plenty of fiction where the character Xander Harris becomes a mutant, thats nothing new. But when you think about it, it really isn't anything new at all. Because Xander is often shown as a handful of mutants or characters.

The most often one is Xander becomes Wolverine, or gets his powers. Its not hard to see why thats popular, the characters look alike and share common traits, 'soldier' stuff, many female 'friends', and a liking for very ugly clothing.

Then theres the powers based on things we know about Xander. The White Knight, has been shown as 'Batman' for y...
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Maybe your wondering about that meaning of this title. well those of you who are Superman fans already do. But for those who don't, let me explain.

In one of the 'What If' comics of Superman they didn't go into a huge make-over, they didn't rewrite the world around them to make it what they wanted.

They changed one thing and only one thing.

When Martha & Jonathan Kent's wheel busted from driving over a nail in the road, they came across the small baby in the field. This child would be adopted by them as Clark Kent, the man the world knows as Superman.
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This has been floating around in my head for years now, and I just wanted to get it out there. In the second season of Smallville, 2.15 'Prodigal', Lex Luthor went looking for his father's illegitimate children since turning 18 they'd inherit 10% of Luthorcorp.

What he found was Lucas, who Lionel already knew about. Well, I want Lex to find another one of Lionel's bastard children, Xander.

Most Have:
Lionel is totaly surprized about another son he didn't know about, but he hides it well.
Xander is on Lex's side, refusing to be bought off by his 'father' or pushed ...
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A little twist on an old concept, ssing any character from any TV show, movie, or book write a story of Xander's real Dad (family). Simple so far right?

Well, heres where he gets tougher. Instead of characters like 'Wolverine' being picked as Xander's dad, lets try Sabretooth or Magneto.

Most have:
Xander's father is 'evil'.
Xander's father for whatever reason actually wants to have a relationships with his long lost son.
Xander can turn evil if you want, but its gotta be believeable.

Most not have:
No Slash.
No woe is me Xander, or at lea...
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