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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author BarbarossaRotbart

Imagine the Scoobies (and others) cross-dressing during that cursed Halloween. And imagine that there were lasting consequences for all of them:
- generic halloween costumes have no lasting effects, only the costumes of Rayne's special stash (for the Scoobies and others) have them.
- They all should retain the memories/knowledge of the characters they dresses up as.
- If they were males dressing up as females, they should become female, but if they were females dressing as males, they should stay female.
- If they dressed up as something non-human, they should become a member o...
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This challenge is quite simple. Write a companion piece to "Buffy and the Haunted Pyramid" and other stories of my "Buffy in the Hyborian Age" series. But there are still some rules:
- The story should be based on the original Conan stories written by Robert E. Howard and not on the pastiches written by other authors.
- Buffy must not find a way back to our time and no other Scooby may be stranded in the Hyborian Age.
- Buffy's love interest should always be female.
- Quasi-crossover are allowed i.e. you may use characters based on characters of other franchises (e.g. like a cr...
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Remember the spell Willow tried to cast in the Episode "Him". Imagine that Willow was not interrupted and the spell worked, but not the way it should. Instead of that one boy turned into a girl, all men on the world are turned into women.
That story can be of any length, but it must be a crossover.
Any pairings are possible.
And the rest is up to you.

EDIT: It would be great if the change is permanent, but this is entirely optional.
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A crossover with Doctor Who and/or Torchwood:
Imagine that Tara is a Time Lord (Time Lady?) and regenerates in front of Willow after been shot by Warren. How will Willow react and how will Tara explain that she is a Time Lord?
- Give her a gallifreyan name which starts with Tara.
- No male slash (except of course Jack's flirting)!
- If Captain Jack Harkness is in the story, he should flirt very heavy with Buffy (but also with the rest of the Scoobies, even Xander, Spike (but he is not John and does not look like him) and Giles (a former lover?)), making it a Buffy/Jack romance ...
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