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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author mmooch

Buffy visits her aunt and meets the NCIS: LA team.
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Oct 10]
Different ways Buffy and the gang could have defeated the Bad Guys during the years.
Stories [10] • Updated [2 May 12]
Buffy learns there's just no winning with her friends when it comes to the final showdown in Sunnydale.
Stories [2] • Updated [14 Mar 12]
There's more than one way to fulfill a prophecy.
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Aug 11]
When Buffy dies in 'The Gift', she and her friends find out that her influence has spread farther than they expected.
Stories [3] • Updated [17 Apr 11]
How does an almost 100 year old Jaffa and 16-17 year old human girl fall in love?
Stories [2] • Updated [26 Feb 09]
Some of the other AtS/BtVS characters get to explain demons, vampires and Slayers in their own unique ways.
Stories [9] • Updated [25 Sep 10]
Oneshots that subtly or not-so-subtly bash Xander. Wouldn't call them all bash-fics though. Most are crackfic-types.
Stories [8] • Updated [5 Oct 14]
Stories that feature Mr. Gordo and/or Miss Kitty Fantastico.
Stories [4] • Updated [14 Jun 12]
Different things Faith says in different worlds/situations. *fanart by WillowRosenberg*
Stories [5] • Updated [23 Jul 11]
Buffy learns that she's pregnant and the Initiative is responsible. Now all she has to do is figure out who the dad is. (multiple crossover)
Stories [17] • Updated [15 Mar 11]
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