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Author Luna

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UPDATE 7/12/14
Whoa, long time no update. Alas, it's been a pretty tragic year. I'm still here but not up for much writing these days. I am trying to get back into it, but we'll see. I still like to come and read the updates of my favorite stories but unsure when the next update will be. Lo siento, dudes.
Also, happy 5 year anniversary to my profile on this site! Hard to believe it's been that long...
UPDATE 1/13/13
Wow, yeah, so grad school is pretty much soul sucking. I've done more updating in the last 6 months than I would have thought, but feel terrible for not finishing things. Between work and a full course load of reading/writing intensive classes, I don't have much time, energy, or imagination these days. So bear with me, please :)
UPDATE 6/22/12
Taking a break. I work too much and I'm preparing to move and start graduate school. No more updates for a while. Sorry...
UPDATE 9/4/2011
Greetings Readers & Fellow Authors!
On September 4, 2011 I achieved one of my writing goals – to post 1 million words. Most writers say that your ‘writing apprenticeship’ ends at 1 million words but I feel like I’m just getting started. ;)

Do not consider my other unfinished fics to be abandoned, just discarded until time and inspiration coalesce into awesomeness sometime in the future. My muse and reader response usually dictates how often I update a story, as does RL time. It is my goal to finish the fics above…But as you can see, my WIPs are in the double-digits now...*slaps hand* Bad Luna, bad! ;)

When I am not reading or writing fanfic I enjoy reading & discussing issues or politics, poverty, race, religion, and all those other things your momma told you not to discuss at the dinner table ;)

I cross-post on these sites as well: Fic Site , LOTR , FFNet , Archive of Our Own

Con mucho amor
~ Luna

Thanks everyone for the following 2010 COA Nominations!
*Best New Author*Best Portrayal of Other Character*Best Anita Blake Crossover*Best Comedy*Best Cartoon Crossover*Best Femslash Pairing* Demona's 'That Didn't Suck!' Award!
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