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Author EricJablow

The new Council of Watchers and Slayers will need plenty of legal support as its operatives get into trouble all over the world. There are also plenty of legal stories set all around the world. The challenge is to write stories where a watcher or slayer needs a lawyer in a hurry and has plenty of trouble explaining what really is going on, and feel free to choose the stuffiest lawyers around. These don't have to be TV lawyers either. Yes, you could use L. A. Law or Boston Legal, but you can also try George V. Higgins's Jerry Kennedy books, or Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent, or Rumpole of t...
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A Radio Drama/Halloween tribute

On October 30th, 1938, a ‘meteor’ crashed into a farm in the small village of Grovers Mill, NJ, 5 miles away from Princeton. Professor Pierson of the Princeton Astronomy department came to measure the ‘meteor,’ which turned out to be a spaceship and the vanguard of an invading army of Martians. He made a miraculous escape from their heat rays and poison gas, while the other Martians devastated New Jersey, New York, and the rest of the world. Only the humblest things in the world, the bacteria, could defeat the Martians.

Orson Welles' ...
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As Brainerd, MN police chief Marge Gunderson says near the end of the 1996 movie, Fargo, “And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well, I just don't understand it.” A couple of months later, she and her husband become parents. Just imagine that thirteen or fourteen years later, their daughter becomes a Slayer. How do Marge and Norm deal with the situation?

They don't have to be still in Brainerd; I can imagine her taking a state post in the intervening period.
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Joyce Summers is invited to a costume party on Halloween, and she chooses to go. Of course, she ends up at Ethan's costume shop, and Ethan persuades her to wear a costume taken from an old sci-fi series: a grey leather outfit with a particularly gaudy costume jewelry armband (and a red wig). Three hours later, Ethan's spell hits, and Joyce is now an amazing imitation of Clarissa Kinnison, the Red Lensman (from E. E. "Doc" Smith's books, _not_ the anime version).

What would a second-stage lensman do on the Hellmouth? How would she react to being without Kim, Kit, and the rest of the...
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Roger Rabbit, still looking like he did in the 1940s, has been vamped. One wouldn't think a 'toon could be vamped, but it could happen, and some of the BtVS/Angel characters are called in to investigate. Anya, though amused, isn't one of them. You could come up with any pairing you want and any rating you want. Giles/Betty Boop, perhaps? Angel/Witch Hazel? Xander/Snow White? Even Spike/Red (Hot Riding Hood) would be a possibility. Feel free to throw in any cartoon character of the era.
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"I am the Whistler, and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. Yes ... I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak."

This was the opening of "The Whistler", a radio mystery drama that was broadcast for 13 years, from 1942 to 1955; it was also made into a popular series of eight films. On each show, "the Whistler" narrated a crime drama, commenting on the successes of the protagonist and pointing out where fate will lead to his inevitable fall.

My challenge is to...
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Glory was wrong. The blood of the Key would open a portal far stranger than what Glory desired. In fact, it formed a Charged Vacuum Emboitment, and led to the Warrior's Gate.

Warrior's Gate (18th season, 1982) was the most unusual and enigmatic serial in the long history of Doctor Who. In it, the (fourth) Doctor is faced with a situation where all his knowledge and power cannot avail him any answers, and it turns out that only doing "the right sort of nothing" will do. Please insert Buffy into the story by having her pass from the Sunnydale portal through the Warrior's Gate into t...
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In the early 19th Century, assume that the Watchers' Council has asked Dr. Stephen Maturin to help a Slayer travel from England to another post in another continent. Stephen now asks his friend, Captain Jack Aubrey, to bring her on the next cruise of the HMS Surprise. How does Captain Jack deal with his unconventional guest?

Aubrey and Maturin were the main characters in the late Patrick O'Brien's series of novels of war and manners, a worthy successor to the Hornblower novels.
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Sir Harry Paget Flashman, VC KCB KCIE, was a drunken satyr and poltroon who nonetheless was involved in nearly every war and colonial conflict of the 19th Century. My challenge is to write a story in which he meets and has a relationship with one of the Slayers of his era; perhaps he might even be recruited to be her watcher. Of course, a cowardly watcher might actually manage to keep his charge alive for a while.

This, of course, is a tribute to his "biographer", George MacDonald Fraser, who passed away on January 2, 2008. You might want to write a story too where one of Flashman'...
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A man has gone berserk and murdered the crew of his space freighter. The Ambulance ship Rhabwar hears its distress beacon, and intercepts the ship. Unfortunately, they don't understand how an individual who has terminated still manages to move and fight. Still, Doctor Danalta is of a species that is almost immune to physical harm, and they manage to secure the man; they return him to their base at Sector General.

The medical and psychological staff at Sector General try to figure out what happened to the man and how to keep him from killing again. They consider him a patient, and ...
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It's a good joke that Cleveland be the new Hellmouth after Sunnydale is destroyed, but it really isn't the best place for that. It's only funny to think about just once. No, there is a better town for the new Hellmouth: the toxic waste capitol of New Jersey, Tromaville.

The challenge is to have the Gang relocate not to Cleveland but to Tromaville, NJ. Dawn becomes a member of the "Class of Nuke 'Em High". Buffy meets Toxie, the "Toxic Avenger", while patrolling, and Toxie instantly falls in love. Does Buffy reciprocate? You choose.

Feel free to add any other of Troma's ...
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Thorne Smith's 1926 novel, "Topper", and its sequels have been made into many movies and television series, most notably the 1937 movie with Cary Grant and Constance Bennett. In them, newlywed couple George and Marian Kerby and their dog die in a drunken car crash, but they manage to stick around as ghosts, and they end up trying to loosen up businessman Cosmo Topper's very stodgy life. (In the second novel, Marian Kerby and Cosmo consummate their affair. George never finds out.) Now, there are a few BtVS/AtS characters who need some enjoyment in their (un)lives, and one who definitely do...
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It's the middle of Season 2; Buffy's 17th birthday is a month away, and she starts having strange nightmares. She dreams of, among other things, a tall man with a magical gem where his eye should have been, soldiers with lances shooting fire, and sailing ships floating through the air. Most frightening are the dreams she has of a tall albino with a black sword shouting, "Blood and souls! Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch!"

Yes, Buffy is an aspect of the Eternal Champion from Michael Moorcock's tales of the multiverse, and she's dreaming of Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Elric, and all ...
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Perhaps Willow was right, after "The Gift". Perhaps Buffy's soul passed through the portal and entered a Hell. Of course, since she's worthy of Heaven, she'll have an interesting journey ahead of her.

The challenge: have Buffy journey through Dante Aligheri's Inferno. You can choose any appropriate guide or guides. You don't need to use the terza rima rhyme scheme, though.
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In this crossover with James Schmitz' "The Witches of Karres", Captain Pausert and Goth manage to anger a vatch that he cannot handle. Instead of killing the two of them, the vatch sends them back to the past, either S2 or S3 Sunnydale, challenging them to "save the founder of their line." Who the founder might be they don't know.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Captain Pausert find each other attractive, to Goth's fury. Remember, Goth may be only 11, but she intends to marry Pausert when she grows up, and she is a witch. And, the quality of the klatha around the Hellmouth is a bit distorted.......
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