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Author Greywizard

Let's postulate that Ethan Rayne was attempting to escape from the Initiative's warm embrace and the presence of the Hellmouth manages to seriously foul up his teleportation spell, turning it into a trans-dimensional trip. So, Ethan ends up on Earth in the Babylon 5 universe.

Given his tendency to cause chaos, he meets a technomage and begins studying and working with them, and eventually ends up on the B5 station, where he decides, after learning of the Brakiri's Day of the Dead, decides to introduce the station residents to the Earth holiday Halloween, in exactly the same way he di...
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At the end of S2's "Becoming, Part II," Buffy and Xander also are pulled through Acathla's vortex along with Angel/Angelus, depending upon exactly when they get pulled through. Where do they end up?

This is an opportunity to take Buffy and Xander (and Angel/Angelus, too, if you'd like) on a tour of any various other universes you'd like to see them visit.

Possible tour sites might include Merry Gentry or Anita Blake's homes, Andre Norton's Witch World or the Herald mage universes, if you want to stay with the mystical element. If you'd like to explore other intriguing unive...
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The X-O Manowar Armor falls into the hands of a member of the Scooby Gang or an associate. Whether it's the original version of the Valiant Comics armor that Aric possessed or the later Acclaim Comics version is immaterial. The big question I want you to answer is: What happens next?

Imagine the difference in the uses the armor would be put to if Giles or Willow received it, as opposed to that envisioned by either Xander or Buffy. What kind of use would Cordy make of it? How about the idea of Dawn getting hold of it? Angel taking possession would allow him to use it during the da...
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I’ve seen a great many stories that have cast Xander as either a pre-Immie or a full-fledged Highlander Immortal, usually because of his ability to bounce back from what would normally be relatively serious injuries in a surprisingly short period of time. If we accept that he is, indeed, a pre-Immie during the course of the series, that provides us with some intriguing plot possibilities for events post-Season Four.

I’ve also seen at least one story (‘Patrolman’ by Tenhawk) that posits that as a result of the Joining spell Willow cast during the Season Four episode ‘Primeva...
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What if one of the Scoobies were possessed by a renegade Goa’uld symbiote?

The Goa’uld who possesses them can be on the run from basically everyone (his/her fellow Goa’uld, the Tok’ra and the SGC) for whatever reason you determine best fits your plotline, and also has no Goa’uld technological devices available to make him/her appear to superior or godlike to everyone else. Without a great deal of money and an adequate tech base, they are unable to re-create their toys and are forced to exist as an ordinary person, at least for a while.

Depending upon your whims, ...
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What would be the results of Xander meeting and traveling with Oscar (Easy) Gordon and Rufo from Robert Heinlein's 'The Glory Road' while on his Post-Graduation road trip?

Consider the potential experiences Xander could gain and the various people he could meet while touring the 'Twenty Universes' with these two experienced travellers.
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I was intrigued by a challenge made by freddyfrmelmst over on the XanderZone, and figured that I'd post it here to see what kind of response it might produce.

The challenge reads as follows: When Xander returns from his road trip (after Season Three), he returns with a wife in tow. From any crossover you want to use.

How would the girls take Xander being married? How would his new bride fit in to the group? And what would happen when Anya shows up to seduce him, only to find Xander and his Bride in flagrante delecto?

I'm working on my own response right now, ...
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