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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Greywizard

The Scoobies discover that some of their people have experienced changes that will have consequences which will significantly affect the rest of their lives.
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Aug 13]
Xander's never been much of a history buff, but he's finding out that the past can be of major importance to his future.
Stories [2] • Updated [6 Sep 10]
Harry as an analogue of various comic book superheroes
Stories [5] • Updated [25 Aug 13]
Not everyone and everything in Sunnydale is what they appear to be. Or who they beleive themsleves to be.
Stories [1] • Updated [9 Dec 09]
His choice of Halloween costume had a very definite effect on Xander - one that stayed long after Ethan's spell ended.
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Dec 11]
It turns out that the Scooby Gang have much closer ties than they would ever have believed.
Stories [2] • Updated [22 Apr 14]
Ethan's suggestions for costumes are going to have a major impact on both Sunnydale and the supernatural world.
Stories [2] • Updated [7 Dec 11]
The line between good guys and bad guys can get quite blurry at times.
Stories [2] • Updated [18 Dec 12]
The Powers aren't very happy with the changes that the Scoobies have experienced, and they decide to do something about it
Stories [2] • Updated [8 Nov 13]
Buffy and Xander are on another insane trip through the halls of my muse's imagination, involving multiple crossovers with various shows and books.
Stories [2] • Updated [4 Dec 12]
What happened to the Scoobies after the Mayor and the School went BOOM!?
Stories [2] • Updated [24 Apr 10]
Xander's uncle stops by looking for a missing friend and finds a lot more than he expected.
Stories [3] • Updated [30 Jan 09]
The Scoobies don't have a very high opinion of prophecies.
Stories [2] • Updated [20 Feb 14]
When things go seriously wrong in their lives, a very disgruntled young lady takes advantage of an opportunity to correct things.
Stories [3] • Updated [23 Apr 13]
Things went seriously south for the Scooby Gang one particular Halloween. This is what happened, and what developed from it.
Stories [4] • Updated [7 Aug 14]
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