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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Greywizard

Weird things happen to Buffy and Xander at home. Why would they think things would change if they go on a road trip?
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Dec 12]
The SGC hands responsibility for the Stargate over to a new group.
Stories [4] • Updated [31 Aug 14]
Everyone wants to get a nice surprise at Christmas time, and the Scoobies are no exceptions.
Stories [2] • Updated [28 Dec 10]
Ethan's Halloween costume spell has repercussions that go far beyond his wildest expectations.
Stories [2] • Updated [31 Aug 12]
Some of the Gang's costume choices at Halloween will affect them and their friends for the rest of their lives.
Stories [2] • Updated [1 Feb 11]
Xander met up with some very intersting people while on his trip across America, and gained some training that's going to come in handy back home.
Stories [2] • Updated [13 Jul 11]
Stories detailing how various members of the Scooby Gang gain powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.
Stories [12] • Updated [3 Aug 14]
They're furry and cuddly and altogether lovable and harmless. S-U-U-R-E they are!
Stories [2] • Updated [14 Aug 12]
How would the Season 1 episode "The Pack" have ended, had Xander and the other students been possessed by Coyote spirits instead of the Hyenas?
Stories [2] • Updated [30 Oct 07]
Begins in an alternate version of Season Five's 'The Gift.'
Stories [2] • Updated [15 Jan 05]
"It's Tuesday – Order Some Pizza For Pick Up, and Let's Go Rescue Dawn"
Stories [2] • Updated [30 Jan 13]
My take on alternate resolutions to scenes taken from various epsiodes throughout the entire run of the series.
Stories [4] • Updated [11 Jan 10]
Stories [3] • Updated [19 Aug 13]
It turns out that The Veil functioned quite differently than how the Ministry of Magic thought it did.
Stories [2] • Updated [3 Sep 13]
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