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Author pezgirl

Timeline: Buffy/Angel- any. Stargate: any so long as Jack and Hammond are still there.

Wesley finds out that he has a twin brother, that he was kidnapped as a very young child and left on the doorstep of a strangers house.
decades later he and his brother meet when Wesley is given a job at the SGC as another translator. Maybe Wesley gets to go off-world?

Must have:

Jack complaining of having another 'geek' at the SGC and then getting a headache when he- and everyone else- learns of them being twins.
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Timeline: Any season for Buffy and Any season for Stargate, but before Janet dies.

What if Sheila and Ira had another daughter 13/14 years BEFORE they had Willow and they gave her up? What if Janet knew about that but Willow didn't?

Janet stayed away from her parents for obvious reasons and also Willow because she thought her younger sister would be better off.

but what if they meet up and Janet recognises Willow? or their parents die and Janet gets custody of Willow- if it's seasons 1-3? or maybe Janet ends up being a Slayer- if it's seasons 3-7-. or maybe it's just...
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Buffy: obviously season 6 maybe through 7 and after if anyone wants to expand on that.

okay, this is pretty much it.

a character from 5 other fandoms is in Sunnydale when Willow went dark, they encounter her.
they either try to fight her, run, report her to their superiors (if it's Stargate) or...ya know.
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Stargate timeline: any, with the original SG1 intact
Buffy timeline: pre-Buffy

The NID are stooping to new lows to get what they want, since the Senator found out about the Stargate program he's decided to create his own teams and a few of those teams aren't normal.
one of their teams consist of Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Jesse who were kidnapped at a young age and trained like average soldiers.

the story goes on from there.

note: the buffy series hasn't started yet and doesn't until Willow, Xander, Cordy and Jesse get sent back to Sunnydale.
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BTVS: Season 1, 2 or 3
Stargate: any season- but Daniel isn't ascended and the original SG1 are still together.

Pairings: up to the guy (or gal) who responds to the challenge

Willow's parents finally get found out by Child Protection about their neglect and are charged with child neglect and child endangerment. to stop her being taken into care her relatives (Jack, Sam, Daniel or General Hammond) take her in.

the story goes from there.
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Buffy: any from season 3-5
Stargate: any from season 2-5

What if Ira and Sheila weren't from Sunnydale- or even from Earth? they're from another planet that was being destroyed by the Goa'uld. they escaped from the planet before it was fully taken over and landed on Earth in 1982 with their one-year-old daughter Willow.

Since then they travel around Earth with their new identities worried that the Goa'uld might find them, so they leave their daughter in a seemingly peace little town called Sunnydale to keep her out of harm's way.

Must have:

the SGC and t...
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after book 4 for hp
after season 7 for btvs

Willow is Draco's older sister, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy aka Ira and Sheila Rosenberg don't like the fact that their oldest child is a girl and that she looks like a Weasley. So they change their appearances every once in a while to check on their daughter who they sent to live on the Hellmouth.
they are away so much because of their responsibilities back in England. Willow doesn't know about this and neither does Draco.
Voldemort doesn't know about this either.

Note: Willow hasn't seen her parents since season three....
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Timeline: after season 7 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel and any season for Stargate so long as Jack is still the leader in SG1.

Andrew, Willow and Xander get screwed over by the PTB, they are de-aged into children and dumped in the SGC with. The PTB needed to transfer some whitehats from the Sunnydale reality because of the imbalance made by Willow's spell to make loads of slayers.
Andrew got caught up in the spell by accident, his transference wasn't intended.

Must have:

Andrew, Willow and Xander's ages between 5 and 13
the three don'...
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Harry Potter: after the 5th book
Buffy: early season 3

When Petunia is told that her younger sister (Sheila) and her husband (Ira) have died she and Vernon get custody of their niece Willow who is 17.
Harry gets back from Hogwarts to find that he has another cousin beside Dudley.
Neither the Dursleys nor Harry realise that the new addition to the family is a wandless-witch, but when everyone finds out (including Dumbledore) things will start changing.

Pairing: Draco/Willow. i'd prefer this pairing but it's optional

Must have:

Dudley being c...
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Timeline: After season 3

Willow's closest relative is her aunt Dana Scully who now wants her to to work with her on the X-Files. Willow has the brains and the oddness to have what it takes and decides to follow in her aunt's footsteps.

Pairings: optional

Must have:

Willow still learning magic
Willow, Scully and Mulder going to Sunnydale and few years later and getting caught up in another apocalypse
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Harry Potter: many years after book 4

While the war with Voldemort and his death eaters was messing up the wizarding world a baby was born, the daughter of Hermione and Ron Weasley.

Because of some written prophecy or other baby!Willow is in danger from old Voldie and his followers, she is a threat to his growing power.

Because even a baby who was a few weeks old she was still powerful and when she grew up her power would surpass even Voldemort's.

So Dumbledore send her to Sunnydale to be adopted by the Rosenbergs with her powers bound but not taken away....
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Buffy: after season three
Harry Potter: after book four

Willow's and Xander's parents actually took notice of their children's lives for once and they attended their Graduation ceremony only to get killed by the vampires.
After graduation Willow and Xander get a call from the police saying that their parents were among those who died in the fight.
A few days after that Willow and Xander get a visit from Dumbledore and were told that they were kidnapped when they were babies by the Death Eaters.
Xander meets his little brother Harry and Willow meet her family the Weasl...
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Buffy: AU season one
Stargate: far into the future from any season

The children of Sam and Jack are Xander who is 17 and Buffy who is 16.
Janet and Daniel's kids are 19 year old Wesley and 16 year old Willow.
Cassie's daughter is 14 year old Dawn.
Andrew is the only child of Jay Felgar.
Gunn (just Gunn- no first name) is the only son of Rya'c and Teal'c'c grandson.

Neither Buffy nor Xander has their mom's brains but Xander has his dad's personality while Buffy has Sam's leadership potential.

Wesley has his dad's looks, habits (polishing his glasse...
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Stargate: between seasons one and seven
Buffy: after season 4

What if Xander and Willow's parent's weren't who they thought they were?
The Powers That Be needed heroes to beat back the darkness and to help the Slayer, they chose two pairs of Soulmates; Jack and Sam and Janet and Daniel and they got what they needed to make the children.
But SG1 never knew about the kids, not even for a second.
Sam and Jack never knew that they had a son who is now 19 and nine months old years old and Janet and Daniel never knew about their daughter who is 19 and a six months old (Will...
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Stargate: any season
Angel: season 3

When Sam finds out that her younger half sister, Winifred, is alive after being missing for years she goes to see her.
The she gets caught up in the Supernatural world and Fred gets caught up in the war against the Goa'uld.

Pairings: i'd prefer Fred/Daniel, but i don't mind that much- so whatever makes ya happy.

Must have:

Fred and Sam babbling at each other about Astrophysics and Science and giving Jack a headache.
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