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Author pezgirl


Buffy: after Oz leaves and Before Tara comes along
Stargate: Start of Season 9 but Janet didn't die, Cassie is 19 and a half- Willow is 18 and three-quarters.

Willow doesn't stay in Sunnydale after Oz leaves, especially when her friends are almost blind to her pain, she transfers to a better University in Colorado Springs and ends up having Cassandra Fraiser as a room-mate.
they take an instant liking to each other.
Cassie is a year older than Willow- but they're in the same year because Willow is exceptionally bright and skips a year into the midd...
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Stargate: season 8 episode 17 (Reckoning part 2) and 18 (Threads)
Buffy: post-season 7

Daniel was taken prisoner by Replicator Carter, who tried to extract his knowledge of the Ancients technology. While he was able to stop her temporarily by the force of his mind, she overcame him and killed him by thrusting a metallic blade through his body. Rather than let him die, Oma brought him to a semi-ascended state where he was to choose death or ascension, but in the end he was returned to corporeal form, turning up naked in Jack's office (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2", 8.18 "Threads").
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Buffy/Harry Potter

Buffy: season 4 after Oz leaves
Harry Potter: after book 3

Feeling depressed by Oz's departure and all of her friend's neglect she makes a heartfelt wish in her head after reading the new HP book Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and gets sucked into that reality.

note: Willow is nearly 19 Oliver is almost 18 and has just graduated from Hogwarts

Pairings: Willow/Oliver Wood

Must have:

Willow gaining more control over her magic- both Wand-kind and Wiccan-kind.
Willow attending Hogwarts in the 6th or 7th yea...
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Buffy: season 6 and after 'Wrecked' and 2 years after
Stargate: season 5- before Jonas comes and way before Daniel dies

After she nearly killed Dawn Willow runs away to figure out who she was and gets away from the evil of the Hellmouth that was slowly corrupting her.
Nearly dying from magic withdrawal Riley Finn, Graham Miller and Sam Finn find the lost witch and help her.
some friends of theirs are from a powerful white magic coven and they find out that if Willow stops using magic it'll slowly kill her.
after several months of much-needed training she gets over her...
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Buffy: post season 7
Stargate: after Jonas leaves and Daniel comes back (season 7)

A vengeful Amy Madison casts Willow away from her reality in another fit of jealousy and anger and Willow ends up in the Stargate reality in the year 2003 in her 5-year-old body with her full memories and power.
she finds herself repeating her exact earlier life, including her neglectful, workaholic parents, meets Xander and excelling through her education, which she already knows.
she attends a lecture led by Samantha Carter.

Note: Willow lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the...
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Buffy: post-season 7
Stargate: any

The New Watcher's council finds another Stargate, unburied it and built the new council building around it.
they manage several months of 'gate activity and going to other planets before the SGC find out about it somehow.
they fight to keep the Stargate in their possession and use the Council funds and money from the old council and the new one to keep the Stargate active.
but then a new (or old) Goa'uld escapes onto Earth and the SGC team up with the Council to find it.
then things get stranger when Tara turns up in the New Counc...
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Buffy: between season 3 and 4
Harry Potter: 29 years after book 4

The war with Lord Voldemort went on for years and while the good guys were trying to defend themselves two Death Eaters kidnapped Hermione's and Ron's baby daughter Jessica from her nursery at 10 months old and then left her on the Hellmouth in a dark alley unprotected sure that she wouldn't survive- but someone found her and took her to an orphanage and a few months later was adopted by a young Jewish couple, Ira and Sheila Rosenberg.

9 years after the war finished and the good guys won Dumbledore starts s...
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Buffy: post-Season 7
Stargate: Season 5 but before Daniel dies

Pairing: Willow/Daniel

General Hammond sends SG1 on a small vacation, Giles lets Buffy, Xander and Willow have a break for a while and sends them to Las Vegas which is where SG1 are going.

Willow gets plastered and wanders off with Daniel who is equally drunk.
The next morning they're married and the SGC has a new recruit.

Must have:

Jack commenting on Daniel's strange ability to get married to women who he'd only known for barely 5 minutes!
Buffy and Xander threatening Danie...
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Buffy: 10 years Post-season 5
Lost: from the beginning

(Note: Oz and Willow got back together after Willow got away from Sunnydale and Buffy stayed dead after 'The Gift', Xander and Anya moved away from the Hellmouth and got married and had kids.)

Willow, Oz and their sons 6-year-old Alexander and 3-year-old Daniel got onto Oceanic Flight 815 to visit Xander, Anya and their kids but it crashed.

Pairings: Oz/Willow obviously

Must have:

Willow, Oz, Alex and Danny losing their powers and being as powerless as every other survivor while they're on ...
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Buffy/Harry Potter

Buffy: After season 2 and before season 3
Harry Potter: during the second movie

Xander and Willow have never had the loving families that they deserved when they were growing up, but Dumbledore has finally found them after 17 years of searching after they were kidnapped by Death Eaters.

Now Xander meets his 12-year-old brother Harry Potter and Willow meets her bossy, but intelligent twin brother 17-year-old Percy Weasley.

Pairings: Willow/Oliver Wood (Willow is barely 9 months older than Oliver but are in the same year) and Xander/Cord...
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Buffy: the summer holidays between season 1 and 2.
Jurassic park: first movie

Willow's parents send their only daughter on a trip with Sheila's older brother Dr. Alan Grant after they felt the need to give Willow a break after they find out that her best friend Jesse died, despite Willow being upset that it took them a year to figure that out she's extremely excited to spend her time with her uncle who is one of the few family relatives she actually likes.

But the day out turns into survival after they meet the Island's inhabitants!

everything else is up to the p...
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Buffy: season start 1 until season 3 after graduation
Charmed: after baby Chris was born and older Chris died.

Wyatt and Sheila were high school sweethearts but after she found out about Wyatt being magical she cut ties with him taking his unborn daughter Willow with her.
Sheila abandoned her two other children to Wyatt and hopes that her unborn baby doesn't have the same "disease" she remarries to Ira Rosenberg and settles down- unknown to her- on the Hellmouth where the Elders and Whitelighters can not trace or locate magical beings or mortals.
because of the Hellmouth W...
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Stargate: almost 3 years after season 7's Fragile Balance
Buffy: after Oz leaves and before Willow meets Tara.

Clone!Jack, now 19, who has changed his name to Jake Charlie O'Neil with the help of the Air Force arrives in Sunnydale and meets Willow just passing and then a few days later when he gets attacked by the Sunnydale night-life, Willow saves him and then delivers the speech of what goes bump in the night.
Jake realises that his life doesn't have to be dull and predictable and joins the good fight that he's been missing a lot since he was left alone.

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Stargate: 1st movie
Buffy: After season 3

After graduation Willow gets recruited to go on the first trip through the Stargate to Abydos because of her computer and language translating skills.
She meets Daniel Jackson when the General partners her up with him to work out the translations on the Stargate.
She, Daniel, Jack and the rest of the militants take the step through the 'gate.
Daniel meets Sha're and Willow meets Skaara.
Ra and his cronies comes.

Must have:

Willow being taught a few moves of hand-to-hand combat.
Willow using her magic o...
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Buffy: completely AU- no powers, just human soldiers
Stargate: 35 years after season five's 'Last Stand'

the Sg1 team have retired and it's time for their kids to take up the war on the Goa'uld.
32-year-old Wesley Melburn Jackson of Archaeology and Linguist is the first-born child of Daniel and Janet- he seems to have inherited a little of Daniel's looks and also his 'rocks' and languages.
his 25-year-old sister Willow Claire Jackson and she apparently looks more like Janet's mother then either of her parents but she does have Janet's auburn hair, but leans more towards re...
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