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Crossover with the new movie Hancock. *Beware of Spoilers*

For seven years, Buffy Summers acted the part of a semi-normal girl who happened to slay vampires at night and save the world occassionally. The Scoobies don't have any idea who she really is, and even Dawn only has the selected memories the monks gave to her.

They don't know she's a part of an ancient race. They don't know she's over 3000 years old and far more powerful than they could have ever imagined. They also don't know that she's been playing the Vampire Slayer from the time she was su...
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Crossover with Gilmore Girls

What if Jess wasn't the only one sent to a small town to get his life together? What if he had a little cousin named Buffy? What if the chaos that ensued was that which only a blonde vampire slayer cold cause? What if Stars Hollow wasn't the unassuming little hamlet that everyone thought it was?

Buffy the vampire slayer makes a special appearance in Stars Hollow when Joyce and her sister Liz get the idea that the best way to straighten up their children was to send them with good 'ole Uncle Luke.

Dealing with family and getting their...
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Cross w/ Jumper

What if David wasn't an only child?

Buffy is David's twin sister, and about the same time that David finds out what he can do, Buffy starts discovering her newly discovered Slayer powers.

While David and Buffy decide that this is their chance to get the hell out of this life, they use their abilities to live the good life with no consequences.

But when Roland finally discovers them, he's not alone. The Watcher's Council has been on a mission to find their Slayer, and they won't stop until she's dead or under their control.
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Crossover with Awake

Set after the fall of Sunnydale.

After defeating the First Evil, Buffy finds herself severely injured and this time Slayer healing just isn't gonna cut it.

But Buffy couldn't know that on this very same night at the very same hospital she's staying at, Clay Beresford is about to get a heart transplant. And she certainly couldn't have anticipated just how much of an impact her presence will have on his life.

Now, with Whistler placing Buffy in the same state as Clay, she's in a race to save him, contact her friends, and fig...
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Crossover with The Island.

Unbeknownst to Buffy, Maggie Walsh was able to get some of her DNA while she was allied with her operation. And before the the Slayer and her friends destroyed the Initiative, Walsh was in contact with her good friend and colleague, Dr. Merrick.

What's Merrick to do but make a clone of the Chosen One?

The rest is up to you.

You can follow the movie, only include Buffy's clone in the mix, make it even more complex- it's all your decision.

Whether Buffy's alive or dead is optional, as long as explanations are used.
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I watched one of my new favorite movies last night, and just like when I saw it in theatres, I knew it just HAD to be crossed with BtVS.

What would happen if after the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy Summers found herself in New York?

More importantly, what would happen if the Slayer was in Manhatten during the attack of the Cloverfield monster?

This challenge can be taken different ways:

Is Buffy at Rob's party when disaster strikes?

Or maybe she's with her own friends? The Scoobs? Characters from other fandoms?

What will happen when the Slayer ...
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It seems we've seen every possible scenario in BtVS/Supernatural crossovers when Buffy's the main character. I hope this is different.

What if Ruby wasn't the only demon who remembers her humanity?

What if after Buffy jumped into the portal, she did die, but she somehow ended up in hell?

What would happen when the the slayer escapes when the gate opens and is now a demon herself?

In this challenge, a darker Buffy that's been through Hell and back still remembers her old life, and when she's finally free, she decides to look up the Winchester brothers. ...
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BtVS/Final Destination movies

Here's the sitch:

While boarding an airplane, Buffy gets a horrifying vision that makes her wish for those good old cryptic dreams.

After snapping out of her vision, Buffy freaks out, proclaiming that it would blow up, and getting thrown off along with several other occupants as well, only to see that the plane really did end up exploding.

Now so far, this is like the first movie. What's different?

I want the other characters who got off the plane and narrowly escaped death to all be from different fandoms.

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A great amount of effort went into creating the memories of the Key into everyone's memories. Little did the monks know that such a significant attempt at an alteration of the Slayer's mind would unleash that of which she was never meant to remember.

Once upon a time, Buffy Summers wasn't Buffy Summers. She wasn't a slayer, either. In fact, she wan't even a part of this galaxy.

Becuase she was once Padme Amidala, Senator of Naboo, and deeply in love with Anakin Skywalker.

When Padme died during childbirth, the Powers knew she had another destiny awaiting her on Eart...
Star Wars > Buffy-Centered • Responses [2] • Date Added [12 Oct 07] • Date Updated [11 Jan 10]
Buffy Summers wasn't always, well, Buffy Summers. Instead, she was once a lovely wife with a husband and two beautiful children named Mary Winchester.

That is until a certain demon took her life, as well as the childhood of Sam and Dean Winchester.

But when Buffy dies a second time, the first slayer wasn't lying when she said death was her gift. Aside from eternal peace, Heaven also brought Buffy the knowledge of her former life.

But as a certain redheaded witch messes with the forces of nature, her resurrection spell doesn't turn out quite the way she'd hoped.
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I think we've all read the long lost mother or father fics. But generally, they're all crossed over with a major shows like Stargate, Supernatural, or Charmed.

So I propose a little hilarious (but still heartfelt) fun.

In this challenge, choose a member of the Scooby Gang (preferably Buffy). Like other stories, he or she finds out they're adopted; rather it be their parents dying, finding adoption papers, or, in Buffy's case, when her mom kicked her out.

After finding out, they set out to find their real family.

Only when he or she arrives at their would-be...
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In a crossover I've seen only rarely, my challenge is to cross the Twilight series with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

We know Bella moved to Forks to stay with her father. But what if she wasn't the only one?

Elizabeth Swan is Bella's slightly older sister.

After burning down the gym at their old high school while exhibiting very out of character behavior, their mother thought Buffy would do well to go with her sister as well.

Seeing Forks as an opportunity to get her life back, Buffy is slightly more excited than Bella about the move....
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As any of us Supernatural/BtVS crossover fans know, there seems to be an overload of Buffy/Dean stories.

Don't get me wrong; there are definately some good ones out there and I love the couple just as much as anyone else. I just have a different Winchester in mind.

In a lot of stories, Buffy meets the Winchester sons on a brief stop at the Roadhouse where she may- or may not, if the writer chooses- know Ellen and has been there many a time.

In this challenge, which should take please at least a good while after Chosen, I'd like to see a story where instead of Sam and...
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Sam and Dean have just killed the yellow eyed demon and are set to kill the other "sons of bitches" that were unleashed in the process.

Thing is, John Winchester wasn't the only one to climb from the very depths of Hell and back into the world.

When Willow sought to bring her best friend back from eternal suffering, she wasn't too far off the mark. In fact, she was dead on.

Buffy did go to hell when she jumped through the portal of energy to save her sister. For what could have been hours or centuries, she's not sure, Buffy's been fighting to survive; pun intended....
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All Jessica Summers wanted was a normal life. Away from vampires, demons, and all the supernatural.

Unfortunately, this drove a huge wedge between her and her little sister and resident vampire slayer, Buffy. So when Jess moved away from home and went to college, they rarely saw each other aside from visits.

Though in many ways driven apart, the two sisters made a promise to each other.

On Halloween, the night when the majority of the supernatural take a break for a change, one of them will come to the other and they'd have a night filled with nothing but normalcy. ...
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