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@SupanovaExpo 12:01 PM
The original romantic vampire returns to Supanova! Whedonverse fans rejoice as we welcome James Marsters to our...

The original romantic vampire returns to Supanova! Whedonverse fans rejoice as we welcome James Marsters to our...

— Supanova Expo (@SupanovaExpo) December 22, 2014

The original romantic vampire returns to Supanova! Whedonverse fans rejoice as we welcome James Marsters to our Melbourne (April 10-12) and Gold Coast (April 17-19) expos in April 2015.

James is best know for his role as Spike, the goth-punk vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the show's spin-off, Angel. But James has many other notable credits to his name, including a recurring roles as Brainiac on Smallville, Captain John Hart in Torchwood, and more recently as Tarkoff in Witches of East End.

Visit James' guest page here:

Join our Events here:
Melbourne -
Gold Coast -

Post by Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

Posted: 21 Dec 14 16:13 • jamiemarsters • Comments
Another fun Xmas cartoon, from this week's Private Eye magazine

Posted: 21 Dec 14 10:16 • (Current Donor)MarcusRowland • Comments
Sun, 11:08: I liked a @YouTube video from @rajmangaminghd Hitman: Absolution - 'Euro 2012 TV Spot' TRUE-HD QUALITY
Posted: 21 Dec 14 02:03 • (Recent Donor)BHRamsay • Comments
Posted: 20 Dec 14 20:21 • wraithrune • Comments
I was wondering who all watched Ascension on Syfy last night? I stopped watching after the girl yelled into the depths of Space, exclaiming that she wasn't afraid of the entity, or entities, watching her.

Did it get any more interesting after that?
Posted: 16 Dec 14 07:46 • Innogen • Comments
My post for Illustrationmonthlydiaryday this month, a little delayed as usual.

I woke as I normally do, when Dave got up, but snuggled down in the warm with a coffee to listen to the Today Programme on the radio. Delighted with Russell Brand’s latest – he called Nigel Farage a “pound shop Enoch Powell”, which is spot on. I also read through emails and checked websites. The Nexus had downloaded an “update” on a fairly grand scale, which annoyed me, because some of the changes make it less easy to use (predictive text, I’m looking at you) and some bits I liked such as the floating leaves wallpaper are not available. I spent a little time trying to reconfigure it, but most of the irritating things are integral to the OS “upgrade”.

Up and showered and downstairs for breakfast and then to attack the fake fur again. I was so bothered about fitting the pieces onto a part of the fabric that I cut them out upside down. With fur this matters a lot, as upside-down doesn’t really work. Fortunately they sent a bigger piece than I actually ordered (probably a roll end – at the price I paid I feel no guilt at all in accepting the extra.) – so I was able to cut out another.

The doorbell rang when I was covered in “snow” – however hard I try to cut tidily, the stuff floats and covers everything. It was a man in a “tree surgeon” t-shirt, offering to trim our hedge for a bargain rate. Usually I send such people about their business, but as it happened we did need that sort of work doing, so I let him and his men get on with it.

He wanted cash, of course, so I popped out to the little set of shops up the road to get cash, which I needed anyway, and fell prey to the blandishments of the bakers, getting mysel...
Posted: 15 Dec 14 14:37 • GillO • More • Comments
Title: Good for Goodness Sake
Fandom: Ms. Marvel, Marvel Comics
Characters:Kamala Kahn, Bruno Carrelli, Nakia Bahadir, Doyle
Summary: It's hard enough being an American Muslim at Christmas time. Then the Inventor had to go and make it worse.

Ugh, Christmas
Posted: 12 Dec 14 19:01 • redrikki • Comments
It was 19~~~. Daddy was editor of the Daily Corinthian, so we were living in Corinth, MS. Mom, we were informed, had had to go to the hospital, which conveniently enough was right across the street. We all went over there: me (5); Patrick (3.5); and Suzy (1.5). We were taken to a room where, behind this big glass window, were rows of cribs. From one of them, a nurse extracted this... thing. It was pink mostly, with bluish bits, and my memory insists it was slimy; but we were assured that with a bit of time it would grow into a sister, like Suzy, but smaller. We were a bit dubious, but eventually it came into our house and grew up, into what is now known as Dr. Mary Lowrey Hamrick, sports psychologist. Nothing like a big brother for embarrassing memories, right, Mary?
Posted: 11 Dec 14 19:00 • orangemike • Comments
Edward had shown up to request aid from Narcissus, and instead he'd had his worldview rocked. It gave Xander a devilish rush of delight. He always liked being the unpleasant surprise no one expected to appear.

"So, you need some help handling a vampire pedophile, huh? That sounds like fun times all around." Xander grinned.

"What are your thoughts on immortal pedophiles? Please share," Edward said, getting his expression back under control.

Xander missed the bug-eyed shocked look. He wished he'd taken a picture, as Edward nonplussed didn't happen very often.

"I've never been a friend of child rapists," Xander said. "There's been a few of them that ended up on my wrong-side and each one of them learned a very valuable lesson." He met Edward's eyes and saw the understanding there. He also couldn't help wishing that he had the eye-mojo of the local vamps, as he would have had a clear shot at rolling Edward's mind. Too bad for lost opportunities.

"You would really go after one of your own kind?" Peter demanded. From the momentary pinch of Edward's brow, Peter was most likely to have kept his mouth shut and stayed in the background.

Xander smiled at the boy, a not-quite polite baring of the teeth. "Do you really think anyone around here is my own kind? They're fun play toys, but I am definitely in a class of my own. As they say, 'The weak are meat the strong eat.'"

"And in that scenario you're the guy that eats everyone around?" Peter ignored Edward's gestures to be quiet. He stared at Xander's chin, curiosity and fascinating fighting to overtake his practiced stoicism.

The kid was stubbornly brave but brittle. Xander knew he could break him. It was a battle not to mentally shatter him and play with the pieces.

"I'm a predator for every moment of every day," Xander said. "The minute you forget what I am, that's when I get you."

He stared into Peter's eyes and let some of wh...
Posted: 10 Dec 14 00:13 • Feygan • More • Comments
I start my new job tomorrow, and I am absolutely wracked with anxiety—not about my performance or anything related to doing the job, surprisingly, but of all the related bullshit: being late, kid herding, getting up earlier, and as I have never dropped them at the school’s daycare I am not yet familiar with the process. 

We also bought a minivan, and traded in the volvo wagon that was swiftly attaining official Hunk of Shit status. 

I need to shut my brain off and go to bed. 
Posted: 7 Dec 14 15:52 • (Current Donor)uleanblue
Yup. Managed to hack out 50,360 words in 28 days. Wrote some after that but was unable to update the official count before the official end. No matter. I made it. 4th year in a row. Unfortunately, the story itself? Approx. 2/3 done. So, not only will I start revising it in January to post […]
Posted: 5 Dec 14 09:13 • (Moderator)acs • Comments
Last night, I was working on a bunch of images and I really wanted to just get a visual overview along the lines of a scatter plot, but with images rather than dots. Unfortunately, no matter what I searched for, … Continue reading →
Posted: 30 Nov 14 15:36 • (Past Donor)deitarionSSokolow • Comments
Quite frankly, I'll be extremely surprised if anyone answers this since it's been so long since I've been on here. But I love sending out cards and I love getting them so if you'd like me to send you a card, leave your name and address here and link me to your post if you have one - especially since I have a new mailing address!

Don't worry, comments will be screened as usual. :)
Posted: 28 Nov 14 17:19 • IceBlueRose • Comments
Title: Undone
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 150
Pairing: Electra de Sainte-Coquille/Maerwen
Archive: Femslash100
Prompt: #435 ~ hair at Illustrationfemslash100

For all that Electra keeps her hair long, she rarely leaves it down. )

comment count unavailable comments
Posted: 28 Nov 14 16:33 • (Recent Donor)Anaraine • Comments
Title: Sealed With More Than A KissWordcount: -3000Rating: NC-17
Type: Crossover with Harry PotterWarnings: Blood play, smutPairing Lilith/ Tom Riddle Jr (Lord Voldermort)
Status: One-shotSummary:  Young Tom Riddle, obsessed with power, decides to make a deal. However, he doesn't want to deal with a secretary and goes straight for the Deal Minder, not knowing a deal with her takes more than a kiss. A lot more. Tom Riddle Jr/Lilith Pure smut.

While most of the other students were busily shopping and perusing the sights of Hogsmeade, one student stood alone from the rest. He was quite certain if he had been caught, more than likely by his Transfiguration teacher, Dumbledore, he would have been expelled. However, at that moment, expulsion was the last thing on his mind as he quickly buried a box in the middle of the crossroads.

The sudden appearance of the woman, without the telltale CRACK of apparition, startled the young boy.

“Well, well. Aren’t you a handsome one?”

Back going rigid, the figure that stood in the middle of the crossroads turned to the source of the voice. His dark eyes moved up and down her form, scantly clad in a short black dress, far too indecent by society’s, human and muggle alike, standards.

With a seductive smile, the woman walked towards him, tossing back her mane of dark hair. “Little Tommy Riddle… What can I do for you?”

Eyes narrowing dangerously at her tone, he stepped forward. “I want to make a deal…”

The demon smiled. “Of course you do… But I’m surprised you even learned how to summon me in that goody-goody school you go to.” She walked up to him, circling him. Her hands played about his shoulders and his nose twitched at the strong sulfuric smell. “What can I do for you, Tom?”

The boy jerked irritably, hating the sound of the common name but continued anywa...
Posted: 23 Nov 14 09:50 • MarmeeNoir • More • Comments
Summary: Steve is found by Bucky
Spoilers: Winter Soldier
Disclaimer: not mine, no infringement intended
Author's Notes: Just a little something based on the image of Steve walking through Arlington on Vereran's Day

Steve pulls at the collar of his jacket, hunching his shoulders against the light, but biting wind. The flags in the ground flutter, reminding Steve of what day it is: Veteran’s Day. There are a few families here, but mostly he’s alone. He’s not had the chance to come here since he first relocated to D.C. He came then and shortly after the Chitauri, but not since.

He doesn’t head right for his destination. He wanders, slowly taking in names and dates of countless soldiers who gave their lives. Steve watches the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknowns, pulling his ball cap lower as tourists film and photograph the solemn ceremony. He detours to other graves, thinking about the Commandos. He’s gone to pay his respects to each of them, even flying out on Tony’s dime for Dernier and Falsworth. He knows, when the time comes, he’ll do the same for Peggy.

He climbs the hill that leads to his final stop. Steve stops halfway, heart aching as he approached the grave he’s always known was empty. It takes everything he had not to collapse in front of Bucky’s headstone and let it all go; to weep for the boy he’d met at twelve, the man he’d loved at twenty. Instead, he puts a hand on the stone, and makes a promise that he will never stop looking for his friend. Steve puts one foot in front of the other as he finishes the trek to his destination, his own grave.

He’s heard the stories, read the books and articles, and seen the internet postings. This used to be a place of pilgrimage; for the Commandos, for fans and even for Phil Coulson. Once Steve came out of the ice, though, it stopped. No need to celebrate the memory of a man who wasn’t dead. So Steve came that first time, m...
Posted: 19 Nov 14 13:10 • Secondalto • More • Comments
A dear friend's twin brother passed away earlier this morning. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Posted: 18 Nov 14 18:51 • jelaine • Comments
Title: Maid of Honor
Fandom: MCU / The Avengers (Marvel)
Relationships: Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, with background Phil Coulson/Stephanie Rogers, and mention of past Natasha Romanov/Phil Coulson
Summary: Natasha is the maid of honor at Phil and Stephanie's wedding. Tony tries to console her by quoting Pat Benatar and sharing a bottle of really expensive vodka. It only sort of works, but even that much is a blessing.

( Maid of Honor )

IllustrationThis entry was originally posted at There are currently comment count unavailable comments there. You can comment there, using Open ID, or here.
Posted: 8 Nov 14 14:57 • Alixtii • Comments
I can't decide if Doctor Who's twist was genius or utter bobbins. Gut reaction was the former but I am drifting towards the latter.

Two of my new fave shows star Welshmen, and that can only be a good thing, especially since in one his character appears to be Welsh. But enough of the patriotism, as I do have a minor quibble with Forever and Constantine
Loving Forever but it feels just a teensy bit familiar - Henry's set up with Abe is rather reminiscent of Conor and Rachel. As I watch more and grow to like these characters that feeling is disappearing but it was quite jarring at first.

Which is my problem with Constantine - a tiny little niggle keeps stopping me from fully immersing in the world. I love this Constantine, he's much closer to the comic and he's Scouse but (due to Matt Ryan's Welshness) his accent drifts between Liverpool and Wales via Manchester. It's a stupid little thing and I probably only hear it because I am Welsh and I lived in Liverpool for a while so I know the sound of and speak with both those accents. I think I can reconcile it by my head canon being that he comes from the part of Merseyside closest to Wales, perhaps with Welsh family. Yeah, that will do I think.

I know I am nitpicking, and I otherwise adore what I've seen of both shows so far. I really just needed to vent, so thanks for reading my whining :)
Posted: 1 Nov 14 21:16 • idontlikegravy • Comments
Title: The Visit
Author: patriciatepes
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Daphne Allen
Length: ~1000
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Slight spoilers for up to S9.
Warnings: Sexual encounter not graphical detailed.
A/N: Written for Illustrationspnpairingbingo square, Castiel/Minor!Canon Human and for Illustrationspnspiration bingo square, Extremely Minor Character POV. I hope this qualifies as both! And I am a very busy beaver this Halloween, lol!
Summary: Daphne had waited for him, and one day, he came back to visit.

The Visit

She knew that her husband would return one day. Daphne Allen was a believer, above all else. So she knew, absolutely knew, that her husband would return. And, like a rock in the pit of her stomach, she also knew that he wouldn't be the same man who had left.

It took some time. A couple of years, to be exact, but the man she had helped named Emmanuel did arrive on her doorstep on a sunny Saturday afternoon. He was driving a beige vehicle, a Cadillac. She heard the groan of the door's hinges before she heard the knock on her front door. But her heart swelled. Always a believer, and more often than not, she was always proven right.

The knock sounded, but Daphne's hand was already on the doorknob. She yanked it open and was met by the familiar, missed, shee...
Posted: 31 Oct 14 10:33 • PatriciaLouise • More • Comments
Dear Yuletide Author:

Hi! Thanks for writing me fic. You are already awesome. But, if you want to know more about my personal preferences, here you go:

In general, I'd like fic that sticks to the overall tone of the fandom in question. Something funny for Veep, more serious for Deadwood, etc. I don't really have any triggers that you need to avoid. Not particularly interested in anything porny (with the exception of The Thick of It, where porn is always a welcome bonus, but in no way mandatory).

1. The Thick of It
Malcolm Tucker and Sam Cassidy
I know there are only about a dozen people who ship Malcolm/Sam, but I am definitely one of them.

However, I would like fic for these two in pretty much any form. Friends? Lovers? Co-workers who deeply respect each other? Anything is fine with me. We've only seen glimpses of Sam in canon, but from the little that is there (and a bit more in the TTOI book) it seems to be one of the few pleasant relationships that Malcolm has in his life.

How long has Sam been working for Malcolm? What kind of person does it take to last as his PA? How has Malcolm managed to not scare her off? What do they really think of each other?

Preshow, Midshow, Postshow. Whatever.

Any other characters are more than welcome.

2. Deadwood
Al Swearengen and Silas Adams
I'm not looking for slash, but anything else would be amazing. Seriously. Anything. I miss this show so much I could cry.

I love the Al/Adams dynamic on the show. Al and Dan may have a deeper friendship, but Al obviously has a lot of respect of Adams, seeming to see him not just as a underling, but as a student of sorts.

Again, I love all the other characters on this show, so feel free to put in anyone else you want.

3. Sport's Night
Dan Rydell and Casey McCall

I don't ship these two romantically, but th...
Posted: 23 Oct 14 08:32 • (Moderator)Malana • More • Comments
Title: By Any Other Face
Characters: Sonny, Jason
Genre: Feel-good
Summary: Sonny and Jason get used to Jason's new face. (Spoilers for 9/22/14/9-27/14)
A/N: This Jason recast looks like a plastic surgery s/l so I wanted a fic where the characters acknowledged how odd it must be. Of course, I had to focus on Sason.

Sometimes, Jason catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and just stops. For minutes at a time, he'll stare, eyes running over his own face with a furrowed brow. He's learning his new face in the same bound and determined way he learned the new life that followed his accident. Naturally, the big ass mirror sitting behind Sonny's desk is a distraction and Sonny will occasionally wave a hand or tap on the table to redirect Jason's attention.

Occasionally, he lets it go.

Jason drifts off in the middle of the conversation and Sonny sits back in his chair to just look. Sometimes, he's looking at the miracle of Jason being alive and back. Sometimes, he's looking at the face too. How could he not? He's got pictures of Jason around his house. He's got them etched into his mind, memory after memory of looking for that face when he needed comfort, friendship, loyalty, or a gun. It's different now and there's still that split-second of confusion when he seeks him out.

Jason sucks in a breath, that clue that he's returning to the conversation. Instead of discussing shipments for the coffee warehouse, though, he asks, "What do you think?" Still looking in the mirror, he pokes at his cheek with two fingers.

Sonny bites the side of his lip and tilts his head. "I don't know. You ask Carly?"

"I didn't have to ask Carly. She told me anyway. So did Sam. And Alexis, Elizabeth, Robin, Michael, Morgan. Everyone's got something to say. Except you." He paused. "And Monica. She looks kind of sad."

Sighing, Sonny gets up and circles the desk. "The ...
Posted: 27 Sep 14 12:36 • muteann • More • Comments
I may be writing at the speed of molassas but I assure you I am writing. I have completed rough drafts of chapter 26 and 27 already and plan to start on 28 by Monday. And I am actually quite happy with how they have turned out, especially for rough drafts. Who knew adding another job to my hectic schedule would actually give me more time to write, but thank goodness for lunch hours long enough to need something to do but not long enough to do anything but poke at my keyboard for thirty minutes five days a week. I am thinking I will let 26 and 27 sit until 28 is done before I go back and work on revisions and such, of which I am hoping there won't be overmuch for a change. Fingers crossed that something will be ready to post in about a week. Either way, I'll keep plugging away.
Posted: 18 Sep 14 09:55 • Sunfire • Comments
Erm... Time flies?  Also, I've lost my feel for inserting Chinese *sigh*  Ah well, figured y'all'd be glad to see it anyway, even before I go back to my pages of Chinese-in-Serenity and give myself a refresher.
Chapter Fifty-Three

The blinking light caught Book’s attention, and he crossed the room to glance down at the screen.  His brows rose slightly at the origin code, and he sat down and turned on the connection, hearing a crackle of static and then quiet.

“All well, Mal?  I wasn’t expecting to hear from you,” he said in greeting, giving the monitor a solid whack on its side, which made it flicker twice and then turn reluctantly on.  He gave a low whistle as the grim faces on the other side came into focus.  “What happened?” he asked, scenarios crossing through his mind.  The Alliance hadn’t caught up with them—if they had, they’d be dead.  River wasn’t in a spell—she was right there, grinning wickedly.  In fact, they were all there—although looking a bit the worse for wear.  All except—

“You been holdin’ out on us, Preacher,” Mal stated.

Far too experienced to bite the first hook in a fishing expedition, Book cocked his head slightly to one side and waited.

Demons, Book?” Mal demanded, voice cracking just a bit, so little he wouldn’t have heard if he hadn’t trained to pay attention to every little thing.  “We’ve got demons all over the gorram ‘verse, and you never thought maybe that was worth mentionin’?”

Book flinched, just a little.  “Ah,” he murmured, relaxing just a bit.  “So the boy’s finally decided to talk a bit about that unusual upbringing of his, has he?  Is he okay?”  He’d be more worried but that they’d said demons rather than monsters and knew he knew.  That meant they’d talked to Xander, which strongly implied whatever it was they’d run into hadn’t killed him.

Mal stared ...
Posted: 2 Sep 14 15:09 • (Recent Donor)dreamfall • More • Comments
To any and all that care.

I am still alive and well. Been using this as more of a diary and link cache... But, you know.

My writers block is just about gone too! ^_^
Posted: 1 Sep 14 04:56 • (Past Donor)Kanzaki • Comments“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
― Winston Churchill
Posted: 25 Aug 14 00:02 • Norwegianne • Comments
...physically, I'm mean, not mentally. Though that really depends on the day of the week.

(Read more ...)
Posted: 26 Jul 14 10:45 • Lyl • Comments
Title: So Rested He By the Tumtum Tree
Author: Illustration</img>tmbreck / Illustration</img>eclectic_tongue / Illustration</img>eclectic / IllustrationLilbreck
Beta: Illustration</img>velvetwhip
Rating: FRT
Characters/Pairing: Angel, Willow, Angel/Willow
Warning: References to violence and implied PTSD
Summary: Angel and Willow try to create a bit of heaven in hell.
A/N: Written for —and beta’d by— the ever lovely and wonderful Illustrationvelvetwhip. I hope you enjoy this story even half as much as she and I did/do.

(Read more ...)

Posted: 18 Jul 14 07:19 • lilbreck • Comments long has it been since I posted?

In a nutshell, my migraines have me locked in. I've got hemiplegic migraines, which is similar to having a stroke when they happen full on. Mine come and go in various degrees. Some days I'm fine, others I might just have slight pressure or mild pain. On bad days I'll get vertigo (lose my balance), extreme confusion (can't think straight), and dizziness (room spins, or total blackout).

Full on attacks for me mean partial paralysis, inability to talk, and lingering numbness. It takes me upwards of a week to recover from one. Even mild migraines can leave me with extreme fatigue.

Luckily those happen maybe 4 to 6 times a year. The bad ones maybe once a month. The regular pressure, confusion, and pain is almost everyday.

So, needless to say I've not been working regularly. I do chores, and work on writing, as I feel up to it. I'm actually doing better these days. I can deal with every day life just fine for the most part. I just don't make firm plans for anything.

Today is an okay day. Hopefully tomorrow is a good one.
Posted: 2 Jul 14 10:19 • Saifai • Comments

It seems more and more often than more of Harry Potter fandom is starting to disappear, but I think it's the most shocking, and saddening thing to me as both a writer and long time fangirl that archives such as The Hex Files and HP Fandom Archive are the next on the proverbial chopping block if the owner, Sher De Lune does not get any monetary help from us. It goes without saying that both archives have contributed so much to well-being of our fandom, and some of the fandom's oldest and most belovedstories will disappear without a trace without either archive to host it. So I'm proposing both a donation drive and a charity drive for those like me who can't afford to give monetary help, but would love to auction off a fanwork to help the cause.

If you want to donate you can do it here

Or you can offer and bid on a fanwork in the comments below. The minimum bid is $5, and the bidding ends August 1st!

ETA: Because it was pointed out that I didn't make this clear enough, *headdesk*. Anyway, I'm making it a rule that it has to be a brand new fanwork, and after the bidding closes in August, people will have to take a screencap of their receipts (please feel free to black out any incriminating personal information you want) and email them to before they can receive their fanwork.
Posted: 24 Jun 14 14:14 • LindseyBlythe • Comments
Yikes.  It's been over a month since I last posted.

Anyway, I'll just pretend that never happened and I'll try to get back on track with posting every day (only because I want to finish that CLAMP 30 Day challenge thing...).

Work is going well.  I've been working on the Pixar parade a whole lot lately, which I don't mind, because the hours are good--not to early and not too late.  The only thing I don't like about working the parade is working in the heat, but parade management always has cold water and Gatorade for the performers and we (the costumers) can drink the water and Gatorade as well.

I've started volunteering at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.  I normally wouldn't volunteer so far away but a: Orange County is pretty sparse, when it comes to museums.  Sure, we have Bowers Museum, but whenever I submit a volunteer application to them I never, ever hear back from them.  Also, Bowers is pretty small.  The NHM in LA has three floors, is 100 years old, they have a ton of exhibits, they have a pretty amazing Dino Hall, they're historic, they have behind the scene volunteer opportunities and tons of different departments (like the department of anthropology), and, yeah, I'm kind of considering a career in a museum (like a curator.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  I like being around historic things/places/areas).  So I figured I would volunteer in a museum to see if I like the environment and plus it's something to put on my resume.  But I'm just doing it for the experience.  I know I should list a 'b' reason because I had an 'a' reason but I can't think of anything for a 'b' reason.  Um...maybe b: it's in downtown LA and downtown LA is very historic?  Ooh!  The NHM was featured in the L.A. Noire game :D which I totally want to play again just because.  I like driving in that game.  I can drive on sidewalks.  I can drive in the L.A. river basin in the game.  And a couple Mondays ago when I took the train we were besid...
Posted: 31 May 14 12:45 • Casey • More • Comments
Supernatural 9x23 Do You Believe in Miracles
(I'm calling this take one, because when/if I watch again I might have a "better" review - then again I may not.)

Okay, so I had the extremely early shift on Tuesday, which generally means I wouldn't have been up late enough to watch Supernatural on the proper night, but since it was finale I made myself manage (and the review didn't go up this afternoon because I worked the late shift tonight just for the record), which was probably a mistake on my part. Don't get me wrong, I think I liked the episode and all that, but I didn't retain much from watching it either. So that means I wanna try and watch it again maybe in the near future.

Though I do remember thinking that perhaps that "unfair" commentary toward Metabore from another angel in a previous episode was correct - Metabore didn't want to wipe out humanity or anything like that he just wanted to be loved.

And I do remember thinking at the very end of the episode that I had totally called that - you know what I'm talking about. And this time, while I do loath stupid boys, I can actually forgive them for not seeing this coming, because Dean was obviously distracted by demonic feelings, and Sam was too wrapped up in Dean worry to think about long-term problems. However, I am very curious why Cass didn't say anything - I mean surely if Crowley suspected the outcome so would (and should) have Cass. Of course, I guess we are supposed to forgive that because Cass also had other things on his mind, but really ain't Dean supposed to be like his BFF.

I also remember thinking that at times I do feel like I misjudge Carver - more and more I do think the story he's trying to tell ultimately might not be so bad and perhaps if it didn't have to go through the process of going from his head to writers that don't seem to communicate well with each other and then moving through even...
Posted: 21 May 14 21:25 • EmmaLove • More • Comments
Yesterday I saw The Winter Soldier with Illustrationcyprinella! It was fun. Cap is not really my favorite Avenger (&THOR;) but I got nothing against him, and enjoyed the first one well enough. I liked this one much more, though. Afterwards, C. and I spent a fair bit of time griping about how SHIELD's HQ placement would totally screw up our commutes. It appears to be on an island just off Rosslyn, which will probably put that big underwater helicarrier port in the path of the Orange Line, which means I am screwed all around. Then she tweeted about a post-movie fic that described the river as salty. DEAR FIC WRITERS: NO.

I also couldn't tell whether SHIELD's private bridge was a new one placed right next to Memorial Bridge, or whether they just replaced Memorial Bridge with it. I think the latter. If so, fic writers, that means that it's a very short walk from HQ to Arlington National Cemetary, if you need Steve going there and having FEELINGS during his lunch break.

We also had fun picking out the times when it would switch to Cleveland. (I believe there were a couple of shots of the city that included buildings much taller than any permitted in DC thanks to the absurd height limits in the city.) It was still vastly better, though, than the time X-Files portrayed "Occoquan" as a busy mid-sized city (LOL) and the time Hannibal had a beach in West Virginia. (IT IS A LAND-LOCKED STATE. IT IS A LAND-LOCKED STATE THAT IS FILLED WITH MOUNTAINS. Also, Wolf Trap hasn't really been that rural idyll for twenty years or so, but that's slightly easier to handwave than A BEACH IN A LAND-LOCKED STATE FILLED WITH MOUNTAINS.)

Also: the use of Marvin Gaye in a movie set primarily in DC was such a lovely touch. Well done, m...
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200-bloody-6. This journal was created when I was 20 years old. And I last posted here when I was 23. Now I'm 28.

That feels a little weird.

I remember owning a blog from sometime in 2002/2003, which made me about 16/17. Which means I've been 'blogging' on and off for approximately 11/12 years. That's - impressive. Well no. Not if you consider the amount of 'celebrity' or paid bloggers who suddenly sprouted in Indo, and earned a truckload of easy money. But yeah. I'm old-ish! And I've been around. And I find that hilarious.

Re-reading this journal has made me realize how much I've calmed down the past few years, which isn't saying much really as I'm still the most excitable person in my group of friends. It just means way back when, I was batshit insane. Also - I am frankly appalled at some of my past posts, which I've managed not to just purge because Goddess above I was (and I reiterate) batshit insane.

These days I mostly post over at Wordpress, but this place makes me nostalgic. And I'm pretty happy with the level of anonymity I have here :) Maybe I'l come back. Not always, but sometimes.

Because fuck you Livejournal you terrible piece of shit, I still quite adore you.
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Title: I never wanted to be a housewife"
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Justified
Pairing: Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder
Rating: PG 13
Wd Ct: 500
Disclaimer: The world of "Justified" and the characters are not mine and I make no $ off them.
Authors Note: This is the world of "Justified" but totally AU and involved in the alpha/omega world. Imagine a world that views men that can bear children as another subset of female biology. And then throw in some good old fashioned southern prejudice in regards to women’s rights especially in the Kentucky world of "Justified." This story came about in my need to write believable mpreg based off evolution etc. As well as my muse that is Raylan Givens. I always love as an author to write AU'S but I enjoy reading them as a reader as well and I wanted to share with you my take on the A/B/O world as well as mpreg. This is a what if story and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. BTW in my typical fashion it is un-beta'd.
Summary: Raylan and Boyd had a one night stand based off their mutual love and relief to be alive, now they face the consequences.

Chapter 1
Raylan had always been a boy or so he thought. Now looking at the test results he feels like a bloody fool. He'd have never known he was one of "them" had he not given into sin. He'd let Boyd have him that night at the coal mine, he had been grateful to be alive. Within the rush of stolen kisses and binge drinking he and Boyd had ended that night in bed together.

Now he regretted it and he regretted living too. His father Arlo was gonna try to kill him after laughing his ass off at him. Trying to stay with it Raylan thinks he knows how it'll go with the Crowder’s too. Despite their reputation as "no good" Raylan knew they were traditional. The wedding isle here he comes.

Raylan was now regretting his choice to be honest. He should have run away. He should have packed a bag and hitched from Harla...
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Okay, yeah... I've gotta add my 2 cents to the complaints about this.

I, like so many, have loved this show for 14 years. I Tivo'd every episode as it aired on Showtime and then again as reruns on Bravo and Logo. I bought every season on DVD and every season's soundtrack on CD and iTunes. I felt varying levels of love, lust, pain and hatred toward the characters for 5 years, suffered thru Michael's whining and wondered how the hell long that mid-series pregnancy was going to freaking last! (no real spoilers for the uninitiated!) And I cursed Cowlip for nearly all of Season 5 (and still haven't forgiven them to this very day).

Not for a lack of availability for me, obviously, I wanted to see QAF stream on Netflix like all my fellow fans... mostly because it would bring the show to the attention of a whole new generation of viewers. And now THIS!!! I'd read the reviews and the many critiques of the music but, out of some sense of morbid curiosity, I turned on the TV tonight and hit play. There are 2 scenes in Season 1 in which the music really made me feel what I was seeing... Brian and Justin's first kiss and their dance to "Save the Last Dance" in the season finale (again, trying not to spoil). I'll admit that after the kiss I stopped Episode 1x01, skipped to Episode 1x22 and hit fast forward to confirm what I already knew. That pivotal scene had been utterly ruined.

A lot of reviewers are condemning Netflix for the music in the streaming version but I'm pretty sure they're not at fault. I'm fairly certain that it's the production company that has to pay the royalties for the music (Quantum Leap had the same problem for years because of the first 2 episodes). And, let's face it, Cowlip stopped caring about the fans during Season 4 when it was decided that they'd only get 1 more season. Fans have complained since the Series Finale in 2005 that their goal was to push the politics more than to entertain their loyal followers. Of course the po...
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A selection of icons from Sherlock (2014)..........................................................................................................................

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trio1 trio2

trio3 trio4

trio5 trio6

trio7 trio8b

trio9 trio10
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IllustrationOk, so last year hardly anyone posted me back about Christmas cards, which i admit was a little depressing, but this year i have one or two addresses and was wondering if anyone would like a pretty card for their mantle?

If you send me a PM with your addresses then i will gladly reply with mine and get a card sent out ASAP, as im trying to avoid the December post madness that tends to happen over here in the UK.

Either way, i want to say a Merry Christmas to everyone on LJ and all my other little online buddies who stalk my LJ. .*COUGH* Carrie-Ann *COUGH*

All cards have been posted! Hope you like em'!
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IllustrationOk, so last year hardly anyone posted me back about Christmas cards, which i admit was a little depressing, but this year i have one or two addresses and was wondering if anyone would like a pretty card for their mantle?

If you send me a PM with your addresses then i will gladly reply with mine and get a card sent out ASAP, as im trying to avoid the December post madness that tends to happen over here in the UK.

Either way, i want to say a Merry Christmas to everyone on LJ and all my other little online buddies who stalk my LJ. .*COUGH* Carrie-Ann *COUGH*

All cards have been posted! Hope you like em'!
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IllustrationOk, so last year hardly anyone posted me back about Christmas cards, which i admit was a little depressing, but this year i have one or two addresses and was wondering if anyone would like a pretty card for their mantle?

If you send me a PM with your addresses then i will gladly reply with mine and get a card sent out ASAP, as im trying to avoid the December post madness that tends to happen over here in the UK.

Either way, i want to say a Merry Christmas to everyone on LJ and all my other little online buddies who stalk my LJ. .*COUGH* Carrie-Ann *COUGH*

All cards have been posted! Hope you like em'!
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#100000000% Done
#abandon ship
#Badass Artemis
#Bitch I Might Be
#Bitch, I'm Fabulous
#BRB Tearbending
#Don't Fucking Cry
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That Story, or Ten Reasons Why Priestly Doesn't Like Chicago

1. The Little Old Lady | 2. The Weather | 3. The Computer Genius | 4. The Bars | 5. The Crazed Psycho | 6. The Women | 7. The Tripper | 8. The Lost Boy | 9. The Skateboard | 10. The Little Old Lady (Again) | 11. Epilogue

“How do you know Jake?”

Andy frowned and shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t until about two hours ago. I met him at the gas station, and he said I could park my van here for a couple of days.”

“Andy is on a road trip.” Delia supplied, taking a sip out of her bright red cup filled with Southern Comfort.

A road trip? The kid looked like he was all of fourteen. “Uh, no offense, but shouldn’t you be in school?” Boaz asked, and thanked Delia as she handed him a drink. He sniffed it, Johnny Walker.

“Probably,” Andy said and took a swig of his own beverage, a can of Budweiser. “Hey, are you the Lit major?”

Boaz was pretty sure he misheard Andy just then, and while he was trying to figure out what the kid actually said Delia answered,

“No, that’s Tom. He’s over there.” And then she proceeded to point him out.

“Cool,” Andy said, and then slapped Boaz on the shoulder. “It was nice to meet you, but if you’ll excuse me, I have a philosop...
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„Ich hatte schon immer den Verdacht, daß das Ausblasen der Kerzen auf der Geburtstagstorte ein getarnter Gesundheitstest für die Versicherung ist.“

Katharine Hepburn

Liebe Rica, lass dir die Geburtstagstorte dadurch aber nicht verderben :-) Wünsche dir alles erdenklich Gute. Allem voran Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit in deinem beruflichen und privaten Leben.

Ich hoffe du hattest einen schönen Tag mit lieben Menschen.
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~Still no word on the referral, lame.

~Still no prospects on the job front.

~Car being fixed will cost $2k. It died on the way to the mechanics (after I got my grandpa's truck to borrow again) and we had to have it towed. But he's rebuilding an engine for us so it'll be all happy soon. An awesome friend of mine is lending us the money since the family that could help, won't, and the family that would help, can't. Lame. Everything is lame! But it'll be fixed by the end of next week and I'll have my car back and I miss it.

~Instead of working on my new computer, Michael got me a new hard drive for my laptop since it was so cheap for 1tb. So now I have a case for my old hard drive and Sunday will Time Machine it up with the new one. I'm going from 320gb to 1tb and I'm very excited. Windows-only MMO time! Damn you, not-Mac games! My Mac is awesome and wants to play. Okay, I just want more games than just WoW. Not that I find time for anything but you know, I want the options.

~Shipped books to Amazon to sell, yay, and got a giant box to donate (yes, all books). Less stuff is my motto right now and I need to do better at that. Spring cleaning, good for if/when I finally get to move out. Especially if our current prospective situation doesn't get switched to the bigger room, we may have to get a storage unit for extra stuff. Clean clean clean!
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So, finally got around to watching season 1 of Heroes on Blu ray. I am through the fifth episode. I can see why everyone was so jazzed on the show when it first came out. It's very impressive.
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This post is to let everyone know that I have moved my LJ blog (including all posts and comments) over to a Wordpress blog that I control, at There will be no further posts going up here.

I will, however, be maintaining my LJ account, so that I can still comment in others' blogs and post in the communities I am a part of.

I encourage you to continue to follow me at the new blog, and there will be new posts and new fic going up there shortly.

'Later, all!

:) tag0
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20 days left to my trip to Hong Kong. I am freaking stoked about it!

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Illustrationfish_echo  is, that's who. 

Back in Halloween she dressed up as Delirium-Who-Was-Once-Delight, in particular, the design from my icon. 

I just got a package from her.  It contained

One (1) card in an enveloped marked "To: [Morag] Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas (much belatedly) P.S. open presents before the card (card contains spoilers)" with many stars on


One (1) boomerang from Australia (I'm hoping she wasn't intending this as a death threat ala Scandal in Belgravia, but then I remembered I can't even make a yo-yo work, there's no way I'll actually get a boomerang to come back


Twelve (12) crocheted and knitted fish of many varieties.

So, if I find a cheap old black leather jacket, here in meatspace, I can actually look like I do on the internets.

As I said, who is made of awesome-sauce?  fish_echo is, that's who.  Thank you, sweetie, I love the presents and you too.

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There are two things I’ve been wanting to do lately. to do. Get back into writing fic, and write a Sims story. Well, thanks to some comments made on a message board I frequent (this one right here) the two ideas sort of merged in my brain. I thought, “Hey, I could write a Sims story using, say, Chloe and Lex. That could be fun!”

In a Sims Story is, you basically create some Sims, follow them through their life, and write about what they do and what happens to them. Usually with pictures. And you try to do it in a way that tells an interesting story.

I’ve never done a Sims Story before, but I think it will be fun. Let’s see, shall we?

I'm using the Sims 3, by the way. I'm not playing with any extensions because they slow down my game. But I might up and install one while playing.  

Now on to the story.

Chapter 1: Moving On Down...for a While

Our story begins some time in season 4, and things are pretty normal for good old Smallville. Lionel has wheedled his way out of prison. Lex thinks he and Clark might possibly maybe be friends again…but he’s not sure. And Chloe is bending over backwards for her friends, who don’t really seem to appreciate it. You know, the usual.

One day, Lex is working in his study (mostly trying to think of ways not to have to deal with his father) when the door bursts open.

In marches Chloe, looking as intense and determined as he’s ever seen her. Which is saying something.

“You know what?” she began without preamble. “If we don’t get out of here, this town is going to drive the both of us nuts. That or kill us!”

A thoughtful frown puckering his brow, Lex idly rubbed his chin. She did have a point. Despite its quaint and peaceful small town image, Smallville didn’t seem very healthy for anyone. Especially the...
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