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YAHF. Xander chooses a plastic sword at Ethan's when the last gun is sold out early. Instead he buys a copy of Stormbringer, the Hellsword of Elric of Melnibone. As such, he becomes Elric for one night. At the end of the night he reverts to just being Xander. However, the next time he faces off against a demon the Chaos sword, Stormbringer, dives screaming from a clear sky into his hand and allows him to suck out the soul and energy of the demon.
Literature > Fantasy • misterwhy • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Jul 14]
The premise of this challenge is that the the challenge-accepting author will write a story where Herbert the Pig Lives!

Possible directions include, but are not limited to:

1. Herbert makes a bold escape from the clutches of the Pack and gets adopted by Buffy.
2. Herbert is rescued by Harmony of all people, and is later pivotal in "saving" the Scoobies from one of their future events.
3. Herbert, who was Buffy's stuffed pig, but Dawn uses him for her costume, comes back to life during Halloween and haunts Xander.
4. Herbert is the school mascot and the Pack resp...
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A What if challenge set on the Marvel U and the Slayer Line was never created. How is the fate of Buffy and Gang altered by this?

*Must have vampires..but not the demon kind only those used at Marvel.

*Mayor still around just no Hell mouth. He is a very old and powerful Dark Mage who has battled Dr.Strange and seeks greater power.

*Buffy as a mutant and living in Sunnydale. Willow learning magic from Harkness. Xander the bastard son of Johnny Blaze and able to summon hellfire. Corey secretly some alien princess with powers of her own. Faith as Thor and Sif's hi...
Marvel Universe • shazamo • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 14]
Faith's real family challenge.

*Must have

*Story set using the old DC U before any of the new 52 junk.

*Faith is the daughter of Vandal Savage.

*She has her Slayer gifts but was killed once before arriving in Sunnydale causing another Slayer to be called and awaken her immorality from her father.

*She still runs to Sunnydale for protection and is followed the same way but Vandal knows of her and comes too.

*Golden Age heroes from the JSA are drawn to the Hell mouth as well.

*Mayor and Vandal know each other and both try to bring Fa...
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This is a Halloween costume challenge that had Xander go as someone other than a solider.

Must have

*The BuffyVerse is set in the Marvel Movie Universe using Iron Man I; Incredible Hulk; Cap I and Amazing Spider-Man as cannon.

*Thor movie look is fine but MUST have pure magic vibe.

*Buffy; Cordy and Willow's costumes remain the same..but others such as Jon; Andrew or any Cordette could have Ethan bought outfits.

*Xander picking to go as Kraven the Hunter. He will retain Kraven's memory and skills after the spell wears off.

*Xander uses h...
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Yet another Xander ends as a girl with powers crossover Challenge!

Xander ends transformed into a magical girl, you can pick any series that you want, or make it a multiple crossover.


*) Xander ends transformed into a magical girl, gets stuck at least for a few hours and keeps the powers and abilities.

*) Xander can change back to male, but as a guy he has no powers.

*) IF Xander ends in another universe, you can include other characters from said universe if you want, but it must mostly be focused on Xander.

*) Please, please try to...
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This challenge is intended for Bunraku (2010), which currently is not available as a category under movies. Any length story, but longer is better.


Willow, Buffy, and Faith are alive years (a century or more) down the road, and new Slayers are still being Called. Many abide by the laws of the Council, of course. But, some Slayers would not and would be hunted by their traditional allies (the Council) and either hunted or employed by the various governments/criminal organizations.

For the purposes of this, at least Faith, Buffy and Willow are changed someh...
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Unable to get the last toy gun at Ethan's Xander instead buys a U.S Air Force General uniform.

Hmm wonder I wonder who Major General Hammond is?
Stargate > Xander-Centered • Gibbsk • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jul 14]
Unable to get the last toy gun at Ethan's Xander instead buys a set of armor like medieval suit of armor except this one came with a staff, some strange snake shaped thing that at a flip of a switch it stood up like a snake.

And of course there was that strange helmet that was also shaped like a snake along with the strange gold symbol Xander had to put on his forehead.
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What if instead of just buying a toy gun from Ethan's Xander also bought a set of Air Force special forces fatigues.

What if on the name tag was Colonel Jack O'Neill
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Attack on Titan crossover

All things considered, dying might have been a preferable outcome to falling through Glory's portal. That's what Buffy thinks as she finds herself in the middle of nowhere, on possibly another world or universe, facing rapidly approaching giants that seem way too interested in her demise.

Then she somehow turns into one of the aforementioned giants, demolishes the creepy, gargantuan loons, and still, after everything, ends up with Whistler and a tight lipped explanation about some weird, important walls, helping some Boy Scouts, and saving human...
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Xander still in a bad mood over Buffy saving him from Larry makes a mistake at the costume shop when the girls are fawning over the ball gown, Buffy and Willow having enough of his mood snap and decide that if Xander won't man up then he should wear the gown himself, with enough other students agreeing and after some arguing and deals Xander reluctantly agrees, what no one knows that the dress was owned ay Amanda the immortal and when the spell starts he gets a 1000 years of being a woman downloaded into him and when the night is over he suffers the consequences of the night.
Highlander > Xander-Centered • carvell • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Jul 14]
Have not seen a story like this before so I am just throwing it out there.

The idea is simple that Xander is summoned by Louise to be her familiar thus changes happen, what changes occur and how big or small they be is up to the author.


1:Time line would be at the beginning of the familiar of zero and just after or during graduation for the buffy crew so Xander would be of similar age to the Zero cast.

2: Don't make Xander a spineless wimp he's not Saito, he isn't afraid to stand up for himself or others if he has to.

3:Xander has to carry mo...
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The Eternal Champion by Micheal Moorcock
A Multi Crossover Challenge by DrDeth

My name is John Daker, but I have gone by others over the years and they have been very long years as I search for my rest in Tanelorn.

To some I am Elric Of Melniboné to others Dorian Hawkmoon. I have had many names that dominate my dreams and my nightmares..... Jerry Cornelius, Roland, Graf Ulrich Von Bek, Harry Potter, Xander Harris to name a few.

Some that remember, some that never do and some that learn of the lives that have come before. My skills are many an...
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In this universe Stargate Command has gone one step further in their cover story. Rather than Wormhole Extreme they have actually allowed Stargate: SG-1 to be filmed and shown figuring where better to hide the truth than behind itself. That being said, someone(in or out of the group) has convinced Willow, Xander, and Buffy to go as the three human members of SG-1. The catch? Willow, as a confidence booster, talked the others into each going as the character that they resembled least. So, Willow is Jack, Xander = Sam, and Buffy gets to play Daniel. Let the craziness begin.

I'd prefer ...
Stargate > Multiple Pairings • ReneeMc • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Jul 14]
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