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Here is a crazy challenge for you all.

What would it be like if the characters and events from the BtVS series took place in the Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck/Tale Spin universe?

What will the characters look like? How will the events of the Buffy series affect the other series and vice versa?
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Mental time travel is a form of Time Travel where you don't physically go back in time. Instead, your present mind goes to a body in the past, but you keep your memories from the future.

Now imagine that the thing with the first Evil went really bad, and everyone died but Xander and a few of the new Slayers. Xander did his best to keep the good fight, but he was alone. He didn't had Willow brains, Giles contacts or an Alpha Slayer loyal to him. Things went horrible wrong, so Xander got so desperate he tried the safest time travel spell he could find, one that involved sending his mem...
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A First Meeting Challenge


It's a holiday and a female character from the Buffyverse has an unexpected first encounter with a female character from a different fandom. This encounter can lead to a non-platonic relationship or just plain PWP.


- When Due - Stories for this challenge should be posted on/after July 19th, 2014, your local time.
- Femslash (a story involving a non-platonic encounter or relationship between two or more women.)
- The primary pairing/ship must be a crossover ship between female characters - minimum of ...
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While the depths of human stupidity seems to be a common theme in a lot of plot lines both on screen and the written word what if something came along and managed to insert a drop of common sense among the common people?

A dimensionally misplaced one eyed carpenter is listened to as he questions the intelligence of crippling mentally/emotionally a boy who is the only one who stands between a village and and an indestructible 9 tailed fox shaped force of nature.

A deaged and sent to the past Winifred is identified as a Muggleborn witch and throws a babbling fit when she reali...
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These can either be one shots or full-fledged stories, but take a power source such as a particular type of mana from Magic the Gathering or incarnum from the Magic of Incarnum D&D 3.5e sourcebook and write something.

Bonus points if

It's not a Halloween story
Xander does not get too powerful, within reason. For example if he becomes a bearer of the Power Cosmic then little can restrain him.
Joyce survives
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On this day Casey Kasem, the original voice of Shaggy is dead. "ZOINKS!" How will the Scoobies react to one of their namesakes being dead?
Xander in a bar commemorating his many adventures and escapes with others?
Buffy consoling the remnants of Mystery Inc. possibly with therapy shopping.
Oz and Scooby howling at the moon.
Willow and Tara offering to do a seance.
Spike trying to steal Shaggys share of the Scooby snacks.
A race to choose who the new fastest guy at running away will be.
A food eating contest?
All of the various monsters that Shaggy's had an impac...
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The Council, the reformed Watcher's Council now led by a council made up of 3 of each group:

Slayers: Buffy & Faith & & ?
Watchers: Giles & Wesley & ?
Natural Witches: Willow & Tara & ?
Wand Witches: Hermione Granger & ? & ?
Humans: Xander & Bella Swan & ?
Souled Demonic Vampires: Spike & Angel & Drusilla
Cold One Vampires: Carlisle Cullen & Jasper Whitlock & ?
Werewolves: Oz & Remus Lupin & ?
Seers: Cordy & Sam Winchester & Alice Cullen
Hunters: Dean Winchester & Bobby ...
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In season 4, the way the Initiative operated led to the creation of Adam and their own destruction.

What if they had been under different management?

What if Maggie Walsh had never been involved?

What would the Initiative have been like if it had been run by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Samantha Carter?

- This is a Point of Divergence challenge. Everything should be the same as canon up to the point where the co-commanders of the Initiative are chosen, and then the changes should butterfly from there.
- Additional SG-1 characters may be includ...
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Have one or more Scooby gang member arrive in the Corruption of the Champions at the beginning.

For more information about the game go to
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I just recently got the game WET for the Xbox 360, and noticed that Eliza Dushku voiced the main character Rubi Malone...

My challenge is this...
1: Faith is the younger twin sister of Rubi Malone.
2: Faith and Rubi were seperated by the Council.
3: Rubi finds Faith in Sunnydale *before* she joins the Mayor.
4: Rubi's actions in defending her sister creates a rift in the scoobies ending with Xander and Jenny joining Rubi and Faith.
5: In trying a spell to make Xander see things her way and come back to her creates a strong bond between members of team Malone.
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In one world Ethan casts a limited chaos spell that changed many sunnydalers into their costumes, then back with little more than faded memories, in another it went a Little differently.

The Challenge is thus: In this Universe Ethan changed up his Halloween spell, rather than everyone being changed into their costumes, he called forth dimensional versions of themselves for the reality they dressed from.

Rather than becoming their costume, they became a version of themselves who lived as that costume.

A Xander from Hogwarts?

A Willow from Ma...
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So what if Lilly Potter had another sister besides Petunia? What if that sister was Jessica Harris?

OPTION ONE: In an effort to make Harry's life better yet still provide him with Blood Protection, Dumbledore locates (Season 5) Xander in Sunnydale who takes in (Post Book 1) Harry?

OPTION TWO: Dumbledore thought that having the Boy-Who-Lived halfway around the word would be an added protection so he was sent to live with his other aunt and his cousin Xander. *Follows regular timeline for both*
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(That's Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, if you didn't know.)

Anecdotes of adorkableness, zany hijinks, and WAFF from the myriad possible lives of Willow Rosenburg. Anything goes, so long as it makes you go d'awww.

Lemon is worth extra credit, but is not required.
Crackfic is also acceptable.
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YAHF: Xander Ends up gaining game like powers (Like the manga The Gamer.) that mean's Stats, Inventory, Skill's, Hp, Mp, Tittles, the ability too learn anything (Cooking, engineering, Jutsu, spells, techniques, powers, Ect.) And Shop (Where you can buy anything and I mean Anything (Powers, Ability's, Bloodlines, Books, Houses, Space Ships, Countries, Planet's, Slaves, ect.) throughout the multiverse.).
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So, this is my very first challenge to everyone.

# You will need to do the following #
-> Illyria (From Angel) will have to be integrated into another superhero movie. Example (Avengers) She becomes one after the battle in Los Angeles.
-> She is the only one who survived the battle in Los Angeles.
-> Some kind of friendship or understanding needs to have taken place. (Example - Captain America also doesn't know much about Earth like her)
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