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A Anita Blake crossover challenge

I'm not sure if this has been done before, but here's my challenge.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone from BtVS and someone from the Anita Blake novels got together over a cup of joe and has a pissing contest. I have, and alas Who's had it worse was born.

Two people, one from each of the two worlds, (Buffy and Anita would be easy) swap war stories over coffee or whatever, and it evolves into a who's had in worse contest, have fun, and please make it funny.
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It's the middle of Season 2; Buffy's 17th birthday is a month away, and she starts having strange nightmares. She dreams of, among other things, a tall man with a magical gem where his eye should have been, soldiers with lances shooting fire, and sailing ships floating through the air. Most frightening are the dreams she has of a tall albino with a black sword shouting, "Blood and souls! Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch!"

Yes, Buffy is an aspect of the Eternal Champion from Michael Moorcock's tales of the multiverse, and she's dreaming of Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Elric, and all ...
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If you’re not watching ‘Hustle’ than you really are missing out on a fun little show.


Giles needs an item retrieved from a former Council member (Wyndam-Pryce would be a good choice but an OC would be acceptable) who refuses to have anything to do with the new Council. Due to the magical nature of the item it can not be stolen. The owner must give it away freely.

Desperate, Giles recruits a crew of con men to fool the owner into giving it to the Council. He ends up recruiting Mickey Stone’s crew.


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Okay, so we all know that Anyanka was a thousand years old and started off as Aud in some little fishing town or something. Then became a vengeance demon and then a human again in good ole Sunnyhell.

In the Anita Blake world Damien is a thousand years old and was a Viking. Ever wonder if maybe they knew each other before she became a demon and he became a vampire?

I want to see a story where they meet up after all these years. There can be romance or friendship or even dislike. They could have been engaged or related or just friends. Whatever, but they have to have known each...
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How would the Scooby gang deal with a person as intelligent as Jarod becoming one of the undead, and would they be able to overcome the challenge?
This is just a twisted idea that popped into my head one night when I was feeling especially evil :). Any response?
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There are many Xander Halloween fics out there but, only a few Willow Halloween fics.

To meet this challenge you need to write a story for Halloween of session two of BtVS where Willow dresses in an other costume than a ghost.

Be creative.

You may dress Xander differently if you choose however, he should not be the focus of the fic. This challenge is about Willow after all not Xander.

In all cases Willow should for one reason or another retain her costume self's abilities, form, etc.

Suggestions for Willow costumes:

1. Darth Revan from Ko...
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Is There a Doctor in the “House”?
Buffy/House Crossover Challenge

Premise: What if Joyce was out of town with Buffy & Dawn when she started getting sick in the fifth season.

Story Requirements:

Joyce is visiting Princeton-Plainsboro with Buffy & Dawn when she starts to get sick.

Dawn tormenting Vogler if you include him in the story.

Buffy flirting with Wilson. If you want you can have Wilson currently be divorced.

Buffy & Riley are not dating.

House staking a vampire with his cane.

This time Joyce do...
Television > House, M.D. • scifigirl • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Feb 06] • Date Updated [3 Feb 10]
The Highlander 'verse was hard on its characters, maybe even moreso than Buffy. In this challenge, you get to use a Buffy character (or more than one) to save your favorite dearly departed Immortal. The Buffy character should somehow avert the Highlander character's canon death, either on purpose, or by accident. You can save good guys, or bad guys.

Good guys

-Sean Burns
-Richie (only if you must)

Bad guys

-Xavier St. Cloud

These are just suggestions. Th...
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Take the basic premise of the S7 episode "Him" and replace RJ with the crossover character of your choice, then show us how "He" deals with the girls' attention.


- "He" need not be a highschool student

- Replace the jacket with an enchanted prop relevant to the character. As with RJ "He" should not be aware of the enchantment.

- Although "He" may attract other characters, the story should still focus on the original quartet of Buffy / Willow / Anya / Dawn.

- I'd like to see new ways for the girls to prove their love and a different solu...
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Phantom of the Opera crossover.It can be any pairing(s) you want but the preferred pairings are: Erik (The Phantom)/Willow, Erik/Dawn and Erik/Faith. Fic must have the phrase " Hello, salty goodness!" (This phrase can be in any language you want). Post on Twisting the Hellmouth or Minimum length, 550 words, not including disclaimer. If you have any questions just e-mail me. Thanks, Moriko. :)
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okay, this is a verty simple answer, must have, very simply:
-One of the BtVS or AtS men getting a little sister in someway from a crossover land
-she must gel with the super natural eventually
- must have the line: If you were a girl, I’d be stealing your make up, as it is, I’ll settle for weapons.
-you must, i repeat must have fun!
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Write a story featuring Angel going to Gotham City and meeting with Batman over a museum theft (some kind of magical artefact).

Must have:
- Wolfram & Hart hiring the Joker to take out Angel
- Angel and Batman having the standard "Mistaken-Identity" fight.
- Joker spraying Angel with Smilex-Toxin
- The stolen artefact causing some kind of carnage (Summoning a demon, opening a portal to hell, something like that)
- No Buffy or other Scoobies involved

Bonus points for:
- Harley Quinn
- An extended Joker and Lilah or Lindsey scene
- The Joker ...
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This will be a HP/BTVS cross. We all know the Scoobies restart the council and take charge of the newly activated slayers, right? Right. So lets see the Scoobs deal with an international incident of magical proportions when an newly activated OC slayer (read: non Mary-Sue) runs across Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix throwing down some major mojo. Neither side takes it very well. The wizards try to oblivate the muggle. The muggle defends herself...violently.

Key sticking points:It's a situation of first contact. So no one from the BTVS/A:TS universe can be related to a HP cha...
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This was originally an idea that I was going to pursue myself. But with two Buffy universes going simultaneously, I'm finding I don't have time to develop this properly.

I've always been curious as to how the characters in the Buffyverse would be different if they'd been born into the Anita Blake universe. Not transported there though some kind of dimension jump, but actually lived in a world where vampires were citizens trying to balance the law and their primal natures.

So this is my challenge:

Buffy is NOT a vampire slayer, but was born a gifted necromancer, an...
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A Highlander/Buffy crossover, centering around a Duncan McLeod/Spike pairing.

Setting: Any time after Spike gets his soul back

Spike falls in love with another hero, but doesn't dare to let himself go for it after the way things went with Buffy. Duncan has to convince him he's worthy of love and helps him develop as a hero.

Alternatively (esp. for those who don't like slash)

Post NFA
Spike shanshues, only the shanshu isn't what it was expected to be. Turns out that Spike has lost his memories and has become an immortal. (would be nice if he was a p...
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