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She came out of nowhere. She was frightened. Now they have to gain her trust to find out who she is. Will Angel and the crew find out what the strange girl means when she keeps chanting: "Two by two, Hands of Blue"?
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At the age of 18 Ruthie falls madly in love with a guy named Connor Angel. He seem to like her to and Ruthie knows that he's the One. Nothing can break her happiness. But Connor's nervous. How will Ruthie react to meeting his family from L.A?

Feel free to write it in any way you like it.
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Crossover with The Crucible.

Elizabeth Proctor was a Potential who was never activated, and John Proctor was her Watcher. After Elizabeth is arrested, John sends to the Council for help. The letter is delayed, and the 'help' arrives literally just minutes too late to save John from the gallows. All the Watcher can do, is take Elizabeth and her baby (a girl) back to England. In time, the girl grows up, and marries the Watcher's son. Both she and Elizabeth kept diaries which go down the female line, until, in the late twentieth century the line produces only a boy- Wesley Wyndham Pryce....
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What if Wesley succeeded in kidnapping Connor, and headed for Colorado Springs, where he met one Captain Doctor Samantha Carter...

How would Season 1 be different if Captain Carter was going home to a family every night? Would she and Wes get custody of Cassie? In Season 2, how would Jolinar affect her? Would Angel ever find them, and if he did how would they react?


Must start before Season 1 of Stargate
Connor calling Sam Mama
Sam must already know something about the supernatural.
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Xander dies and somehow retains his memories when he is reincarnated as a twin brother to one of the Inuyasha gang. Personally I am leaning towards being Kagome's twin brother. Before he and Kagome go into the feudal era, he is trained intensely in martial arts to have control over his Ki or chi (I am not sure of the difference) this will lead into a crossover with either Street Fighter, Ranma, King of Fighters, or any other possible Ki/chi user Anime series that I cannot think of. He then goes with Kagome into the past and helps her gather the Shikon jewel shards.

If Xander is not...
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#1: Scarlet Spider Xander

Ethan Rayne was there when Ben O’Realy (the clone of Spiderman & the scarlet spider) was killed by the Green Goblin and he grabbed the costume which Xander would later wear on Halloween. Also, he keeps the powers and possibly later runs into spidey/x-men/fantastic four etc.

#2: Different Xander Spider scenarios

Xander on his road trip sees Spidey & Venom or Doc Ock fighting at or near a science convention. The super-villain grabs a gizmo off of the convention and fires a energy beam at Spidey. The beam goes hits and goes throug...
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Xander staggers into the Library covering the two bleeding holes in his neck. With a look of shock on his face he mutters "There really are gangs on PCP. And they stabbed me with a barbecue fork!"

What if there was an incident where someone really was attacked by a barbecue fork wielding gang on PCP? Maybe that's how all those "gangs on PCP" rumors got started. This should be a crossover with any police show (Law & Order, The Shield etc). Other than that anything goes.
Multiple Crossings • (Moderator)Saturn • Responses [1] • Date Added [15 Mar 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
Voldemort and his army of death eaters were victorious. Harry, Ron & most of the Order of the Phoenix died in the last battle and aftermath, but somehow Hermione Granger survived.

Now on the run from Voldemort and his minions, Hermione has fled to muggle London where she encounters Spike.

Spike never made it to Sunnydale, Dru died before making the journey, so he's still the Big Bad and out for bloody vengeance against Angel. Somehow their paths cross and Spike realizes what an asset a powerful, desperate witch would be against his sire and the slayer.

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Xander seemed to get an awful lot of explosives knowledge from his Soldier possession as well as a non-linear problem solving train of thought. obviously he was MacGyver!

Fic to contain:
Xander concealing his new skills (Buffy/willow would try to get rid of them)
Xander dealing with non-demonic threats to the Scoobies.
Dawn - she could discover Xander's secret, maybe a joint escape from Angelus?

Fic not to include:
Family tree's with more mutants/metahumans than the JLA!
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Under the command of BigDestinyGuy, I issue the following challenge;

Willow's spell takes Xander & Faith (freshly broken up with Robin) to
find a new slayer living on Wisteria Lane. It's Julie Mayer, Susan's

Personalities clash as miss-communications, mysteries, and Mary Alice
Young's ghost tries to get Xander to make peace with everyone
she left behind.

How will Faith react to Bree? Will Xander take up Eddie's offer of a
one-night-stand (Can see her exhausted, not walking straight and
with the biggest damn grin on her face.)...
Television > Desperate Housewives • XanLickquidluv • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Mar 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Where did Principal Snyder learn his trade and gain his loving adoration for the youth of today? Cross over any high school-based fandom and insert Snyder as either a teacher or principal, then and tell us what he inflicted on those poor kids.

- Setup a situation where Snyder has to leave, and the only job he can get is to replace someone who was known to be eaten by his students.

Must not:
- Contain Buffyverse supernatural stuff - assume he isn't aware of all that until the mayor welcomes him to his new job.
- Be set at Hogwarts
Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • (Moderator)jrabbit • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Mar 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
There are hundreds of stories out there about how the Scoobies get super-mature after "Chosen" and, in classic know-it-all style, they fix all the old Watchers' Council's mistakes.

Here's the challenge: keep it in character, and have them screw up. Monumentally. None of them really have the administrative skills to run something global, like the Council, anyway; they barely manage to keep their heads above water, most times.

So, what are the possibilities?

How about they decide that the SGC has got to be another Initiative, because, yes, covert government military ac...
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When Black-Eyed Willow tried to end the world she was obviously wielding some mind-numbingly powerful mojo. Was her impromptu archaological dig on Kingman's Bluff was the only lingering effect of her rampage? Sure, she absorbed the spellbooks in the Magic Box, then drained/killed Rack and Giles, but what if that couldn't give her enough "juice" to end the world. What if she'd tapped into the Hellmouth in some manner?

Now, the Hellmouth is a mystical convergance, right? If so, it must be a number of lines of negative mystical force bound together in some manner.

What would ...
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Crossover with Grey's Anatomy. Post-chosen, some subset of the scoobies end up stationed around a hellmouth in Seattle, where they're training new slayers. Whenever they get hurt, they end up at Seattle Grace Hospital, where the surgery interns take a special interest in these most unusual cases.

A variety of injuries over time, each more bizarre than the one before it
The scoobies always having absurd fake explanations for the injuries (for example, the whole "fell on a barbecue fork" explanation for a vampire bite)
The surgery interns having a pow wow dur...
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This is kind of based on an unfinished fic from BillGopher on (Storm Warnings) but different way to get there.

When Buffy helped out in "Anne", Buffy, Lily, and another escapee (Tara McClay), had to find an alternate exit. Unfortunately, this lands them in Bacchus' cave in Ancient Greece. whether its before Xena and Gabrielle turn up there is up to the author but they all become Bacchae and somehow get back to Sunnydale.

Some ideas:
- The pack come upon Kendra's replacement Faith who tries to kill them since she thinks they are vamps working for the major. ...
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