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Since I'm a huge fan of HP/DM, lets add in my favorite Scoobie. Aka, Dawn.

Plot bunny: Harry and Draco are a happy couple in their last year at Hogwarts. Dawn, for some reason (author chooses) shows up at Hogwarts, and interrupts everything. Harry and Draco both want Dawn, but she is completely oblivious. They have to all wind up in bed together by the end of it.

Extra points for:
Harry and Draco getting in a fist fight
Detailed sex scenes (both with all three of them, and H&D)
Dawn being a virgin before all of it

A nice F21 rating or NC-17 if u wan...
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I didn't like how Buffy could so easily forgive the gang for kicking her out of her own house. I'm challenging all the wonderful fanfic writers to write a story about the following:
At the end of Chosen, everybody in the bus drives to LA because of the injured. The Scooby Gang believes everything can go back to the way they use to be, but Buffy knows differently. She can't forgive them for what they did to her. She goes to Angel at Wolfram & Hart and explains to him what happened and asks him to give her a new identity and help her move to someplace else. She leaves a letter with...
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BtVS/Anita Blake crossover

After BtVS S7 finale

The Mother of Darkness slept because the Shadowmen used her essence to create the first slayer. And her awareness stayed with the first slayer. Since then she dreamed the life of every slayer, from the inside.
Then, for a time, she was two trying to be one. Until the spell to activate all the potentials split her self to create all the new slayers. One of those fragments found its to her old, sleeping body. And the pain of being ripped apart woke her up.
Now she comes looking for the rest of herself.

How has the...
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Timeframe: After BtVS s7 finale. Will assume that the events of KtE that we saw in series ran concurrent with the events of BtVS s7. Therefore Archon was killed right about the time that Sunnyhell was sinking.

Choose - A character from BtVS (hereafter referred to as CharX).

CharX is related in some way to Frank Kohanek of Kindred: the Embraced. Whether this is brother, cousin, some other blood relation or maybe just godfather/close family friend - up to the writer.

After the destruction of Sunnyhell, CharX needs some time away from the Slaying Game and everything it ...
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The military is back! But this time, the people in charge have half a brain! Set in early season 6. Because of the Glory incident, the US government wants a permanent military presents in Sunnydale, so the government reactivates G.I. Joe. (I know that in the comic book world, they were deactivated, I am almost positive on this). And they have a few tricks up their sleeves, like wooden bullets for their guns, holy water grenades, etc. Use your imagination. How will this affect the last 2 seasons of Buffy, and what about Angel? Will it be affected too? How will Buffy and the gang react t...
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Buffy/Hellsing/Others Cross Challenge.

I know that everyone loves writing challenges about the main characters but I want to make this one different.

What if the Mayor was invited to a costume party on Halloween. He chose to goes as Alucard.


Most of the Costume must not be from Ethan's Only the Glasses. There has to be a reason for the mayor using those Glasses instead of others.

You must balance the world you must give the group a way to beat the Mayor but it can't be a Hellsing character.

It can't be a Short story (I know...
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This is a SG1/Buffy Crossover Challenge.

1. After season seven on Buffy

2. SG1 season seven or earlier

3. Buffy is the only one to become part of the Stargate

4. Buffy has to tell off the rest of the gang (the were punks after season five)

5. Buffy/Teal'c pairing

6. Prfeferably short stories or novels
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I am almost positive that this is the first of its kind here on this site! A Robotech Buffy crossover! Ever wander where the SDF-3 disappeared too at the end of the Robotech TV series? Well, here, it ended up in Earths orbit over the Buffiver’s earth. Use a combo of the TV series and RPG (they have all the plans for the next generation of mecha etc. on board, based on the Third Invid War). They arrive several weeks before the end of Season 7 of Buffy, and in the investigation as to what happen to them, they discover the dimensional weakness in Sunnydale, and after some very covert surve...
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When I was younger and read Sherlock Holmes, I used to completely sympathize with Watson. It always felt like the clues were nowhere near as obvious as Holmes made them out to be, and the logic was hardly as straight forward as Holmes insisted. Just once, I wanted to see Holmes mess up.

This is where you come in.

Please write a story in which Holmes is faced with an impossible case. In fact, Holmes can't begin to fathom how such a horrible case occurred. However, someone else in that time period could. That person is a member of the Council of Watchers, and can easily solve ...
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Ok, couple of crazy ideas I have no time to work on:

1) Xander is sent under cover to find a newly activated Slayer at Sacred Heart, only to find that it’s Dr. Elliot Reid!
2) For fans of Faith’s Dad fics, our favorite brunet Slayer is the long lost daughter of Dr Cox and Jordan Sullivan, or, if you’re feeling really twisted, The Janitor!

Have fun!
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Crossover- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Elfen Lied (Anime)
Xander Centric
Pairing: Any Hetero, I don't like Yaoi/Slash. I have no problem with Yuri/Fem-Slash, reason I'm a guy.
Length: More than a One Shot
Time line: Post Season 3/Mayor Arc.
Info Link: en. wikipedia. org / wiki / Elfen_Lied

A secret government project is researching biological weapons to combat supernatural threats. They have DNA from and data on the recently discovered Diclonius. There plan to control them, alter a human male into an active male Diclonius (a male with the female powers and hair) and ...
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Crossover: BTVS with anime/manga Petshop of Horrors
Timeline: Any time
Pairing: Xander x Pet and/or Xander/Crossover Girl
Length: Try to get a couple of chapters

Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris receives a letter. Either an old man he rescued and/or a distant relative has died and he leaves everything he has to Xander. It's not a great fortune, but is still impressive. At the bottom of the inheritance list the Lawyer gives him is an Item being held by a mysterious Count D in Chinatown.
Xander finds out the Item is a Pet, a very Special Pet.

Pet must be exotic...
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Tth5000 Prompt: 19. "But... we thought you were dead!"

The TtH5000 can be found at

All entries must be at least 5000 words long, be for the Claim you made at the group, and include the prompt idea given.
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Tth5000 Prompt: 18. Revenge of the ex.

The TtH5000 can be found at

All entries must be at least 5000 words long, be for the Claim you made at the group, and include the prompt idea given.
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Tth5000 Prompt: 17. Trouble/fun with twins/clones.

The TtH5000 can be found at

All entries must be at least 5000 words long, be for the Claim you made at the group, and include the prompt idea given.
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