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Early on in the series Oz and Willow dated. Now let's just say that a werewolf mates for life. Because Oz doesn't want Willow forced in a relationship with him, he says nothing. Several years later, Oz and Xander are having a conversation about people they dated. Oz must say 'Werewolves mate for life.' Now Xander goes looking for a solution to Oz problem. Now cross this part over with another fandom of your choosing. Must be Xander or Oz centric though. I don't care about pairings.
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Have you ever wondered what would happen to a certain little key should she ever spill a couple drops of blood in the wrong place? If she were to be spirited away to a world where lycanthropes and *good* vampires were known to the public? If she ran across a city called St Louis?

A Buffy/Anita Blake cross with Dawn as the main character. I want to see her interacting with the leopards, the wolves and the vampires. I'd like a pairing with Nathaniel or Gregory but it's up to you.

Good luck!
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Xander is chosen to partake in Mortal Combat.

Must have’s:

1) Xander says at any point 'I hope you know what your doing choosing me.' or some thing similar.

2) Xander must win at least 2 of his fights by being the stubborn b&$!#rd we all know he can be.

3) The others are watching his fights threw a viewing portal Radian set up for them (Including Angel and the fang-gang if you place it in that time frame). Include dialog between the other scoobies.

Would likes:

Xander wins Mortal Combat. (Because we know he could.)
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The challenge is that when Xander left Anya at the alter he put the ring on Emily from Corpse Bride, so now he has two strong willed supernatural women after him.

You must have:
1) A relative of a Scooby Gang (or Scooby Gang member) as Emily’s murder.
2) Both Emily and Anya ending up marrying someone by the end of the fic. If you want them both (or neither) to marry Xander go for it.
3) Have at least one Scooby remark that it was about time Xander dated some one without a pulse. Buffy dated Angel and Willow dated Malcolm who was just a robot, so Xander has been the onl...
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The Scoobies are in Las Vegas for a short break, and one of them gets drunk and is about to marry someone completely unsuitable. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to derail the marriage so thoroughly that there is no chance whatever that the participants will ever resume the relationship. But needless to say there need to be lots of complications.

Obviously this needs to be a crossover - some possible unsuitable spouses:

- Anyone in the Stargate team - they work for the government, obviously they must be pawns of The Initiative. Not to mention aliens, ascended glo...
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Crossover BtVS(slightly AU)/Anita Blake
Time frame: BtVS post 'Chosen'

Background: The Vampire Council and the demonic vampires are at war for ages. The council was slowly loosing to the demonics for two reasons: day-walking and a faster life cycle (siring and maturing). To turn the tides the council created a new line: vampires not undead but still alive, 'born' as masters, the slayer line. Despite limited to only one at any time by fear of the council, they managed to bring the war to a stalemate. The demonics hold on the pacific ocean, the council rules around the Atlantic....
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I would like a Dawn centric or Willow centric crossover with SG-1 based on a Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Smiths, The Cure, U2, REM or Rolling Stones song. You can choose more than a song.

Wish list:

-a Dawn or Willow pairing with Daniel Jackson.
-as little of Buffy as possible.
-no Riley.
-post chosen(preferable), or AU season 6 or 7 on Buffy.
-poweful Willow, but not the most poweful person in the world.
-Linguist Dawn or Willow.
-the Scoobies and SG-1 respecting each other.
-the Scoobies doesn´t get immediate clearace from the government beca...
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Elizabeth awakens in a hopsital ward and discovers her live as Buffy was a fantasy. Although awake, she suffers from schizophrenia - some days she knows she is Elizabeth and others she believes she is Buffy. "Buffy" has the slayer's beliefs / personality / memories but no supernatural abilities.

Then by chance, she becomes the host of a goa'uld that is on the run on Earth. However, the goa'uld cannot cope with the schizophrenia. When "Elizabeth" is in charge the goa'uld controls mind & body and Elizabeth suffers watching its actions, as would any other host. When "Buffy" is in cha...
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A Crossover with Stargate SG-1.

The slayer is actually a genetically altered line of human females started by a Goa'uld queen. She started the slayer line in order to keep a series of superior hosts for herself and her children. She's been monitoring the line with the help of a cloaked ship in orbit. She's even started to care about the lives of her girls. But now the body of the host that she's had for a few millennia, the first slayer, is failing her so she decides to inhabit one of her girls. She chooses...

You decide:
Which slayer she inhabits; Buffy, Kendra, Faith, ...
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BtVS/The Wedding Crashers

Xander centric

Xander meets Jeremy and John several months after Jeremy's wedding and they teach him the rules of crashing weddings.

Takes place after Season 7.

Xander is the Watcher assigned to Washington, DC. (He may or may not have gone to Africa. That's up to you.)

Xander meets Chaz at a funeral.

Chaz attempts to "pick-up" Buffy.

Pick two of the following:

Willow saying "It kinda tastes like maple syrup."

Xander singing "You Light Up My Life."

A male, a female, and child ca...
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Angel/West Wing X-over

Takes place during Sam's bid for Congress.

Must have:
Cordy has a vision in which Sam is being targeted for assassination by Wolfram and Hart, and Angel has to convince the budding congressman that it's in his best interest to have a vamp for a bodyguard.

Angel/Cordy friendship/romance

Ainsley Hayes is running the oppositions campaign, but have a flirty fun thing with Angel which makes Cordy and Sam jealous!

Sam already knowing about vamps

Sam/Ainsley romance
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This is a crossover between Harry Potter/Buffy the vampire slayer.
It's Xander-centric. This will be a Harry is Xander story. I don't care about the pairings, It may be slash/het/gen or just no pairings. But please no Xander/Ginny or Xander/Draco though!

After Harry defeated Voldemort he left without telling his friends. Tired of magic he swore an magical oath to never use magic again. This means, that should he ever use magic again, he dies. He moved to Sunnydale and became Xander. You can figure out how he did that by yourself. I don't mind if Harry swore
the oath after he b...
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Take the lyrics below and use them as inspiration in a crossover fic of at least 1000 words. The only caveat is that Willow and/or Xander CANNOT be the main character(s). The site has tons of Willow and Xander fic. Let's branch out a little, people.

Two quotes, both from "Father Figure" by George Michael.

1) That’s all I wanted, something special,
Something sacred in your eyes,
For just one moment, to be bold and naked
At your side

2) I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you hav...
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Based on Stargate SG-1 epsiode 9.13, "Ripple Effect".

Here's the background:

Several alternate versions of SG-1 ended up temporarily stranded at our SGC due to a situation affecting our Stargate. While there, the members of our SG-1 talk to several of the teams. (Most of them are virtually identical to our Season 9 cast, as they are from the very nearmost alternate realities in the multiverse-- this means there are no *significant* deviations from our timeline, though some details/individuals do vary. I won't mention anything else about the plot, as this is a new episode a...
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Crossover : BtVS/Charmed

When the Scoobies brought Buffy back to life:

What if they :
a. Got Prue Halliwell as well? Or
b. instead of Buffy?
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