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See that there title?

So you see the equation is as such: Mr. Monk plus a string of murders (or one murder whatever works best) times fine dust that is rather hard for him to explain. Equals your turn...ok so now you have to figure a way to tie Monk to Buffy and/or Angel and make it interesting

now for the bunnies
Monk organizing Buffy's weapons and dusting off Mr. Pointy.
Buffy drags Monk out of a vampire nest which he tries to clean.
Dawn gets a lesson in organization.
L. Randy Disher flirts with Faith (If it goes any farther is your choice)
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Yes BTVS and Phantom of the Opera!

Ok so it cannot be A.U. (I stress this! ) in the sense that said character(s) live(s) in that time or anything like that but there can be people who resemble other people (get my drift) so say if you were having say someone (Yes it can be anyone centric!) recognize people but they aren't, really them...ok so you get that.

Now the Bunnies are:
Phantom must have at least one kiss with said character.
Christine must be called ugly or annoying at least once.
And Raul's hair is shinier and silkier than someone else's ...there mus...
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Summary: River Tam has suffered a setback as her dreams are filled by ever more violent and cryptic images while her suddenly unnatural strength and speed frighten the crew of Serenity. To make things worse, Simon notices something 'off' about the youngest Tam, 14 year old Dawn.

Time: Any time in the Firefly/Serenity sequence.

Don't want to see Whistler. Also, no one is a hidden or former Watcher or otherwise in the know. It should be difficult for the Tams to find out what is happening.

Want to see: A big bad, be it monster, organization or situation. The soluti...
Firefly > Dawn-Centered • (Past Donor)oldshoe • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Jan 06] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
You should know what to do. If you don't - take the below snippet of poetry and let it serve as a basis of inspiration for a fic/ficlet of your choice. The characters/crossover are up to you.

In secret we met
In silence I grieve
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.

When we two are parted - Lord Byron
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Subject: Spike

Challenge: Take 20 Minutes and write about the character given in a crossover setting. You will need to write for no more and no less than 20 Minutes, so pay attention and keep on track. Writing the header and/or title of the fic does not count. Please use the entire 20 Minutes for writing the fic.
Multiple Crossings • (Site Founder)Jinni • Responses [2] • Date Added [19 Jan 06]
Years after Mina and the League defeated the Phantom, she had a daughter with a mortal and gave birth to a child, Buffy (making Buffy a Dhampir).

From here there are two possibilities:
A. Buffy and Mina moved to the Hellmouth
B. Buffy had no idea that she was adopted when Mina arrives in Sunnydale.

Would be interesting to see the relationship between the two (either developing or developed mother/daughter). Also, Mina would be a better vamp protecter than angel, and maybe she takes over the nightlife to prevent deaths.

- after LXG Mina become...
Comics > League of Extraordinary Gentlemen • (Recent Donor)SlayerandWereLeopard • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Feb 06] • Date Updated [4 Nov 12]
A Street Fighter Buffy crossover! Ryu hears about a strong fighter in Sunnydale and he goes to see just how strong this fighter is. He knows that it is a she, but that is all he knows. How will he find her and how will the fight go between a martial artist of Ryu’s caliber and the Slayer? And to make matters worse for Buffy, Bison has heard about her to and sends someone to see how good of a fighter she is, and if good enough, to kidnap her and bring her to him so he can brain wash her to his side. And for Buffy to survive the encounter, she will have to team up with Ryu! Must have a f...
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Q’s Dawn: BTVS/Star Trek, the Next Generation.

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Q are a race of omnipotent, immortal and omniscient godlike beings from a parallel existence called the Q Continuum. ("I have complete control over space, matter and time" -Q2). They are largely indifferent to the affairs of the non-Q beings living in normal space living in the many dimensions parallel to their own, considering them to be insignificant and childlike with a few exceptions.)

Who or What is the Key in Buffy the Vampire Universe. ( a being of pure energy)
In the Buffy U...
Star Trek • Lotusja • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Jan 06] • Date Updated [3 Mar 07]
There are so many stories out there about Cassie becoming a Slayer following Chosen and even a few about Sam Carter. Have you all forgotten that the kind and wise CO of the SGC has two granddaughters?
The challenge is: write a story that involves Tessa or Kayla Hammond becoming a Slayer.
Stargate > General > Characters: Other • Catz • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Jan 06] • Date Updated [28 Mar 10]
Buffy/Charmed Crossover
Characters: Faith, Anya, Willow, Piper
Pairings: Faith/Anya, Willow/Piper-friendship
Description: AU, Faith is out of jail for a while in search of fun. She returns to Sunnydale and ropes Anya and Willow into it.
Story must include:
- Faith meeting Anya and Willow alone in the Magic Box.
- Faith somehow convincing Anya and Willow to go to San Fransisco with her.
- The three from Sunnydale meeting Piper at P3.
- A demon interrupts whatever they're doing and captures Faith and Anya.
- Circumstances lead to Faith/Anya smut.
- The re...
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Buffy/Serenity Crossover!

What if the bag Robin Wood gave Buffy in the episode Get It Done was switched with another by the Bringers? Sending Buffy into the future instead of to the shadow men?

Buffy centered fic.

Pairings: Must be Buffy/Jayne
Other pairings are up to the author.

Time setting: Anytime during or After the movie.

Must Have

Buffy staying in the future.
Buffy and Mal getting into a petty argument.
Buffy/River close friendship.
While you don't have to make Jayne sappy, He does have to sincerely love Buffy....
Not Categorised • Kane • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Jan 06]
I would like to see a Knights of the Darkness Chronicles by D.N. Simmons and a Buffy crossover.

must have:

- must take place after season 7 for Buffy and in between Desires Unleashed and the Guilty Innocent for the Chronicles.
- Buffy has to be the main character
- Buffy can't be an old friend or related to one of the Chronicle characters.
- Darian and Xavier take an interest in Buffy, what kind is your choice
- Must take place in Chicago where the Chronicle is set
- must have an solid and interesting plot-line
- make a good reason as to why Buffy is i...
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Since I'm a huge fan of HP/DM, lets add in my favorite Scoobie. Aka, Dawn.

Plot bunny: Harry and Draco are a happy couple in their last year at Hogwarts. Dawn, for some reason (author chooses) shows up at Hogwarts, and interrupts everything. Harry and Draco both want Dawn, but she is completely oblivious. They have to all wind up in bed together by the end of it.

Extra points for:
Harry and Draco getting in a fist fight
Detailed sex scenes (both with all three of them, and H&D)
Dawn being a virgin before all of it

A nice F21 rating or NC-17 if u wan...
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I didn't like how Buffy could so easily forgive the gang for kicking her out of her own house. I'm challenging all the wonderful fanfic writers to write a story about the following:
At the end of Chosen, everybody in the bus drives to LA because of the injured. The Scooby Gang believes everything can go back to the way they use to be, but Buffy knows differently. She can't forgive them for what they did to her. She goes to Angel at Wolfram & Hart and explains to him what happened and asks him to give her a new identity and help her move to someplace else. She leaves a letter with...
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action • rutterla • Responses [1] • Date Added [6 May 06] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
BtVS/Anita Blake crossover

After BtVS S7 finale

The Mother of Darkness slept because the Shadowmen used her essence to create the first slayer. And her awareness stayed with the first slayer. Since then she dreamed the life of every slayer, from the inside.
Then, for a time, she was two trying to be one. Until the spell to activate all the potentials split her self to create all the new slayers. One of those fragments found its to her old, sleeping body. And the pain of being ripped apart woke her up.
Now she comes looking for the rest of herself.

How has the...
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