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Crossover BtVS/AtS/Anita Blake

We often see stories where Angel is already Master of LA but how did he gain that title and how does the Fang Gang fit into his new role? What effects does it all have on the Scoobies as the Vampire Council comes to call? Who are Angel's vampiric lieutenants ?

Note Because of his soul Angel WILL NOT sire members of the Fang Gang or randomly create new childer. Sorry guys that's too easy.
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crossover BtVS/AtS/Anita Blake

Timeline Buffy/ Angel Post Season 5/2 Anita Blake Whenever but Post Incubus Dreams preferred.

Situation : The Vampire Council decides that they want one of their own to control the Hellmouth and dispatch a party of vamps and their servants to take over.

Note1 thanks to Addison v Clark prevents the staking of Council Vamps without a warrant, Buffy can't just stake'em.

So who will the Master of Sunnydale and how will the scoobies organize to meet this new threat? What allies will they gather?
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Xander goes as Spiderman for Halloween! Plus he gets the girls to go with him in Spiderman characters. These characters will be mostly based on the comic Ultimate Spiderman. Buffy goes as Elektra, and Willow goes as the Black Cat. They will keep their new powers. With Willow being able to shift from the Black Cat body back to Willows original body, like was seen on the cartoon. Around 2000 words if only covering Halloween and its aftermath. Or between 5000-10,000 minimum if you want to go further. No higher then FR 15.
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Xander goes as a G.I. Joe character! Pick one of the more military type of characters of the show, one that has a Green Beret or Navy SEAL type training. You can do this 2 ways: either the girls go in the same costumes or you can pick 2 female G.I. Joe characters for them to go as. Around 2000 words if only covering Halloween and its aftermath. Or between 5000-10,000 minimum if you want to go further. No higher then FR15.
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There are many Halloween fics and most are Xander centric. What I would like to see are more ensemble based fics. However, I do not want a retelling of the halloween episode. I want to see what the long term fall out of some costume changes would be.

The halloween effect do not increase the power levels. So for instance if the gang dress as X-Men then the X-Men powers are reduced to Buffy levels. For example no flying it translates as being able to run up and down walls Martial arts movie style, that sort of thing.

They do not get free gear. If somebody goes as Obi-Wan they...
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Xander goes the Iron Man for Halloween! You can do this 2 ways: either the girls go in the same costumes or you can pick 2 Marvel female characters for them to go as. May also include Dawn and Cordelia if you want in the Marvel costume characters. Around 2000 words if you want to cover just Halloween and its aftermath. Or between 5000-10,000 minimum if you want to go further. No higher then FR15.
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Write a crossover with BtVS and Stargate Atlantis.

Somehow Buffy ends up in Atlantis or on a world that SGA visits. Extra points if you include some of the AtS but NOT Angel or Cordy... would prefer Fred Also can include anyone from BtVS

Must include Ronon Dex from SGA would like to see a pairing with him and Buffy but could be just a great friendship and pairing with someone else

No potential slayers unless just a mention

Timeline for Buffy: anytime before the series ended

Timeline for SGA: anytime after Ronon Dex shows up

Can be any len...
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oke: timeline Buffy season 7 LOTR: movie(book) 1 or 2

Pairings: buffy/aragorn, legolas/arwen or
buffy/legolas, arwen/aragorn

The First is Sauron, Sauron is the First. He wanted 2 worlds, he failed to take buffy's so he's mad. After Chosen when buffy and the others are standing at the crater, he creates a portal and takes buffy to mordor. Buffy escapes from morder after a few weeks and ends up in rivendel/fangorn forrest/rohan take your pick, and meets up with the fellowship ( or what's left).
Sauron is now hunting frodo, aragorn and buffy. ;)
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I never really got the concept of a slayer/witch. In fact I always thought that that which makes a girl a potential would cause her to be a squib.

The challenge is as follows: write a fic where for any reason of your choosing Giles or Buffy contact Mrs. Figg. You can place it at any point in or after the series or in the books.

Bonus points for: If you place the story after Chosen a squib (not Figg) being called.
Harry and Buffy having a 'destiny sucks' conversation
Remus lupin and Oz meeting
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This is a Buffy/SG1 crossover. It is also AU because Buffy dies at the end of "Chosen." Buffy dies and the Powers That Be decide she will become a ghost and help/haunt Jack. She is "attached" to him. She can't go more than 250 ft away from him before and invisible bungy cord pulls her back. She has the ability to become solid and move things around and can stay solid for longer periods of time the more she practices. Everyone can see her. Eventually Jack starts to fall for her and she for him. You can have where she talks Jack into tracking down the Scoobies and have him go visit them. ...
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I'm a sucker for the scoobies interacting with the normal world without revealing the supernatural world. I've found a few stories in that vein, but there can not be enough IMO.

Challenge: BTVS/SG1 crossover.

Must have:
Buffy is dead (best set in the summer between Season5 and 6)
Red Alert in the SG1 because of portal readings in Sunnydale
A mystery/and/or apocalypse the scoobies have to contend with, best if it involves Dawn's keyness.
The buffybot mystifying SG1
Dawn getting some fighting education from Spike
Family Summers' neighbors getting to voi...
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Crossover: Ats and Stargate.
Basic Outline: Angel and gang die at the end of 'Not Fade Away' except Illyria. The General at SGC here about the strange attack that happened in LA and send SG1 to see if it is Goa'uld related. This is when they meet Illyria who the find as the only one to survive the massacre and wh might know what went on so they take her back to the SGC and talk to her. Before this Illyria had disguised herself as Fred in order to find out who they are.
When they get to the SGC, SG1 is called into the General's office and leave Illyria in the briefing room where she fin...
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Crossover: Ats and Stargate.
Story Type: A One Shot.
Pairings: Fred/Daniel possible others.
Basic Outline: I think it would be interesting if SG1 go through the stargate and came upon Pylea where they rescue Fred and maybe Cordelia instead of the Angel crew. They then bring back through the gate where they send Cordy back and since Fred has no where really to go and is a bit insane they nurse her back to health. During this time Daniel and the gang find out how smart she is in physics and languages and she helps the team.
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StarGate crossover
The new council are given a choice of people to train their girls with, as a gift from the President of the US of A. They pick from three files, RIley, some guy, and Jack O'Neill, they end up picking Jack, and he is sent on a forced 'vacation' to help the new council.
JAck playing with the younger Slayers and endearing him to them. (they all love him. who wouldn't)
Jack and Spike/Xander kicking back with beer and complaining about the women in their life.
Jack knows stuff no one else does, fighting wise, could be martial arts or Special ops stu...
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This is a What if challenge and it will be a total AU for both Buffy and Xmen. What if Hank and Joyce Summers were actually Christopher and Katherine Summers, parents of Scott and Alex Summers, instead of dying, they survived the crash and believing their sons were dead (because they saw the parachute catch on fire) changed their names and moved to L.A. They changed their names to Hank and Joyce Summers and shortly after find out Joyce is pregnant with Buffy. When Joyce dies, Buffy is going through her mother's things and finds a letter and some pictures of her mom and dad with two boys and...
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