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Buffy/Dark Angel Crossover, takes place during season 5 of Buffy, somewhere between Tough Love and Spiral, The Breeding Cult gets a hold of Dawn to use as a sacrifice, Glory and White duke it out, Two ways this could go: Glory's the god that the cult worships or Glory and Dawn have something to do with The Coming.
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Xander's past has been buried for many years. And he's happy having it that way. But it all goes boom in his face when the Scooby Gang investigates the death of a young man with a barcode on his neck. The man died of a broken neck and after he died, his teeth got pulled out. Every one of them.

Giles suspects demon but Xander know who it is. Will he bring up the courage to tell them or will he handle it by himself?

Sort of a different version of Pollo Loco from Dark Angel. Xander's a X5 and the killer that spreads around dead bodies with broken necks and teeth less is a X5 as...
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Just before the events that happens in GoF happens a man from the future shows up at Harry's doorstep and tells him about the stuff gone wrong. It proofs to be a older Harry Potter with scars and haunted memories.

In the future both the wizard world and the ´muggle´ world has been struck hard by the terror of Voldermort and his followers. The last survivors from both of the worlds gather in the last safe city in the world. Rome.
All the survivors took new names. For their new lives. After many years of fighting they were ready to finish their plan. Travelling backwards in time ...
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We've all seen long lost relative fics, where character from Series X is somehow related to a Buffyverse character, but I'd like to see things taken a step further.

Take a show or movie where an actor from Buffy/Angel played a character, and somehow work that character into a story, and either somehow actually IS the buffy character, or is mistaken for them. Bonus points for getting folks interested in new genres, movies, or tv shows. Trust me, you can come up with some really oddball characters, like Alexis Denisoff in Rip It Off.

Bring out the differences between ...
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Okay the Harry Potter section on this site is huge, no question about it, but here is another one that came to me when I was doing research for a HP cross I plan to write. The challenge is to have the HP crew mentor a S1 or S2 Scooby Gang.

The challenge is two fold. First you must align the dates in the book with the dates in the show. To give you a hint Half Blood Prince was supposed to end somewhere in 1997, the year Buffy started to air. This makes the HP characters about the same age to one year older than the Scooby gang.

The second part of the challenge is that the ...
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Just once, for novelty's sake, I'd like to see a 'halloween' fic that is told entirely from the perspective of the person that (insert Buffyverse character) turns into. That is to say, I'd love to see what they were doing in their own universe before the spell kicked in (were they in the middle of something important, perhaps?), and how they deal with the aftermath of the experience (having shared the body of a person from another universe, encountering demons and vampires, etc).

So, here's the challenge:

Must have:

- focus the story on a character from another serie...
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My challenge includes a buffy or angel crossover with Anita Blake. I have a really vague idea of a really specific scenario. I want a meeting between (Dawn, Tara, Fred or Cordy) and (Jason, Nathaniel or Asher) that lasts at least five hundred words. It must include:

-someone accidentally hitting another
-the phrase 'wouldn't that look some damn good...'
-awkward flirting
-an unprompted confession


-a drunk man in a dress

(Try to include two points at least)
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Must include:
- a Buffy-verse character ending up in Middle-Earth, and having an actual affect on the storyline.
- said Buffy-verse character falling in love with an elf, and the elf in love with them
- the elf choosing to leave for the Undying Lands rather than stay behind with their mortal love (remember: Arwen could only choose mortality because her father was half-human. This is not a choice open to all elves.)
- the Buffyverse character unsucessfully attempting to follow their love to the undying lands
- Pathos

Must not include:
- travelling with the F...
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I've been reading a lot of fic's lately in which Xander is somehow related to Jack, be this in a Xander's real father challenge or Uncle Jack type way.
They were all pretty cool, but it lead me to realise how much potential there is in a destruction and early retirement sort of way if it were Andrew, not Xander, who was related to Jack.
Just imagining the look of sheer bliss on the face of everybodies favourite squeaky voiced menace when he finds out that his Father/Uncle/Cousin/Brother's-best-friends-uncle's-stepmom's-neighbour's-cousin twice removed actually works with aliens, make...
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The O’Neill Clan – we know nothing about Jack’s family. Who are his parents, are they still alive, does he have siblings, cousins, etc.?
Jack O’Neill and Xander Harris are both brown-haired, brown-eyed sarcastic smart-asses. Is this a coincidence or genetics at work?
Perhaps Willow Rosenberg has some Irish blood in her. Could her mother Sheila’s maiden name have been O’Neill?
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Must include:
Characters – Daniel, Giles, Jack, Methos, Willow, Xander.
Giles training Willow and Xander how to fight (I never understood why it wasn’t done in canon).
Willow has control of her magic and Scoobies have confidence in her abilities.
Xander is finally recognized for his contributions to the Scoobies and fully appreciated.
Please try to maintain the “voices” of the characters (very little to no OOC).

Must exclude:
“Mary Sue”ing of characters.
Buffy as an immortal (she had enough power already).
Daniel, Giles or Xander wh...
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The newfound watcherscounsil is in dire need of money.
Luckily in his Ripper-days, Giles was one of the anonymous drivers in the Italian Job. In their escape the gold was left behind, and now Giles sets up a salvage mission.

Giles can lead the retrieval himself, or send out some of the scoobies for it.
Length: short to medium.

Further the fic must conatain:
- A good explenation what happened with the gold when the bus was haning over the cliff.
- trouble with the members of the old gang of Charlie Croker that did the job, and/or the Mafia.
- driving at...
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Christmas is coming and that means holiday specials. The challenge is simple, place your a Scoobie into your most charished childhood holiday special.

Anything from A Muppet Christmas Carol to the Simpson episode where they get the dog is open. The only constraints I'm puting on this is that it must be a Christmas special and it must be older than one year.

Now go ho ho and write whatever insane story this inspires, but make sure you have fun doing it.
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I had the idea a bit ago, but since I prefer to stick to the Marvel-verse I figured I'd toss it out for someone else.

Universes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter
Pairing: Dawn Summers/Nymphadora Tonks
Premise: Rather than automatically deciding that Dawn = Key = Super All-Powerful Magical Witch Girl, I thought it'd be cool if Dawn's glowing green ballness made her a metamorphmagus. This would probably be best set after S7, so that Dawn isn't a squickworthy age compared to Tonks. You don't have to give her any other magical powers if you don't want to, and I especially don...
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Wolfram and Hart hire Bill Weasley to break the curse on Angel. Needless to say they do not tell him exactly what the curse is, or the consequences of breaking it...

That's all, folks, do what you like with the idea.
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