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Buffy/NCIS Challenge

Congratulation, It’s a Girl

Premise: Buffy finds out that her dad isn’t who she thought he was.

Timeline: set any time during the Buffy series, and since NCIS has only been on for two years we're going to have it be set a few years earlier during the Buffy years.

Possible ideals to use in the challenge:

1) Joyce is alive. I’ve read enough stories where Joyce has died and Buffy finds her adoption papers or she finds out at the reading of the will that her father is someone else.

2) Joyce was a red head at the ...
NCIS • scifigirl • Responses [1] • Date Added [30 Jul 05] • Date Updated [3 Feb 10]
Anya, former vengeance demon of scorned women, and Hiro, former vengeance demon of abused children, talk on the phone about their lovers: Xander and K.
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Here's a bunny I want to put up for adoption due to the fact it's too close to my story A Kind of Magick for me to run with. Warning! This Challenge will include HP sixth book SPOILERS! READ at your OWN RISK!!!

Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family • Dhampyr • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Jul 05] • Date Updated [20 Dec 10]
OK OK done almost to death. However for those who want to see Xander is imune to slightly psycic paper, if causing things to blow up is genetic or for another reason he's a demon magnet.

1)Stephanie Plum and Joe Morelli (Stephanie Plum)
2)Sara Pezzini and Ian Nottingham (Witchblade)
3)Miss Parker and Jarod (Pretender)
4)Aeryn Sun and John Crichton (Farscape)
5)Rose Tyler and the 9th Doctor (Doctor Who)
6)Sarah and Jareth ...
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Basic challange: Create a crossover using Edward, Anita, and whoever else you desire, along with Illyria at some point. Somethings though! Preternatural and "Supernatural" (I will use this to refer to the Buffy type) must be slightly different. The vamps must be different species but not know of another, except Buffy type vamps knowing of AB vamps but not vise versa. Edward must slowly be drawn into the new world somehow relating Dr/Ms (you choose) Winifred Burkle but the main Btvs or AtS char. is of you liking. Oh and werewolves, the types must be diff. too (if you have them) if you find ...
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I've seen this challenge kicking around in the Highlander fandom for quite some time, and I think we should have a go here. It's quite simple. Just write a ficlet where your first sentence begins with the letter "A," the second begins with the letter "B," and so on all the way through to "Z."

Usually these stories are formatted so that each sentence begins on a new line. It makes the beginning letters easier to pick out, but I suppose it isn't necessary to do it that way.

*Bonus Points* will be awarded for the following:

making the ficlet tell an entire ...
Not Categorised • Stacia • Responses [2] • Date Added [15 Jul 05]
Harry is thrown into Azkaban for three years for a crime he commited-one neccessary to Voldemort's Demise. On the third year, just before the centinial come around (2000).Harry gives the world a little present.....his Death. He is thrown through the universes and timescapes, and ends up in Sunnydale!

Must be Pre-Chosen
Must have Harry/Buffy or Harry/Faith pairing....rawr.
Harry spent 3 years in the wizarding prison people! Something had to have changed in him.
Harry is...VERY powerful. dont care how you have him so..mmm...lets just say-more so than blackhaired w...
Not Categorised • Rambling • Responses [1] • Date Added [14 Jul 05]
Halloween fic!

One Halloween night, Xander Harris noticed a unique outfit. He is intrigued by it,and Ethan tells him it is an old movie prop, lieing through his teeth. In truth, it is the outfit Helsing himself used when he was ahunter, only recently deceased, his outfit stolen from the Vatican by Ethan himself.

Halloween Night happens, of course, have Helsing do what you want. After that night...somthing strange happens. Helsings memories....his abilities...everything stays. This leads to massive complicatons in some way!

Have Xander has Helsing's memories...
Not Categorised • Rambling • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jul 05]
Dark Angel - Set around the end of season 1, beginning of season 2.

Buffy - Set around season 3 when Buffy goes to hell in Anne. Except that the time moves differently there than in the show (different dimension?). Instead of time moving faster there, it moves slower. It is about 7½ years here to every 1 year there.

Buffy is in hell for 3 years. When she comes out, she finds out that 22-23 years have passed. She goes in in 1998, and comes out in 2019-20. So she is the same age as the Dark Angel crew. You can figure out the exact dates. Or not.

Faith still ...
Television > Dark Angel > Buffy - Centered • JenC • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jul 05] • Date Updated [23 Jan 10]
The Xander Reincarnation Plotbunny

Set somewhere during the 4th Season of Buffy, when the situation with
Adam is not yet uncovered (pre-Walsh-murder).
Willow had found an old spellbook in a load of books Giles bought at
an auction and together with Tara, is studying said book. Many of the
spells and rituals are too complicated or dangerous for the two witches,
but they do find one spell they wish to try.
This spell allows someone to remember a former life, if he or she has
lived once before.
With a bit of cajoling they manage to get Xander to be their...
Multiple Crossings • JadeDragon • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 05] • Date Updated [23 Mar 07]
A Faith centered story crossing over with Anita Blake. In it Faith gets an assignment from the Council to find a man called Death. While working undercover to find him, she ends up involved with Ted Forrester, or another of Edward's aliases if you'd prefer.

*Must Haves*
It has to take place post S7 of Btvs.
There must be an explanation as to why Faith is or is not with Robin. You can't just dismiss him.
The same goes for Donna if your using the Ted Forrester alias.
If Anita is included, then the story must take place after Obsidian Butterfly.
There must be a close ...
Not Categorised • LightSpinner • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jul 05]
A Buffy crossover with the movie Troy. And slight crossover with Angel (using the character Connor)
I'm messing with the actual history of Troy making Buffy the princess of Sparta and daughter of Helen and Menelaus. Her mother's name is Helena and Buffy is Helen.

While searching for Slayers in Turkey, Giles and Willow stumble upon an ancient tomb. With the Council's funds at their disposal, they set up an archaeological dig and find the remains of the famed city of Troy.

Anya survived and eloped with Xander as soon as they escaped from Sunnydale, Dawn has gone off to Coll...
Not Categorised • AnonymousChallenges • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jul 05]
Buffy-centric crossover with Stargate SG-1

Daniel Jackson has just died and Buffy is going to jump off the tower to save Dawn.

Buffy and Dawn are tracked down by their mother's estranged twin brother, Jack O'Neil after hearing of his sister's death.

Trouble follows soon after he arrives in Sunnydale as he is caught in a crossfire between Glory and her minions fighting against Buffy and the Scoobs. He arrives just in time to watch Buffy jump off the tower to save Dawn. Jack takes Dawn to Colorado. Buffy's version of Heaven is ascending and meeting Daniel Jackson. ...
Not Categorised • zayra • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jul 05]
Buffy-centred fiction. Lord of the Rings crossover.

After Buffy jumps from the tower and dies, she is reborn and transported as an infant into Middle-Earth. She is found on the doorstep of any of these characters...

Bilbo Baggins
Steward of Gondor, (Boromir and Faramir's father)
Eomund (Father to Eomer and Eowyn)

She will be human, but an immortal. She stops aging at the age of 20. She will be called as a Slayer and join the Fellowship of the Ring depending on where you begin your story. But before she finishes the War of...
Not Categorised • zayra • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Jul 05]
This is a challenge fic for all those romantics out there. A Buffy-centric crossover that consists of a broken-hearted Buffy being kidnapped by Wolfram & Hart after her escape from the Hell dimension in 'Anne'. She is the daughter of Joyce Summers and GASP! Lionel Luther.

Faith is sent to Sunnydale with Wesley (Faith must be a wise ass but not evil) and Giles gets help from the Council of Watchers to retrieve his Slayer.

Buffy will be 17 years old, the same age as Clark Kent in the beginning of Smallville the Series.

Lionel Luther brainwashes her, along with Lex...
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