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What If Challenge
Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover

Premise: What if when Harry was a small child, three or four years old, living with the Dursley’s, TPTB decide to butt in by having Harry removed/kidnaped from his abusive Aunt & Uncle and given to the Summers family to adopt.

Pairing: Buffy/Bill W, if possible.

Story Requirements:

1) You the writer decide if Harry is younger or the same age as Buffy.

2) Since Joyce is the mother of a Slayer, does this give her any special status in the wizarding world?

3) No one in the wizarding wor...
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Buffy/Deep Space Nine Challenge

Premise: An evil demon sorcercer comes to Sunnydale and steals a very dangerous book causing problems. Before the Scooby gang can kill it, it escapes using magic, however the Scooby gang interrupt the spell and the demon ends up in the future (with a little help from TPTB) on Deep Space Nine. Giles and the Scooby gang find a spell that will allow them to go to where ever the demon went, so they pack their bag and head out to stop it and reclaim the book.

No Buffy/Spike romance

Story Requirements:

1) The demon has been on ...
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I started to write this but found while I can have good ideas, I can't write very well. I have a chapter written on this but someone can take this idea and run with it. You have my permission and I can even send you the first chapter that you can use and abuse to your heart's content.

Time line: BtVS : After end of series with a slight alternate reality for the summer of season 2 Harry Potter: After Book 6 with a slight alternate reality. Dumbledore wasn’t killed by Snape. Somehow Dumbledore avoided the killing curse but pretended to be dead. Only Harry, Hermione, the Weasley ...
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This is a humorous Buffy crossover with a male character of your choice, preferably someone who woudln't quite classify as "normal".

Buffy (and Dawn, if she's around already) decide that Joyce needs a boyfriend. Someone normal and safe, who isn't a vampire or demon and has nothing to do with the hellmouthy weirdness of Sunnydale. It's up to you whether she's also looking for a step-father in him, preferably a neat one who doesn't minds when she plays with swords and comes home late in the night, covered in demon gore.

Maybe Buffy decides to recruit Willow's help to find Joyce...
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I have a Buffy/X-Men crossover AU challenge for you, with Spike and your favourite mutant/s as main characters.

The Initiative has not only captured demons and vampires, but also mutants. Have Spike befriend one or more of the X-Men while in captivity and escape together with them. Have Spike go to Xavier's with the X-Men rather than to stay with the Scooby Gang. How will they react to a vampire in their midst? Does the chip consider mutants human and how does Spike find out?

Should include a good explanation how the Initiative managed to overwhelm the battle-hardened mutant/...
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Willow, and zero or more scoobies of your choice go to stay at the Monticedo in Las Vegas, where she indulges in a little to much drink. However, rather than getting married (as seems to happen in any other fic involving Las Vegas and Alcohol) she goes to see a stage magician in a casino show, and let's just say she isn't that impressed with the levels of magic, so starts subtly (at first) helping out. This of course attracts the attention of security who have to deal with the outcome...


- Light hearted
- Set in seasons 4, 5 or pre-evil-willow 6
- Can...
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While in pursuit of a normal life, Sam from Supernatural meets up with one of the Scooby gang, who is also trying to be normal. Preferably Dawn or Willow. Then the Supernatural catches up with them. Can be set in any time frame.

I would like to see Dean and/or the Scooby gang show up.
It would be funny if Buffy patronized Dean because he doesn't have superpowers and he got annoyed that a girl is a better butt-kicker than he is.
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Hank Summers tends to be despised as an absentee father - but what if there was a very good reason for staying away? We know he's a civilian and lives in the LA area (or did), and that's about all. But there are some VERY secret facilities in that area, companies that build stealth technology and other military hardware, and in the SG-1 universe some of them are going to be working on a war footing.

So... For years Hank has been doing something highly technical that's absolutely vital to the war against the Goa'uld, and something he can't possibly tell his family about. That's one of ...
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Buffy/Dark Angel Crossover, takes place during season 5 of Buffy, somewhere between Tough Love and Spiral, The Breeding Cult gets a hold of Dawn to use as a sacrifice, Glory and White duke it out, Two ways this could go: Glory's the god that the cult worships or Glory and Dawn have something to do with The Coming.
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Xander's past has been buried for many years. And he's happy having it that way. But it all goes boom in his face when the Scooby Gang investigates the death of a young man with a barcode on his neck. The man died of a broken neck and after he died, his teeth got pulled out. Every one of them.

Giles suspects demon but Xander know who it is. Will he bring up the courage to tell them or will he handle it by himself?

Sort of a different version of Pollo Loco from Dark Angel. Xander's a X5 and the killer that spreads around dead bodies with broken necks and teeth less is a X5 as...
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Just before the events that happens in GoF happens a man from the future shows up at Harry's doorstep and tells him about the stuff gone wrong. It proofs to be a older Harry Potter with scars and haunted memories.

In the future both the wizard world and the ´muggle´ world has been struck hard by the terror of Voldermort and his followers. The last survivors from both of the worlds gather in the last safe city in the world. Rome.
All the survivors took new names. For their new lives. After many years of fighting they were ready to finish their plan. Travelling backwards in time ...
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We've all seen long lost relative fics, where character from Series X is somehow related to a Buffyverse character, but I'd like to see things taken a step further.

Take a show or movie where an actor from Buffy/Angel played a character, and somehow work that character into a story, and either somehow actually IS the buffy character, or is mistaken for them. Bonus points for getting folks interested in new genres, movies, or tv shows. Trust me, you can come up with some really oddball characters, like Alexis Denisoff in Rip It Off.

Bring out the differences between ...
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Okay the Harry Potter section on this site is huge, no question about it, but here is another one that came to me when I was doing research for a HP cross I plan to write. The challenge is to have the HP crew mentor a S1 or S2 Scooby Gang.

The challenge is two fold. First you must align the dates in the book with the dates in the show. To give you a hint Half Blood Prince was supposed to end somewhere in 1997, the year Buffy started to air. This makes the HP characters about the same age to one year older than the Scooby gang.

The second part of the challenge is that the ...
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Just once, for novelty's sake, I'd like to see a 'halloween' fic that is told entirely from the perspective of the person that (insert Buffyverse character) turns into. That is to say, I'd love to see what they were doing in their own universe before the spell kicked in (were they in the middle of something important, perhaps?), and how they deal with the aftermath of the experience (having shared the body of a person from another universe, encountering demons and vampires, etc).

So, here's the challenge:

Must have:

- focus the story on a character from another serie...
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My challenge includes a buffy or angel crossover with Anita Blake. I have a really vague idea of a really specific scenario. I want a meeting between (Dawn, Tara, Fred or Cordy) and (Jason, Nathaniel or Asher) that lasts at least five hundred words. It must include:

-someone accidentally hitting another
-the phrase 'wouldn't that look some damn good...'
-awkward flirting
-an unprompted confession


-a drunk man in a dress

(Try to include two points at least)
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