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A grad student, a carpenter, and a soldier meet in a bar...

Seriously, write a fic of any length featuring Methos, Xander, and Jack O'Neill interacting with each other in a bar over a drink preferably beer. None of the characters are willingly allowed to spill their secrets. Bonus points if you can squeeze crafty females Anya, Amanda, or Sam Carter in.
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I would like to see a story involving the Slayers crossed over with a show that takes place in the future at least two hundred or so years in the future. The show can be anything such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, a movie.

Now for the challenge part:
One of the characters, although not Xander since he will be used for another thing, must have become an immortal of some kind, Highlander or whatever, although Highlander doesn't count for the show in the future.

Xander and another character from Buffy or Angel must have been frozen somehow and awakens in the future.

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I would like to see a story where after Voldemort is defeated Harry ends up in LA working with Angel and the gang. Preferably near the begining of the series. I would really like to see an Angel/Harry pairing but that's totally the author's choice.

Stay true to the ages the author/creators gave them. Ex: Harry was born in 1980, not 1990. So if the fic started in 1999 Harry would be 18 or 19.
No Buffy/Harry Pairings
No Harry/Dawn Pairings
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Blaise Zabini bored one night finds a copy of Shakespeares works. He reads through them, and comes across one he likes in particular, A Midsummer Night's Dream. He finds a spell that will make a person upon awakening fall in love with the first person they see. However this particular spell makes the person act as they would if they really were in love, so you would have to write them as in character as possible. One thing he didnt count on was how this little spell of his would affect the hellmouth. The spell was powerful enough to upset its balance and chaos ensues in Sunnydale. Snape, Hermi...
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A series a drabbles where Buffy goes into the portal after Lily in 'Anne' and ends up in another verse.

-B/A and/or Buffy-centric. (no B/Aus or seperate pairings)
-B/Lily/Anne friendship/sisterhood
-mentions of Celia somewhere
-At least one family or old friend somewhere in the verse, whether Buffy is aware that they are there or not, and reverse.
-Where Buffy is pregnant by Angel in at least one
-Where Buffy finds Angel in at least one.
-Somewhere Mr. Gordo is there
-Yummi Shushi pajamas
-Halloween costume mentions
-Ethan somewhere
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I just finished reading Odd Thomas, a book written by Dean Koontz and the ending made me fall apart. I would LOVE to read a pairing with Dawn. It should be after the end of the book (a good timeline would be Dawn's "creation" at the end of season 3 coincides with the death of ‘Stormy’ Bronwen Llewellyn.) and Dawn would meet Odd after the end of season 7. This would use the premise that during Dawn’s formation a soul was needed and Stormy’s was ‘free’ at that moment. After Sunnydale collapses, Dawn is finally free to follow the pull east she has always felt. She ends up in the ...
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Ethan Rayne is causing trouble again and performs a spell that threatens to send the world into chaos. Rupert Giles follows Ethan back in time to Victorian England to stop him from destroying the very fabric of time. Giles first seeks the help of the Council who is skeptical about the seriousness of the situation and chooses to ignore the threat since it doesn't involve the slayer directly. Frustrated Giles seeks the help of the world famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

At first Sherlock Holmes, a man of logic and science, rejects the existence of magic and the supernatural world....
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Timesetting: Angel the series, season 5. (After they join WOLFRAM & HART )

The fic must be starring Sir Humphrey Appleby (known as the former Permanent Under Secretary of State for the Department of Administrative Affairs of the United Kingdom).
(Or if you prefer, Bernard Woolley (Principal Private Secretary of aforementioned department).

In their never ending struggle to reach new highs of tormenting him, Sir Humphrey is appointed as private secretary to Angel by the Senior Partners
As this he could be replacing as Laison to SP (Eve/Hamilton), as Personal Ass...
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I want Riley-fic! And not the bloodsucked messed up one either! I want the one with ideals; that went on to fight with Sam and Graham in South America....

1. Noble-soldiery Riley on a mission or leave as long as he's still Black/Special Ops
2. Not hung up on Buffy or the death of his wife Sam
3. No angst-fest. I don't mind Riley being a hardened soldier, but I don't want him to dwell or brood on it.
4. No Buffy, unless she's only there for muscle power, however, if it comes to a need for muscle/magic power, I would prefer Willow or Faith--serious bonus points for Xande...
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Must have Buffy as center of story.
Must somehow become involved with the Vampire and werewolf war.
Old friend of Michael or Michael is brother to Buffy
Must be paired with someone.
Instead of moving to Sunnydale she moves to where the war is.
Must fight Lucian and Viktor.
The rest is up to you.
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Most center around buffy
Pairings that you can chose from
Buffy/Jean Claude
Buffy can not be to powerful but powerful enough to put up a good fight.
She must fall through a portal to get to the Anita Blake world.
Buffy's blood must call the vampires.
Vampires must attack buffy before she meets Anita, Jean Claude, Asher, Richard, Jason, or other main characters.
Otherwise the story is up to you.
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I just saw the movie Ice Princess and I am surprised that no one did a crossover yet. So I issue a challenge to any takers.

The crossover should take place where the movie leaves off. The mom in the story should either be a watcher that Buffy asked to pretend so that Dawn could have a normal life, or the result of a spell cast by Willow for the same reason.

It should have the Scooby Gang coming back into Dawn's life to save if for some Big Bad that is after her.

It could also have mention of Buffy's love for figure skating and the whole Dorothy Hamill stage....
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There are lots of stories set in the Wishverse, the world created in the BtVS story The Wish, but few or none in the world shown in the Angel episode Birthday. We know relatively little about that world; Cordelia is a major TV star with her own show, Gunn and a one-armed Wesley fight demons, guided by Angel's visions, but we have no clues to events in Sunnydale etc. The challenge is to write a Cordyverse crossover, preferably with other LA-based series such as The Shield, Six Feet Under, etc., bringing out the differences between the normal Angel world and Cordyverse.
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Fill the roles from The Wizard of Oz with characters from Buffy

Dorthy- Be careful with this because it will determine who you choose for the other characters

Scarecrow- Someone close to who you choose for Dorthy that needs some brains.

Tin Man- Same as above but with heart

Lion- Needs courage

Glenda- Up to you but bonus points if you can find a good fit besides Willow and Tara

Wicked Witch- Again up to you.
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Ok so heres the deal, Buffy wakes up in one of the forests(you choose which) in Middle- Earth as a FAIRY! Meets up with the Leg-Man (Legolas) at some point in time (whenever) Most of it you can choose what you want but basically I want Buffy as a fairy in Middle- Earth
Must haves- action, confusion, and Buff with super powers
Optional- Bubbles, sparkles, waterfalls, a broken wing/tail (could be a WATER fairy!) and if you could somehow squeeze chocolate and a ruber duckie in there I would be eternally greatful
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