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A Buffy crossover with the movie Troy. And slight crossover with Angel (using the character Connor)
I'm messing with the actual history of Troy making Buffy the princess of Sparta and daughter of Helen and Menelaus. Her mother's name is Helena and Buffy is Helen.

While searching for Slayers in Turkey, Giles and Willow stumble upon an ancient tomb. With the Council's funds at their disposal, they set up an archaeological dig and find the remains of the famed city of Troy.

Anya survived and eloped with Xander as soon as they escaped from Sunnydale, Dawn has gone off to Coll...
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Buffy-centric crossover with Stargate SG-1

Daniel Jackson has just died and Buffy is going to jump off the tower to save Dawn.

Buffy and Dawn are tracked down by their mother's estranged twin brother, Jack O'Neil after hearing of his sister's death.

Trouble follows soon after he arrives in Sunnydale as he is caught in a crossfire between Glory and her minions fighting against Buffy and the Scoobs. He arrives just in time to watch Buffy jump off the tower to save Dawn. Jack takes Dawn to Colorado. Buffy's version of Heaven is ascending and meeting Daniel Jackson. ...
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Buffy-centred fiction. Lord of the Rings crossover.

After Buffy jumps from the tower and dies, she is reborn and transported as an infant into Middle-Earth. She is found on the doorstep of any of these characters...

Bilbo Baggins
Steward of Gondor, (Boromir and Faramir's father)
Eomund (Father to Eomer and Eowyn)

She will be human, but an immortal. She stops aging at the age of 20. She will be called as a Slayer and join the Fellowship of the Ring depending on where you begin your story. But before she finishes the War of...
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This is a challenge fic for all those romantics out there. A Buffy-centric crossover that consists of a broken-hearted Buffy being kidnapped by Wolfram & Hart after her escape from the Hell dimension in 'Anne'. She is the daughter of Joyce Summers and GASP! Lionel Luther.

Faith is sent to Sunnydale with Wesley (Faith must be a wise ass but not evil) and Giles gets help from the Council of Watchers to retrieve his Slayer.

Buffy will be 17 years old, the same age as Clark Kent in the beginning of Smallville the Series.

Lionel Luther brainwashes her, along with Lex...
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A BTVS/Anita Blake crossover story with Edward and Buffy as two of the main characters.
I would prefer their relationship to be of a romantic nature or lost relatives.
Must take place after Chosen for Buffy and Incubus Dreams for Anita Blake.
They must have met once in the past and lost touch.
They must either randomly bump into each other again, or search for each other. Some interaction with Anita and her group is required, but no rivalry between Anita and Buffy. Reason for interaction with Anita should be serious, but doesn't have to be apocolyptic.
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Just take five minutes to read this, it's not as long and complicated as it looks. Actually it's quite fun when there's nothing else to do. And this is what I want you to do:

1: Open some kind of text file and close your eyes. Type blindly four letters and one digit. (For example: AHWB3)
Don't cheat though, cause then it's no fun anymore. You got four letters and one digit now, right? Now I tell you what to do with them.

2: The first two letters (AH, in my case) are your characters. Just pick two that fit the letters.
Any fandom, but crossover, please. (A = Anya, H = ...
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1. A Jack/Willow pairing.
2. Willow comes to Colorado Springs to help after she activates all of the slayers.
3. Cassie is one of these Slayers and Colorado Springs is a hell mouth.
4. Janet is Dead and Jack gets custody of Cassie because he's the General and no longer goes off world.
5. Willow comes to tell Cassie about her being a slayer etc.
6. Willow falls for Jack.
7. Everything else is optional.
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BtVS/Gilmore Girls

I was thinking about a fic based on this idea myself. But I’ve got too many ongoing stories as it is so I decided to make it a challenge.

Emily Gilmore had a child when she was a teenager that she gave up for adoption. That child grew up to become Joyce Summers.

BtVS - Sometime in the first four seasons of Buffy

Gilmore Girls – First two seasons (Buffy should be older than Rory)


Focus on Joyce and Lorelia and their relationship as newly discovered sisters and mothers raising ‘unique’ daughte...
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Create a little friendly HP/BTVS fic where four/six people from two different backgrounds meet and learn to accept the bad that has happened and move on with yet even more friends.

Understanding Friends to Meet:
Buffy & Harry
Willow & Ginny
(optional) Giles & Severus Snape

Buffy & Angel
Harry & Ginny
Ron & Hermione
Willow & either Oz/WIllow/Xander

Btvs: Either S1, or S6.
HP: Either Ginny's first year, or sixth year.
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As a slight variation on real-family fics, what if one of the Scoobies had something not human in their heritage?

#No mutants. They are still human so you can't use them.
# Don't go over the top, i.e. humanoids only.
#Stay off the beaten track. You can't use Xander.
#Try and make it as big a shock to the character as humanly possible.

#Although aliens are allowed, supernatural stuff is encouraged.
# If you're in need of ideas, Vertigo as come up with some rather interesting human/something else hybrids as well as having some like...
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Subject: Riley

Challenge: Take 20 Minutes and write about the character given in a crossover setting. You will need to write for no more and no less than 20 Minutes, so pay attention and keep on track. Writing the header and/or title of the fic does not count. Please use the entire 20 Minutes for writing the fic.

**I will be going back to do other character between Kennedy and Riley... but thought good old Ri deserved some love**
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Like all poetry challenges in the past - take the following snippet of poem and use it at inspiration for a fic or ficlet.

Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not soe,
For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poore death, nor yet canst thou kill mee.
-- Death Be Not Proud by John Donne
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Buffy fights a demon like in "Normal Again," but instead of ending up in a crazy version of herself, she ends up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. And instead of Freddie Prinze Jr as Fred, it's the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Fred, who was played by Marc Blucas, who played Riley.

Daphne is Buffy's alternate self. Fred is Riley's. And Buffy just wants to go home, because all of her years as a Slayer have given her lethal reactions that just don't cut it when she's faced with normal people dressed up as monsters. Plus, all the purple? Very not Buffy.
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Druscilla kidnaps someone who she thinks will make a great 'brother' for Xander. She plans to turn both of them, doesn't necessarily suceed. Must have her do something to the person so they willingly go along with it. Can have any pairing, including slash, except pairings within the individual show ie. Buffy/Xander. A crossover with either X-Files, Harry Potter, Batman, Supernatural, Highlander, Stargate, K:tE,YuYu Hakusho or Gundam Wing. How you mesh the 2 univerese is up to you, but Xander needs to drift from the Scoobies and into his 'brothers' world. Can be set anywhere after S4 of Buffy. ...
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must have
-Faith and Daniel Jackson as cousins
-one or more of the following pairings
--Buffy/Daniel Willow/Daniel Dawn/Jack clone Xander/Daniel Xander/Sam Faith/Jack Buffy/Spike Willow/Tara Willow/Sam Sam/Jack Giles/Sam Giles/Janet Buffy/Jack Willow/Jack Dawn/Andrew
-Sg1 finds out about slayers but they don't find out for a while they have to gather clues and then confront them with the evidence (After that you can decide how much or how little Faith and Buffy tell them)
-Spike didn't die at the end of the series
- Up to you if Tara is dead or not
-I would li...
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