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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges


AU Buffy
Must have:
-Faith/Sheppard , Dawn/McKay, and Willow/Beckett
Minimum rating - R
Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies live on a planet in the Pegasus galaxy. There's still magic and demons on the planet just like in the regular Buffy, but Buffy and Faith are wraith slayers. The ancients were on that planet and created the slayer line in hopes to save Atlantis but something happened that they couldn't (you can decide what that was) Sheppard and his team go to the planet and meet the Scoobies. There they witness a wraith attack and the Scoobies defeating the wraith. Y...
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I'd like to see a Buffy/Phantom of the Opera Crossover where Buffy winds up going back in time and somehow meets Erik a.k.a. Phantom of the Opera.

Things necessary:
1. Sets after Buffy Season 7
2. Erik based on the 2004/2005 movie with Gerard Butler in mind
2. Must be a multi chapter
3. Love relationship between Buffy and Erik

Have fun:) Hope to read your stories soon. And early Happy Halloween!!!
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I am writing an answer to this challenge myself, it's called Different Fight, Same Army or Different War, Same Army.

Basically, this is the premise:
Sometime in the series, (Whenever you want... Adam, Glory, First Evil, but after Mayor!) Buffy is revealed to be Hermione. Don't know how... (I used OC...) She left Hogwarts in Year 4/5 (So timeline works) or she was taken, whatever...
It can be different verses, but if so, HP must be a book in Buffyverse, and B:tVS must be a TV show in HPverse. However, then you have to explain how she switched...

Must include:
- F...
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I'd like to see a Buffy/King Arthur Crossover where either Faith, Buffy or Willow winds up goign back in time and meeting the Knights a few weeks before the movie takes place and winds up helping them.

Things necessary:

1. Must have which ever girl you choose confuse the knight with her language

2. Must be a multi chapter

3. The girl should fall in love with either Tristan or Lancelot (preferably Tristan, but it's your choice)

4. Have her get all snarky with the Bishop, Marius (the guy who had Guinevere tortured)

5. If you choose Faith, yo...
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Buffy always dates the monsters or the enhanced. So, how about a BtVS/Stargate story with a Buffy/Teal'c 'ship? I'd like to see Teal'c's reactions to Buffyspeak, Buffy breaking through Teal'c's stoicism. Jack should have lots of snarky comments regarding the personality conflicts between them. Teal'c so rarely gets to steal the scene, so show lots of his thoughts. It can be pre or post tretonin.

Can't haves: Willow/Daniel or Dawn/Daniel. Focus on just Buffy/Teal'c as far as relationships go.

Required: At least one off-world mission. Somehow Buffy must go along, whether she li...
Stargate • nannabelle • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Oct 05] • Date Updated [9 Aug 08]
Okay, this may seem a little odd but still I just want to see if someone will try it. Have Faith,Buffy, and Dawn travel to Detroit to pick up a new Slayer (she can be OC or someone from the Four Brothers movie). When they get there, she realize the local crime lord is actually a demon that plans to wipe-out all humanity in the world. So, as Faith and Buffy begin to track him down, they meet up with the Mercer Brothers.


They can have a few run-ins with Fowler and Green if you want, but remember Victor Sweet mus...
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Buffy/Star Wars crossover challenge

Buffy time line after Chosen, 2 years, and AUish Star Wars; as in Anakin was not found by the Jedi, but by Palpatine, he freed Shmi and she get married with Mr. Lars, Ani grow up as Palpatine’s apprentice, Darth Vader.

Imperial troopers stumble upon a hidden planet, a.k.a Buffy verse Earth, and they wrongly think that Rebel Alliance is hiding there, they move to attack it… seeing common enemy humans (regular humans, you know normal) Witches, demons, Slayers and Vampires band together, they manage to defeat those troopers, but knowing th...
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In the episodes "Gingerbread" & "Hush" Buffy came across where fairy tales were sometimes true or based on some truths.

In the movie Brothers Grimm the brothers came across where fairytales were sometimes true or based on some truths.

My challenge to you is to write a BtVS -- Brothers Grimm crossover.

It can be the Brothers Grimm fairytale of your choice.

Timeline anytime after the episode "Hush" for BtVS

Must include Buffy or Faith or Fred or Dawn...(points for including all four) None of the new slayers. Can include any others from BtVS/At...
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Yep. That's what I want. Never seen this pairing and I would very much like to. Mess around with the timelines as you see fit.

Want to see:
*Xander sees Michael fighting against vamps in an alley (whether or not Michael knows what they are or not is up to you).
*Sex, sex, sex with Xander on top (not every time if you don't want to, but the majority, I like my Xander in control...yummy...)
*Plotty goodness is always of the good, but if you only want to make it short and sweet that's fine too.

Do not want to see:
*BDSM, D/s, S/M, any of the like. Just good old ...
Television > La Femme Nikita • Rivana • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Oct 05] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Main Characters: Alexander "Xander" Harris, Daniel "Oz" Osborne (pick one or both).

Crossover with Anita Blake. After Graduation (BtVS, S3), before Tara's death (BtVS) and before Narcissus in Chains (AB).

Words: apple, green robe, love's fool, Twinkie, newspaper, white rose, blood, candle, teacher's pet, computer. (Pick at least 3.)

Starting point: The Lunatic Café, St Louis OR The Magic Box, Sunnydale.

Gen, Het or Slash. Pairings & fic-length are the writer's choice.
Anita Blake • karinms • Responses [1] • Date Added [19 Dec 05] • Date Updated [15 Jul 08]
Scenario: Some one from the Jossverse gets a job or an internship at the Jeffersonian Institution. Obviously they’ve been keeping their nightlife a secret, but one day the FBI calls them in for a particularly unusual crime scene and when usual methods fail, the Jossverse character attempts to identify a demonic cause.

The Jossverse character can be anyone; although Connor, Dawn Willow or one of the SITs come to mind.
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Using the Angel season 5 episode where Spike and Angel are on a sub in *flash backs* have either an Immortal (from highlander) or Jack O'Neill (maybe as a crew mate, somehow survives?) on board. Has to have, loads of sarcastic comments. Must have, one of the crossover characters killign a vampire "Because he was annoying"
Maybe have:
Kronos and Methos meeting up again, picked up more easily then Silas and Caspian, and still the worst of the worst.
Or Jack bonding with Spike.
Have them meet up in the present.
Methos complaining about getting his shirt dirty. ANd Kronos telli...
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Xander-centered, slash pairing. The basis of this challenge is that Xander encounters one of the Animorphs (on the road trip, most likely), and is drawn into their war. It's optional whether he receives the morphing power himself.

Possible scenario 1: Tobias is flying over town when he sees a boy his age (see suggestions) about to be mugged. He thought-speaks a warning just in time for the kid to defend himself, and is afterwards thanked by a bemused Xander.

Possible scenario 2: Xander somehow rescues Jake's brother Tom from his Yeerk and finds out ...
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fanfic challenge:
Crossover with Bones. i would like to see Spike run into the FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanez)

Spike thinks that angel was able to gain his redemption and get turned human.

Spike must use the line "oh great and the poof continues to save the innocent, where’s Scully, Mulder?" He with much pain clunks David’s character over the head and takes him to willow's house. I would think he figures angel is having memory lapses and the witch could maybe jog his memory for him.

From there a 3 some between willow, spike and the ...
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After having to endure yet another episode of wife swap on the TV this came to me.
Let's have Joyce signing up for the all new TV show Single Parent Swap!
Across the country just for the hell of annoying her mother Lorelai Gilmore sends her name in. And surprise, surprise they get to swap! (If you want to change Lorelai for someone else by all means do so but I cannot picture anyone else myself!)

Must be set before Joyce found out about Buffy being the Slayer.
Lorelai catching Buffy coming through the window from patrol.
Joyce having Friday dinner with the G...
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