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Xander as the “oldest” immortal. Aka Mentor!Xander challenge.

This is a challenge for an epic or at least a loooong fic.
Know right now that this must be Xander SLASH or GEN (but please at least with as much slashy undertones as in the original series if you absolutely do not want to write slash). NO HET for Xanny boy, I don’t care who with! Since he will be immortal he can have had het relationships and you may mention them, but not at great length, nothing graphic and it must not be love-of-my-life-material. Xander loves his boys best.
This challenge is very detailed ...
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This challenge is based on two things from BtVS S7. 1.Giles and Anya's trip to the eye of Belljoxer(sp?) telling them that Buffy's resurrection caused an imbalance that allowed the First Evil to kill hundreds of Potentials and nearly end the world, and 2. the fact that the First had planned to kill all the potentials, and then Faith, and THEN Buffy; even though Buffy no longer carried the Slayer line and it would take Faith's death to end it.

Post Season 7. Buffy-centric
Even though the First was defeated in Sunnydale, the imbalance caused by Buffy's continued ...
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Online Chatroom conversations, wherein the characters can vent, swap stories, and seek advice pertaining to their respective Blondes.

Must Have:
Spike, talking about Buffy.
And two or more of the following characters:
Lex Luthor, talking about Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Logan Echolls, talking about Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
Jack, talking about Sam (Stargate SG1)
Gil Grissom, talking about Catharine Willows (CSI)
Harry Potter, talking about Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
Luke Girardi, talking about Grace Polk (Joan of Arcadia)
Seth Cohen, talking a...
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Write a series of events including different shows /movies /comics /etc. that contain 10 problems that Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel (or a certain character in particular) could have solved.

1) No NC-17

2) 10 maximum problems (5 minimum)

3) Must have at least 2 different movies and 2 different TV shows [anything else is up to the writer]

4) MUST have a DIFFERENT CROSSOVER with each new problem [ie: I DO NOT want 5 Harry Potter and 5 Charmed problems]

5) It would be better if the problems actually happened in the universe you're crossi...
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Buffy is secretly Grissham's daughter, but no one knows. She shows up with Faith, her partner for the job, and starts working with CSI Las Vegas on a case they cannot quite figure out. Naturally, it is right up a Slayer's line. Somewhere along the way, Buffy's father is brought up and the secret is figured out.

Buffy rarely talks to any of the scoobies, including her sister anymore, and leaves the scooby details to Faith. She is still soulfully hurt at them throwing her otu of her own home.

Somewhere along the line, Buffy have already or will get back tog...
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Xander was presumed dead after a badly burnt body was discovered in LA by police, carrying Xander's wallet with a picture of the Sunnydale Group inside.

Xander is not dead, instead he was recruited into Section One who have been watching him for a long time. Section noticed his tactical and survival skills but most importantly they realise he has been working in the shadows as an enforcer of the slayer. He has dealt with the people and demons Buffy would not or could not face either because she was not strong enough or because it was something she could not kill, such as a human....
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Remember the episode Anne? The idea is to write a crossover alternative. Instead of having 'Anne' be a waitress in Helen's Kitchen in L.A. have her be one in Colorado Springs (SG1), or Toronto (Forever Knight), Roswell, Wonderfalls, etc.

She must be a waitress for at least part of the story.
She has to be working at a diner in the town the show takes place in. This removes Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.
She must meet a minimum of one main(-ish) character from the other 'verse.
She must cover up for a slip she makes, or comes close to making, in reg...
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What if there was a world where Buffy was not only the daughter of Jack O'Neil (SG1) but also grew up with him?

*Must Haves*

Buffy has to have blown up both a gym and a High School

Dawn can not be in it

Must take place in SG1 universe

And everything else is optional!
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I have too much on my plate to work on it so I hope it finds a good home
(or several) here with you.

Xander's Real Parents - Pretender-Style:

The Centre has - as proven with the episode "Donoterase" - the ability
to clone and generally work and fiddle with genomes.
Now, what if the Center combined the genetic information of Jarod with
that of Ms. Parker? The resulting genome combination was then implanted into
a woman's egg and used to artifically impregnate that surrogate mother.
--> The product was Xander

In his early youth he was tested...
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There are some very beautiful and intresting peices of fan art. Some of them may be based on a fic but many are not. My challenge to you is to write a fic based upon one of the the pictures. Or if you are not much of a writer, try your hand at making an image based upon your favorite scene of a fic.
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Anyone remember Elijah Wood's interview with Leno soon after LOtR came out? I vagily recall him saying something about lacking sleep, a convenience store at 1 in the morning, and himself random screaming "Chocolate and porn", as in those were the two things he wanted to buy. Snicker, snicker.

Now, work it out however you want - a BtVS/LOtR x-over, or even BtVS/LOtR real-life actors story. Either way, I would love to see Xander and Frodo/Elijah interact, with chocolate and porn on their minds. Not a riske person? You don't actually have to do anything more than mention porn. Or chocol...
Lord of the Rings • penguinsinlove • Responses [1] • Date Added [20 Feb 05] • Date Updated [10 Mar 07]
Someone has crossed dimensions, their mission should they choose to accept it (not that they really have a choice) is to keep their identity a secret. Which of course proves more difficult than they expected.

Please include:
Culture gaps (between dimension)
Trouble with Birth Certificates and Records
Travelling (preferably with someone chasing)
And a pairing of some kind.

These are optional not mandatory.

Must be only one person moving between the two.
Must be a crossover between Buffy and another Genre.
Can have someone coming...
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Anyone want to try an Angel / Battlestar Galactica crossover, with the Roger Wyndham-Price robot as a Cylon?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Not Categorised • ElaineRhodes • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Feb 05]
The Challenge:

- Write an Andrew PoV story dealing with his attack on the school play with demonic flying monkeys.

Must have:

- Andrewish delusions of granduer and imaginings
- Andrew's relationship to his brother Tucker must be at some level explored (note that if the story is from Andrew's point of view, he need not be honest about it - feel free to make it every bit as full of Andrew-delusions as every other part of his life
- At least some reference to or involvement with the other two members of the future Trio
- Try to keep it light hearted. He's at...
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I don't think that I have seen any Sage pairings for Merry Gentry. (Or other Merry Gentry pairings for that matter.) It would be interesting to see some Sage pairings.
Sage/female BtVS character (preferably Willow)
Sage bites [Willow] when they first meet, maybe because her blood smells so good.
Takes place in the Merry Gentry universe.
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