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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges


There are some very beautiful and intresting peices of fan art. Some of them may be based on a fic but many are not. My challenge to you is to write a fic based upon one of the the pictures. Or if you are not much of a writer, try your hand at making an image based upon your favorite scene of a fic.
Multiple Crossings • Kneazles • Responses [1] • Date Added [21 Feb 05] • Date Updated [18 Nov 10]
Anyone remember Elijah Wood's interview with Leno soon after LOtR came out? I vagily recall him saying something about lacking sleep, a convenience store at 1 in the morning, and himself random screaming "Chocolate and porn", as in those were the two things he wanted to buy. Snicker, snicker.

Now, work it out however you want - a BtVS/LOtR x-over, or even BtVS/LOtR real-life actors story. Either way, I would love to see Xander and Frodo/Elijah interact, with chocolate and porn on their minds. Not a riske person? You don't actually have to do anything more than mention porn. Or chocol...
Lord of the Rings • penguinsinlove • Responses [1] • Date Added [20 Feb 05] • Date Updated [10 Mar 07]
Someone has crossed dimensions, their mission should they choose to accept it (not that they really have a choice) is to keep their identity a secret. Which of course proves more difficult than they expected.

Please include:
Culture gaps (between dimension)
Trouble with Birth Certificates and Records
Travelling (preferably with someone chasing)
And a pairing of some kind.

These are optional not mandatory.

Must be only one person moving between the two.
Must be a crossover between Buffy and another Genre.
Can have someone coming...
Multiple Crossings • Cataclysmic • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Feb 05] • Date Updated [1 Mar 07]
Anyone want to try an Angel / Battlestar Galactica crossover, with the Roger Wyndham-Price robot as a Cylon?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Not Categorised • ElaineRhodes • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Feb 05]
The Challenge:

- Write an Andrew PoV story dealing with his attack on the school play with demonic flying monkeys.

Must have:

- Andrewish delusions of granduer and imaginings
- Andrew's relationship to his brother Tucker must be at some level explored (note that if the story is from Andrew's point of view, he need not be honest about it - feel free to make it every bit as full of Andrew-delusions as every other part of his life
- At least some reference to or involvement with the other two members of the future Trio
- Try to keep it light hearted. He's at...
Not Categorised • Wise • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Feb 05]
I don't think that I have seen any Sage pairings for Merry Gentry. (Or other Merry Gentry pairings for that matter.) It would be interesting to see some Sage pairings.
Sage/female BtVS character (preferably Willow)
Sage bites [Willow] when they first meet, maybe because her blood smells so good.
Takes place in the Merry Gentry universe.
Not Categorised • Lanalyn • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Feb 05]
The object of the challenge is to make a BTVS/HP crossover... since BTVS is a PG13 show, the rating has to be PG13 or higher! the story is based on Dawn's perspective on the world, and is set after 'Chosen' How the Dawn and the HP-characters meet is up to you! Here are some rules...

- Dawn must be paired with Draco Malfoy or Blaise Zabini...
- Ron and Hermione aren't a couple (its not that i don't like them but, they're ALWAYS a couple!!!)
- Ginny has to be in a lesbian relationship (doesn't have to be fully explained)
- Insert a Ghosty Anya ;) and maybe give the ghosty A...
Not Categorised • Gertyke • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Feb 05]

AU where Xander ran away from home sometime before he met Buffy(the exact age is up to you, but please make him at least in his teens), and leaves Sunnydale. You can decide if he stays on the streets or is put into foster care, and how this different life changes what kind of person he becomes(I'd like him to keep some of the traits that make him Xander). It can be a crossover if you want, but it's not necessary. You can decide if he ever goes back to Sunnydale or not, or if he meets other Btvs/Angel characters outside of SD. Can be het, slash, or gen(I'd prefer slash, b...
Not Categorised • MarieJayn • Responses [2] • Date Added [6 Feb 05]
Basically, the Buffy world becomes the Anita-verse over a series of a few years. Come up with your own reason on the whys and hows. Post-Chosen, no time area for Anita-verse.

The Slayer mythos is still a mythos, despite the supernatural being exposed, because the gang only "allowed" the good kind of supernatural to be exposed. Good being a relative term, compared to the apocalypse causing demons and such. Buffy - and all the other Slayers - are only known normal people...except they are the only Average Citizens with a license to kill whatever supernatural creature without all t...
Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered • JadeHunter • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Feb 05] • Date Updated [24 Jan 10]
I would like to see a story in which Willow somehow ends up in the Wheel of Time universe.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions.

Some possible ways for her to arrive
A waygate is found in Sunnydale.
She Inadvertently learns to Travel.
A portal stone is found, and she accidentally activates it
Random demon throws her through a portal.
These are not limits, just suggestions.

Some things that must happen
She is found to be a very powerful wilder (Rand's level of strength maybe), however, she is not sufficiently powerful on her o...
Not Categorised • AnonymousChallenges • Responses [1] • Date Added [2 Feb 05]
Okay in DC they are changing Green Lantern once again. In this new change they seem to say that green is the color of will power and yellow is the color of fear. This got me thinking of what some other colors could represent.

So here is the challenge, someone from Buffy or Angel gets an item that works like a Green Lantern ring using colors other than green.

Must have
1. An item that works like a GL ring a battery using something other than willpower. This item must have two parts to it, a battery, and a focal point. You can use a ring and lantern but I would suggest ...
DC Universe > Green Lantern • Dragonhulk • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Feb 05] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
Tara/SG-1 crossover
Tara's family always told her that "demon" blood ran in her mother's family. The truth is that Tara is descended from a human infested with a Gou'ald. When they reach maturity, they inherit the ancestral memories of the Goa'uld which tends to corrupt them. Can Tara deal with it?
Not Categorised • Runewolf • Responses [1] • Date Added [31 Jan 05]
I've read a lot of timetravel fics but most of them seem to entail going back in time. Why not send the Scoobies into the future for a change?

Plot:At least three Scoobies get sent forward in time somehow. The means of doing so are up to you. The future in question has to be based on a movie, e.g. A.I., I, Robot, The Fifth Element, ect.

# While it is encouraged that the version of the future being used be slightly messed up, don't go with anything totally FUBAR.
# Don't have the Scoobies come back to their own time bent on changing the future and suceed...
Movies > Fifth Element, The • Weaver • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Jan 05] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Write a fic containing either Spike/Chamber or Spike/Peter Wisdom from the Marvel universe. Any rating. Friendship or a romantic relationship. May start at any point in canon you find most convenient, or be part of an alternate universe.

Must contain the phrases:

"Wot did yer expect, ducks, a bloody white knight?"
"I saw that, you wanker!"
"That'll kill you, yer know."
"I'm not explaining why I'm wearing lipstick to you."

The phrases can be said by any of the boys.

Bonus points if the fic includes any of the following:
Handcuffs, or a referen...
Not Categorised • DitzCat • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Jan 05]
It's the end of series 7 of Buffy and Stargate SG:1, and Elizabeth Weir is actually our beloved Buffy Anne Summers, fresh from her defeat of The First, trying to get away from the slaying life, and falling altogether into another similar one.
The identity change could be from one of many things, whether she's worked for it, or perhaps Willow has used magic, or even she had a wish granted from a demon or the PTB. Whichever you prefer.
You can follow the Stargate storyline as closely as you want - but be warned I still want Weir to lead the exploration team to Atlantis.
You must inc...
Stargate • Immortal • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Jan 05] • Date Updated [19 May 07]
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