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Azrael orders Death, from Discworld, to find a new student to train, who'll be his partner afterwards. This way he'll be able to take vacations from time to time without upsetting the Discworld. Buffy is very much in need of a new job. Death hires her for she has already died twice.
-must be funny
-avoid romance
-must have buffy wielding the scythe for other purposes
-buffy showing death her own scythe
-must have something about the height differences
-death giving buffy her own robe, but the wrong sizes
just try to picture the hilarious situations this two will hav...
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Invisible Girl Challenge
BtVS/Any crossover.

We all remember Marcie Ross, the invisible girl who was taken by the government to a school for people like her. We also know that she was to be trained in assassination and infiltration. But what we don't know is what happened to her after that.

So, the challenge is this: write about Marcie as a full assassin/spy agent for the government, sent on missions.

Must have:
-Marcie Ross fully trained
-Marcie on a mission
-Marcie's target is someone important in the universe being crossed over with

Do not...
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BtVS/Smallville crossover

Post-Chosen, where Chloe Sullivan was one of the hundreds of Potentials who suddenly became Slayers. A week or so of panicking silently, until the Council (version 2.0) tracks her down and explains to her what's what.

Must have:
-Chloe as the ONLY Potential-turned-Slayer in Smallville
-Chloe actually keeping her Slayerness a secret for a reasonable amount of time
-The Council (new and improved) offering to train Chloe over the summer, etc.
-People remembering the Chloe that killed herself in Sunnydale when they hear Smallville-Chloe'...
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As a child, did you ever think there was a Big Bad of some sort hiding under the bed or in the closet? What if there was? For one of the Scoobies' spouses or kids, there is a room they just know there's a monster in. Take your inspiration from Metallica's "Enter Sandman", and see what develops. Any x-over 'verse, any character, any room can be up for grabs - also any genre, such as humor or drama. For example, it could be a dementor in the hall closet of Luna Harris' house (hint, hint... ;)). Have fun!
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What if Xander had dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween?
I’d like to see the before and after effects of the Halloween night (slash is okay)

> Buffy still dresses up as a noble woman but is NOT Elizabeth Swann
> No Elizabeth Swann
>“but why’s the rum gone!?”
> an umbrella
> a parrot
>at least 1500 words

The rest is up to you!!! Good luck

Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Xander-Centered • Sio • Responses [1] • Date Added [21 Nov 04] • Date Updated [23 Jan 10]
Sunnydale's resident Vengeance Demon, after regaining her powers, finds herself called to another dimension, drawn by a certain Fellowship fairly teeming with angst. Let us consider the possibilities - oh crap.

Must have:
-Anya granting wish
-Each wish turns out badly, matter how benign they seem

Do not:
-pair Anya with anyone
-have non-canon pairings
Lord of the Rings > Anya-Centered • JadeHunter • Responses [1] • Date Added [21 Nov 04] • Date Updated [24 Jan 10]
Basically, the idea is to write a cross where either Buffy is a tv show in the crossover, or vice versa (or book, or game, etc).

Bonus points for:
Double fiction (ex. buffy is a tv show in the potterverse, and harry potter is a set of books in the jossverse)
Characters from one universe being well versed in the other (ex. Andrew the Star Wars nut, or willow the Harry Potter fan).
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I know this has been asked before, but I thought I would give it a try.

Willow is net buddies with Jesse. She decides to "get away from it all" and go visit him. Sees Dom. Likes Dom. Maybe Does Dom.

Dom/Willow pairing. You can make it any rating. Any length (longer is preferred) You can make her a pretty damn good street racer or completely ignorant about the subject. It would be cool to see her as a racer and use her magik. Let's pretend Letty is with Leon.
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Challenge #18

Use the following quote as inspiration in a crossover fic.
The fic should be at least 1000 words in length and be a oneshot.

My Cage by Mildred Price

I wish that I might be set free
from little cares that bother me
But human frailty is such
that small things matter very much.
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I would like it to be after season 6 of Buffy post 'Grave' and mid season 5 of Charmed, post 'The Importance of Being Phoebe'. Cole still alive.

Giles did not take Willow to England. Instead she was taken to San Fransisco to heal. More in depth, to the Charmed Ones as advised by the Elders.

Normal activities still happen for the Charmed ones, jobs etc. Leo spending most time helping Willow, but each sister helps in some way. I want Willow to be very withdrawn in her guilt but I want Phoebe to talk to her and help her open up. Conversation about Cole. Resulting in Willow open...
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Joyce Summer is dead. After the funeral , while looking thru her things, Buffy found out that Julian Luna is her father and he is a vampire. Joyce had known what a slayer was before Buffy had told her. That is why Joyce was upset, knowing Buffy had to killed a part of who she is. Being part human/part vampire make Buffy the best slayer. Dawn doesn't exist in this story..
Television > Kindred: the Embraced • Lotusja • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Nov 04] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
A cross over with the movie 'Heathers' going one of two ways: either it takes place during BTVS High School years, or preferably happens at the High School while Buffy is working there helping such troubled teens. Basicly looking for a blending of the two events, with appropriate mutations due to the cross over.
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Buffy is Sirius Black and Joyce (Evans [Lily’s twin sister]) Summers oldest daughter. But Sirius doesn’t know about Dawn. Buffy and Dawn always thought that Hank was their father. When Buffy jumps during ‘The Gift’ she lands at Hogwarts a few years later. She doesn’t remember who she is, just “Angel” and a few other things. She gets her ‘wand license’ quickly and helps Harry with Voldemort. Mid-year, the Oracles approach her and give her her babies from ‘IWRY,’ Liam Connor James, and Elizabeth Kendra Cecilia Evans-Black-Summers-O’Connor. But since she can’t remember w...
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Buffy/Angel. Takes place during the S6 of Btvs, and the first show of HP.

Rating: Any
Category: General, Romance, Drama, Horror, etc.
Chapters: At least four 5000+ chapters

Buffy Potter was James Potter?s younger twin sister. She was the sixth member of the Marauders, although no one could ever prove it. She was never found guilty for any of those stunts, even though she probably planned and orchestrated half of them. She was responsible for finally getting Lily and James together in 5th year.

But tragedy stroke when the Council of Watchers found her. They ki...
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Buffy/Angel. Buffy is James Potter's little twin sister. She was the head honcho of the marauders hwo never got caught, and was loved by most everybody. She was Lily Evan's best friend and even got them together. But when she was found to be a Pitential by the Watchers Council, the Council's stupid laws allow them to kidnap her. They try to brain wash her, but fail. Finally, they magically send her to another family a few years up the road. But they didn't know that she would remeber everything.
In the Wizarding world, everyone mourns Buffy Potter, the blonde sunshine girl that eveyrbody l...
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