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Most of you have probably seen (or read the answers to) the "Xander's Real Father" challenge, but what if Xander was created, not born? I want a Buffy crossover with the Regeneration books where Xander is one of the clones. You can have Xander replace one of the clones in the book(I've only read the first), have been another one of the group, or one that had been made at a different time than the others. I'd prefer that this be slash, but it's not necessary.
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One of the big difficulties in writing a DLM xover is that most people in potentially life threatening situations (like slayers or scoobies) aren't going to let a perfect stranger get close enough to touch them. My solution: when approaching a client openly is impractical because they are isolated or protected in some way, a Reaper may be given "Special Assignment" status allowing them to do so as an invisible/intangible "spirit of death". This power is strictly limited to the minimum time required to get the soul and Reaper) out of the restricted area, and is only invoked when no other option...
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A plot-bunny I have no time to work on:

Buffy and Faith are catapulted back in time to 1813, and the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic War. Lost and confused, they end up being rescued by/rescuing The Chosen Men of the 95th Rifles Regiment and the unit’s commander, Major Richard Sharpe, who is still greetings after the death of his wife Teresa.

Discoing a nest of demons directly in the advance of the British/Portuguese armies, Buffy and Faith are informed by Whistler that they’ve been brought back in time to deal with the threat before history is changed forever.
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Ok, this is an idea I had for a story, but I’m too busy to take it any further:

While researching her family tree, or at least as much of it as she can, Susan Sto Helit discovers that she has a twin brother whom she was separated from at birth by the Auditors of Reality.

After getting what little information she can out of her Grandfather (the tall, bony one with the scythe and very deep voice), and accompanied by the Death of Rats, she set out to find her brother, Alexander.

Meanwhile, in Sunnydale, Xander is having strange dreams about a brilliant white hoarse na...
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Marco's dad has to go somewhere over the summer, and needs somewhere for his son to stay(for some reason, Marco can't stay with Jake), so he sends him to stay with his nephew(Marco's cousin) Xander.

1. Problems with both demons and yeerks.
2. Both Xander and Marco trying to keep there secret lives from each other.
3. Someone compairing Buffy and Rachel
4. Xander freaking because Marco's out after sunset(before either find out the other's secret.

Must NOT Include:
1. Marco paired with anyone from Buffy or Angel unless it's Conner(everyone but Da...
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I just finished reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (and it's sequel, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul) by Douglas Adams, and it occurs to me that the Supernatural Buffy Universe is just the sort of ludicrous, fantasy world whose mysteries Dirk would find himself investigating. I mean, can you just imagine him coming to the inevitable conclusion that Cleveland must be a mystical gateway to Hell, or that Dawn is actually the Key to the universe? Heh.

A really good mystery fic would take a bit of plotting, but I think it would be worthwhile. I suggest making it Post-Sunnyd...
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Xander and Justin are former boyfriends who haven't seen each other
for years until Xander calls Justin saying he needs his best friend
after the fall of Sunnydale. They dated in a school for years and
were both out until Justin moved town on his seventeenth birthday.
When Justin moved town, Xander was moved to Sunnydale High.

Xander was involved with Andrew and Anya, both of which died in the
fall of Sunnydale. He turns up at the Diner distraught, Justin
decides the man will live with him because he doesn't want Xander to
do something dangerous.
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Xander met Brian during his roadtrip and the pair were involved for a
number of months, living together in an apartment. The pair planned
to live together in Pittsburgh until one day Xander was in an
accident. Brian was told that Xander had died on the way to the
hospital as the Xander's case was confused with another Alexander

Xander returns to Sunnydale not remembering anything about Brian
until he is hit on the head. During season 3 QAF, Xander turns up in
town having regained his memories.

Brian at first thinks Xander is lying about hav...
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Xander only moved to Sunnydale when he was fifteen, having moved to
town because of his parents. Years later Lex Luthor strolls into the
Magic Box having been searching for Xander but he couldn't find him
because Xander had his name changed.

An explanation as to why Xander was forced to leave Lex. Maybe
Lionel Luthor was responsible as he didn't want a relationship form
between Lex and Xander.
Xander/Lex ship.
Giles knowing about the relationship before Lex turn up in town.
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I saw this opening line and immediately thought it would make a good start to a crossover fanfic. " It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn't know what I was doing in New York." - If you don't recognize it it's from "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath. You do not have to have read the book in order to do this challenge - in fact, please do not include the book at all, as I have not read it.

Just think of the many ways you could take that opening line. Who was in New York? Why did they electrocute the Rosenbergs? (Willow and her parents? Just ...
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What if the reason magic always goes wrong around Xander is because he has so much uncontrolled power? Sometime, Xander being between age 15-18, Dumbledore finds out about him and invites him to go to Hogwarts.

Must haves:
1. Xander going to Hogwarts(Duh)
2. Plenty of Xander snarkiness
3. Xander being either really not intimidated by Snape(much to Snape's annoyance) or scared of him
4. Powerful!Xander(does NOT mean that he's automatically good at everything)

Must NOT Have:
1. Character bashing
2. Anybody from BtVS being related to or knowing a...
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Harry finds out that he is somehow related to Xander, and either goes to live with him or visits him in Sunnydale to get to know him. They get along well, and they go to England to meet Harry's friends. Ron has a huge crush on Xan from the second he meets him.


1. A conversation between Xander and Harry about growing up with the Dursley's vs. the Harris's.

2. NONE of the other Buffy characters are related to any HP characters.

3. Ron gets flustered whenever he's around Xander, which makes him babble, say things that don't make sense, or not able to...
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As most x-men fans know, Remy LeBeau was abandoned as a baby, thereby making him god's gift to fan fic since his biological origins are completely unknown.

Challenge: Remy is related to one of the Scoobie gang. The hows and whys are up to you.

#No slash (other then Willow/Tara)
#No blowing up Spike
#one of the girls getting slightly crushy (because we are talking about Gambit)
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While scouting for a new filming location for Wormhole X-treme, Martin Lloyd gets in trouble, when he is rescued from vampires by one of the B:tvs/A:ts gals. He falls in love with his rescuer, but what is her reaction. At some point Martin needs to let the ball drop that he's actually an alien, but not supposed to talk about it.
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OK, Dawn was originally a glowing green ball of energy, right? Well, write a story in which part of that energy is what is used to power the rings of the Green Lanterns. You have to make sure that there is some kind of weird, not quite tangible link that Dawn feels between herself and the Green Lantern Corp, or whatever they're called. This should, of course, ultimately lead to her meeting Earth's guardian, whichever one of the Green Lanterns of the Justice League you want, whether Kyle, John, or any of the others. This would be a crossover with either Green Lantern, or Justice League, prefera...
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