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Rules for Challenges


Basically Willow misplaces the amulet in which she can call D'Hoffryn by. Whether it is a Buffy cannon character that picks it up or some other crossover character it is up to you. The situation could be as simple as someone visiting Willow's dorm picking it up by accident or maybe it somehow ends up in a pawn shop after the collapse of Sunny-hell or maybe in one of Willow's magical mishaps she accidentally sends it across time/space/dimension.
Rules are as follows.
1. A person who ends up with the amulet in their possession must summon D'Hoffryn (it could be as simple as reading an i...
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A song by Amanda Marshall called Brand New Beau has some very evocative lyrics; the challenge is to use any fandom couple in the setting provided in the song. *g* Mix and match to your hearts content :)

Lyrics are:

I used to know that the world was round (The world was round)
I relied on the speed of sound (Speed of sound)
Gravity used to hold me down (Hold me down)
But now, what can I believe in? (What can I believe?)
You were the constant one true thing (One true thing)
You made me sure of everything (Everything)
I can't believe this is h...
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His heart was breaking, but even so, he knew there was much he had to do. He put aside his grief and his horror. He put aside his rage and his desperation and went to work making sure that the evil that they dealt with would be subdued. He had to put away his own dislike and needs so that the people that he loved would be taken care of. Willow, Tara, and Giles had fallen apart. Spike was mourning and no one would have answered his pleas anyway. Dawn was too young and Anya was gone, dead the same night that Buffy fell from the tower. That left him. So he called those he knew would hel...
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Buffy Season 2.

At the end of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, Angelus takes the gun – still existent after the ghosts leave – and shoots Buffy. The outright rejection and cruelty allows her to see through Angel’s face to the demon, and when she heals, she finds the mansion and slaughters every demon within. Afterwards:

'Dust and blood surrounded her, coated her, despaired of her. She looked at the carnage around her, at the death and destruction, and knew it was at her hand. Angelus - and Angel - was dead. As were Spike and Drusilla, and their minions. Angel, An...
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This falls under the What If? category of fictions.

Fandoms: BtVS / Highlander

Summary: if the only way an immortal can die is by beheading, what if some psycho doctor found one and started cutting out internal organs. like hearts and lungs and that to sell on the black market cause they could just grow back? and they are compatible with everyone cause all immortals have that type O blood


Willow, Spike, Faith or Angel need to stumble across the Black Market Operation, and rescue the immortal.

Spike, Angel and/or Buffy (if you remember, ...
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Xander dresses up as an amoral scientist for Halloween:
Recommend that that the scientist either already deal with the strange or be intelligent enough to adapt to it quite quickly.
I really want some arrogance as well as some declarations of how other peoples work is amateurish
There are hundreds of potentials

Hojo from FFVII
Dr. J from Gundam Wing
Dr. Frankenstein of any number of the remakes
Professor Frink from Simpson's
Professor Hubert Farnsworth from Futurama
Absent Minded Professor
James Bond (Any)
Star Trek (...
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Xander's parents suddenly decide to take a vacation this does not go well. Willow senses that Xander needs her, she, and Buffy go searching for Xander. However, they are not the only ones searching for him and end up with people from all walks of life helping to find him. Some know about the supernatural before they meet up with the girls, the others find out afterwards.

Faith, Giles, and the rest of the Scoobies are still in Sunnydale defending the hellmouth.

While on the road they meet Tara and take her with them.

Pairings: I'm open to any pai...
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The Grudge/Supernatural

After the events of the Grudge's first movie Dean and Sam get a call telling them that their half-brother Doug has just died and his girlfriend Karen is in Hospital.
When Karen tells them about what happened in the house the Winchester brother's go to investigate and realise that they need a really good way of getting rid of the spirits.

Optional: could make it into a Buffy crossover as well and have the Scoobies come in and find Buffy posing as Karen after she ran away after season 2.
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Character Evolution

Premise: The evolution of one character to another.

Example (following characters are NOT required of the challenge, this is only an example):

Xander Harris, a fairly average teenager whom has multiple assists for saving the world, grows up to be Jacob Carter (SG1).

I’m looking for a story on how the established character (such as Xander Harris) evolves into the somewhat different character (such as Jacob Carter). This includes, but is not limited to, the reason for the name change.

I am NOT looking for a fic where Jacob’s...
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Got Methos' go ahead for this bit of imagination stirring.Cause it would be so cool for Tales to have 200 chapters by the end of Feb.
Characters or Fandoms that need their own chapters:
1) Joxer of Xena

2) MacGyver

3) Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Journey with historical characters added please

4) The M & M guys no eating of said guys allowed

5) Buckaroo Banzai complete with car

6) H. Beam Piper's Fuzzies somebody has to have the books

7) Jayne Castle's Dust Bunnies

8) Allen Dean Foster's, Pip and Flinx
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Lost: beginning
Buffy: post-season 7
Stargate: post-season 7

Pairings: Willow/Daniel or Xander/Sam or Jack/Sam or Willow/Charlie

SG1, Xander, Willow and Faith have to go and find another Slayer and to do that they board Oceanic Flight815.
Sg1 were sent on a 2 week vacation.
Then the plane crashes, the Island blocks Willow's and Faith's powers and leaves them powerless.
Now they have to survive the Island's mysteries.

Must not have:

Any alien technology finding SG1 on the Island
Any of the normal people fi...
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Angel: season 3
Stargate: season 3

General George Hammond had to deal with his only niece disappearing over five years previous and now as Fred returns he runs to LA to see her for the first time in ages.
But he didn't expect her rescuers to be anything other than human- he's in for a surprise!

Must have:

Hammond and Fred jumping up and down screaming in the way that people in Texas do.
Hammond introducing her to SG1.
Fred bonding with Sam over science
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Angel season 1
Stargate season 4

Wesley finds out that his parents aren't his real ones- he was put up for adoption when he was born.
Wesley's 'parents' tell him this and then he goes to find his long lost big brother Daniel Jackson and gets more than he bargained for when he finds out that Teal'c is an alien.

Note:Wesley is 31 and Daniel is 33.

Pairings: Wesley/Janet
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A multiple crossover where Buffy and Harry Potter are chosen for yet another war by the PtB, and their path leads to Cheyenne Mountain.

BtVS: post S7
HP: post book7 (or whenever after defeating Voldemort)
SG-1: pre S8 (Hammond still commands)

Possible reasons/justifications for being chosen:
Buffy is no longer the only slayer (and hasn't been since season2) and the line of Slayers rests with Faith, so she is no longer required to stay on the/a hellmouth, but the PtB still want to utilize her abilities and send Whistler to corral her.

Harry ...
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Buffy fandom:
What if Buffy wasn't always Buffy Summers, but Zoe summer-field, when she's 15 the night-stalkers are arrested, and Buffy is put into care. Where Joyce and Hank adopts her. She is told by the social services that if she were to make contacted with any of the night-stalkers before she turns 18, They would get in trouble. A month after the adoption, she is called as the slayer.

Almost everything from season 1 up to her 18th birthday happens. All but Buffy dating Angel, they are only friends.

Blade random:
After being arrested...
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