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Whatever happened to Cordy's jeweled bikini? She was still wearing it when they returned from Pylea at the end of Season 2. Did she turn it over to Angel and Wesley to use as petty cash? Did she sell it on the black market (or eBay) and go on a shopping spree? Did she hide it under the floor of her apartment for a rainy day?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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Crossover between Buffy, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

When Harry defeats Voldemort, (somehow) a portal forms and whisks him away to a galaxy far, far away. Similarly, Buffy goes through a portal to arrive in the same galaxy. At some point they meet and realise they are both from Earth - and the same dimension of Earth (something they both know about will be needed as full proof, such as Buffy mentioning Willow, and Harry stating - "Oh, you mean a Wiccan, not a witch!" Or something about different types of vampire - Buffy knowing about the HP universe vampires and laughing at the idea...
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We've all seen those stories where Buffy/Angel characters run into their "doubles" -- e.g., Willow meeting Trina Echolls, or Faith running into Tru Davies. By and large, there are three different ways this is dealt with.

1. The characters are long-lost twins, or, pace the Patty Duke Show, "identical cousins."

2. The characters are in fact the same character, with an explanation given for how one became the other.

3. No explanation at all is given. Wow, what a coincidence!

All three of the above stories can and have produced well-done and entertaining storie...
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Dawn was supposedly made from Buffy's blood. What does this mean?

For the purpose of this challenge, the definition of "made from Buffy's blood" is this:

-Buffy is essentially Dawn's mother.
-Half of Dawn's blood comes from a male character.
-This male character is essentially Dawn's father.


1) Dawn must find out about this through one of the following:
a-A botched spell.
b-Records belonging to the Initiative.
c-A genetic test which gave her paternity either accidentally or on purpose.

2)If there is a pairing, Dawn m...
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Illyria has grown bored with the world as it is and decides to go visit some old acquaintances.

Back in the good old days before Humans or any real life started showing up there were the Old Ones. Now I'll spare you the speech, but Illyria was "feared and beloved" It's possible that she had friends of a sort.

The challenge is simple. Send Illyria to another dimension where she can meet up with other ancient evils, say the Dark One from Wheel of Time, the Balrog or Sauron from LOTR, or the Spirit of the Abyss from Andromeda. Or some other ancient evil.

Feel ...
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Official catch-all for TtH's 2006 November is Kink month event.

LJ Comm --

NC-17 fics that fit into the kink/fetish/cliche categories and/or the requests ONLY.

Fics should be posted here, with this challenge referenced, and at the LJ Comm.
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Official catch-all for the 2006 TtH Halloween Fic-Spree

LJ Comm --

Check out the Master List of prompts there for information on what to write for this Halloween event! Yes, YAHF fics *are* on the list.

Nothing higher in rating than a Soft "R".

Post here, with this challenge referenced, and also at the LJ Comm!
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Imagine your first experience with the supernatural being yourself rising from the dead as a soulless Buffyverse vampire...

The person raised must be a main cast member (i.e. Columbo, Warrick Brown, Corporal Klinger) from any supernatural-free/lite genre (book, tv show, movie, comic, etc.). Jack O'Neill would count. Fox Mulder would not.

They should be raised in their home location, or at least outside of Sunnydale.

Their vampire persona should have a lot in common with their human self, but also a lot of differences. They're mainly free of regret, they've died on...
Multiple Crossings • (Current Donor)Shieldage • Responses [1] • Date Added [29 Sep 06] • Date Updated [3 Nov 13]
Stargate, Either
Harry Potter, Post Hogwarts, War Days

Characters: Buffy and Willow from BtVS; others from BtVS and Crossover fandom at the Authors discretion

Character Reqs: Canon Willow -- Gay (not bi or past tense curious); powerful witch (made more evident by the comment in Angel about her ability to travel the Astral Plane). Buffy can be off Canon but her past shouldn't be forgotten.

Would like to see: Willow in a new relationship; Buffy single or paired with a woman. A realistic reconnection of these two characters as best friends. In order t...
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You remember in Season Three, when Vampire Willow came to the Buffy-verse?

At the end of the episode, they send Vamp Willow back to her dimension.

The challenge is (of any length):

There is a mess up between the dimensions, Vamp Willow gets sent somewhere else (of your choice).

The scoobies soon realise (through Anya, preferably) that they sent her to the wrong place. Someone, or all of them, go after her to restore the balance.

Meanwhile Vamp Willow is causing all types of trouble

Extra Bonuses to Include:

Vamp Will...
Multiple Crossings • (Current Donor)softly • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Sep 06] • Date Updated [5 Mar 07]
Okay, Angel (As Shown in Orpheus and Becoming) spent 1974-1996 living as a bum in New York, feeding off the blood of rats and not bathing.

What if, instead of sulking among humans those 20+ years, he'd picked himself up and moved to the wild?

Does he meet a feral Wolverine? Lost Boy Scouts? Who?

When Whistler comes to visit him in 1996, to tell him about Buffy, what happens? How has he changed?

Please specify the year he decides to leave New York. Must be between 1975 and 1995.

Please include the train of thought that leads him to leaving the ci...
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We’ve all read the fics, Xander dressed up as - fill in the blank. But who was the soldier? That’s what I’d like to see. We’ve read the one where he was O’Neill, Ferretti, or Kowalski from Stargate, and there’s a few out there where the soldier in question is John Clark … but not so many others.
So, here’s the challenge.
What I want:
1. Xander pondering the soldier after the fact – could take place on November 1st or even much later. You could even have Xander look up the soldier in question (on he Internet), or even try and contact them during his road tr...
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A bunch of VERY brief crossover ideas I thought of while looking through a stack of laserdiscs and tidying some books and trying to remember what was on my defunct USB memory stick.

1: Volcano: It's set in LA, it's got a volcano, what more do you want? Maybe Wolfram and Hart summoned it in some way, maybe it's what's left of the area around the Hyperion after Not Fade Away, maybe mad cultists decide that the One Ring (currently incarnated as Dawn Summers) needs to be sacrified there. I took a very brief crack at this in Tales from The Barman

Incidentally, there's a lovely pan...
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This occurred to me one day while I was driving home from work.

I present: (dramatic music) The Dartboard Challenge!!!!

Step 1: Take nine main or recurring characters from Buffy, and write their names on pieces of paper, try to use an equal mix of hero's and villains.

Step 2: Do the same for Angel.

Step 3: Ditto for Firefly (you don't have to use the crew only, so you can get a bad guy out of this)

Step 4: Do the same for another show with an ensemble cast of your choice, I suggest Farscape or Stargate SG1

Step 5: Affix the pieces of paper...
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Buffy Summers wake up one morning to find herself pregnant and she has no idea who the father is.

-Story must take place after Season Four of Buffy.
-Have one the Scooby mention that the baby might be a demon.
-Your decision on how she got pregnant. (e.g. Magical means, science, or the old fashion way.)
-Have whoever the father is surprise at being a DAD!
-Chose the fan-verse. But I would love to see an Anita Blake, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Sg-1, Merry Gentry, and Firefly.
-Have Buffy and father of baby being attracted to each other.
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