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Inuyasha/Buffy or some other magical world maybe Harry Potter?

A spell or something goes wrong now one of the Scoobies have a new demon pet. It is possessive and protective of its master. What will the scoobies do? And is it looking more human as days go by? It's powerful and seems to be rubbing off on his master.

Things needed: A demon pet of a scooby that is not Buffy.
A needy pet with weird eating habits.
Pet magical or demon.
Pet mimicking others.
Pet following Spike because of his cool duster and the way he walks.
New pet taking things from others...
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Here's the gathering ground for the 15-20 individuals that are participating in the 2006 Summer Fic-a-Thon.
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Just a catch-all to help organize those on the site who are participating in Jinni's madcap scheme on LiveJournal.
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In Season Two of Angel, Dru was brought in by Wolfram And Hart to re-vamp Darla since Angel wouldn't do it. She was promised a new playmate. This of course fizzled out when Darla killed herself to give birth to Connor. So now Dru returns to W&H demanding that she receive payment. She wants a playmate that will be bound to her only, since Dru has never really been the one in charge. (Even Spike, her childe, went his own way.) Since W&H is all about chaos, they give in to her demands and attempt a spell to summon the perfect evil sidekick for Dru.

The twist is, during the spell,...
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I was reminded, after placing Dawn in mortal peril in not one, but two ficlets last night, of the line about Dawn and Tuesdays... in relation to trouble.

So how about a nice spree of ficlets today wherein Dawn is in jeopardy, hurt, dead, dying, or some variation thereof?
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Buffy and Angel are hit shows in several dimensions and someone famous has (for instance) just received the Complete 7 Seasons of Buffy DVD box set for their birthday. Something happens and they wake up in either Sunnydale or L. A., either possessing one of the onscreen characters, or their body double in that dimension.

Ideally, this should happen just before some turning point in the series and the import has to decide whether to deviate from the plot of the show using his 'future' (and 'past') knowledge or to try and keep things running smoothly despite embarrassment and tragedy. ...
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Obviously lots of people love the YAHF format (else there wouldn't be so many of the things), but it does get old seeing the same events rewritten over and over with just a few character changes.

So the point is - let's bring everybody's favorite chaos magic out of the little box that it's trapped in:

One of the scoobies finds a book containing the ritual Ethan used on Halloween, and, for reasons of their own, decides to recreate it on a smaller scale. If their reasons include chaos, show me what pissed them off enough to turn to that. If not, show me what Janus does to peopl...
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Collection Work

Based on my fic Collection Work

Post Chosen.

With all the new Slayers running around Buffy no longer needs to spend all her time hunting and killing vampires. But she still feels she has a duty and destiny to aid in the battle against evil. Giles persuades her to collect on many of the past due accounts the old Watchers Council had built up before they went boom.

I’ve already done a collection from Monty Burns of Simpsons fame. Your challenge is to figure out who else might owe the Council some money that Buffy needs to collect.
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We've all seen "Buffy meets her true Father." stories.

Well how about some stories where Buffy is reunited with her true biological mother.

Rather Buffy was adopted as a baby or kidnapped as part of some larger plot is up to the Author.

I LIKE Joyce. And am not setting out to bash her. ( Unlike Hank who deserves heavy Bashing.)

But frankly I always thought Buffy needed far more emotional support. Joyce as good a person as she was. Buffy didn't think Joyce was strong enough to deal with all the stress that was Buffy's life. So she started bottleing her emot...
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What if after Giles leaves and Buffy kisses Spike at the end of Tabula Rasa, she realizes that she is heading down a dark path. She figures out that since she has been in heaven, staying near the Hellmouth is making her feel like she is in Hell. She decides that she needs to get away from Sunnydale, Spike, and the people who brought her back. She discusses it with Dawn and they decide to put the house up for sale and they leave for LA. They stay with Angel for a couple of days and Angel gives them money to start a new life. Here is where choose your own adventure comes in. You the writer...
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Plot bunny wandered through my head...what if characters from another series/book/movie were visited by a Janus worshipping Chaos Mage and dressed up as the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Halloween.

I would prefer it to be season 7+ Buffy characters.
It should feature one or more of the "Buffy Cast" saying the line "Bloody Ethan Rayne".
The Janus worshipping Chaos Mage does not have to be Ethan Rayne, and can instead be a troublemaking member of the regular cast. (eg. Voldemort seeking power from Janus, inflicts enchanted costumes on the Hogwarts regulars)

Multiple Crossings • wargear • Responses [1] • Date Added [12 Apr 06] • Date Updated [7 Mar 07]
Ethan has escaped from prison and has decided to replay one of his old tricks on a whole new group of people. Once again he has enchanted a number of costumes and set out to make mischief.

Instead of the usual Scoobies get turned into their costumes, let's see another cast get turned. Will they figure out what's going on or just think somebody spiked the punch?

Some suggested shows are :
Stargate SG-1
Or any others you might consider fitting in.

Bonus Points if you have a character dress as a cha...
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Very vague challenge to give you all room to play:

Sunnydale is a very strange town, where nothing is ever normal. This would probably include the used car lot.

The basic premise of the challenge is someone from Sunnydale goes and buys a second hand car, but accidentally picks one from another universe. Think James Bonds Austin Martin, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, Herbie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the crazier the better! No crossover is out of reach!
Multiple Crossings • (Past Donor)Starbug • Responses [3] • Date Added [2 Apr 06] • Date Updated [25 Mar 07]
What would happen if Conner was raised by a different vampire(s)? We all know that Angel gave Conner up so that he could have a normal life. But what is normal for the son of two vampires? I don't you?

What I would like to see:
-Holtz killed off ^.^
-crossover with Anita Blake or Forever Knight or kindred the embrace (heck why not all of'm)
-a vampire attempting a diaper change (heeheehee evil glee)
-Conner's reaction when he meets Angel for the first time at (maybe) 16 years of age
-more than 3000 words (but your the one that writing so you do what feels...
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Xander staggers into the Library covering the two bleeding holes in his neck. With a look of shock on his face he mutters "There really are gangs on PCP. And they stabbed me with a barbecue fork!"

What if there was an incident where someone really was attacked by a barbecue fork wielding gang on PCP? Maybe that's how all those "gangs on PCP" rumors got started. This should be a crossover with any police show (Law & Order, The Shield etc). Other than that anything goes.
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