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The Mayor's gift to Faith wasn't a Draconian Katra but a one way portal device, so Faith ends in another universe with no Slayers Council, Powers That Be or Wolfram & Hart after her.


*) Things go different during the episode "This Year's Girl" and Faith ends in another universe due to Faith getting a portal device instead of a Draconian Katra.

*) Faith actually almost died during her comma, so another Slayer was called.

*) After using the device, it self destructs.

*) That universe is far away enough that the Powers That Be and Wolfram...
Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered • raxadian • Responses [1] • Date Added [16 Oct 14]
this story will be linked to the Harry Potter and Charmed universe only at Halloween.

pairing xander/Amy/Tara

xander will take his studies more seriously with amy helping him,
willow will be annoying and Buffy tries to be a little Hitler Giles wont be any help.
jenny mentors the group introducing them to other avenues of magic as well as helping them with computers.
Ethan will be introducing them as well when he finds out

Xander has been practicing magic secretly though safely not abusing it in anyway.

after the episode of "Witch" Xander approach...
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BtVS up to Halloween then NCIS:la onwards

1: Halloween Sunnydale, October 1997 Ethan Rayne sets up shop in Sunnydale, casting a spell that causes people to become the characters their Halloween costumes portray.

2: Xander dresses as a John Clark a Tom Clancy character with all his skills from a book he has read or is reading but there are some items a watch and a knife and a used burn phone in the costume from a living person called G.Callen also mixed in with the costume.

once Halloween is over Xander gains :
the fictional John Clark's memories of a Navy SEAL w...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Oct 14] • Date Updated [30 Nov 14]
This is a 'Not a YAHF fic' fic challenge.

In Season 4, the Halloween episode involved a party, a fear demon (Gachnar), and a chainsaw.

Write a short story (preferably not an epic, less than 5000 words ) where someone from another fandom ended up at this party as a guest of a non-Scooby (Could be a member of Dingos Ate My Baby ).

Somehow, Giles' chainsaw must be involved before the story ends.
Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • (Moderator)acs • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Oct 14]
BtVS up to Halloween NCIS:La Legends crossover

Xander Decide to dress as An Immortal Jarrod from the pretender series choosing to be a mature version with all the knowledge he had accrued over his life

example Occupations: Thief, Doctor, pilot, infectious disease specialist, prison officer, police officer, bodyguard, truck driver, race car driver, fertility specialist, gigolo, plastic surgeon, tracking expert, Computer Programmer/Hacker IT expert, Dancer , Make-up Artist, Banker/Stock Broker among others over his life.

Once Halloween is Over with the merging of pe...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Oct 14]
cordelia and the cordettes made a bet with xander and lost and xander decides on the twilight theme as the la push Quileute Shape-shifters explaining his reasons in detail shocking them that he had worked out a background history of sorts for each one there is a change in height - build and looks for everyone when halloween is over but they become more close knit due to the bond they share and leave sunnydale due to the hellmouth as a group after graduation moving to colorado there senses are sharp enough to identify between the goa'uld and tok'ra

xander : pure black wolf largest of t...
Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Oct 14]
1 giving up on the soldier idea Xander dresses as a male version of Nymphadora Tonks with a few extra skills which doesn't quite work out to his plans

2 after Halloween in Sunnydale Xander decides to leave for safer pastures

3 he contacts a relative who is in a form of law enforcement for a place to go and a fresh new start

Xander wasn't in the best of moods when he arrived at Ethan's he was pissed with Buffy
and willow and to top it off now the last rifle was gone, that ends the idea of a soldier he gruffly muses to himself he suddenly has a thought about a char...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Oct 14]
Xander welshes on a bet from either one of the female cast of BtVS and
chooses a costume with money he either loots has saved or earned
they make a random comment that they wished that he be turned into a female version of the costume he was choosing during Halloween to teach him a lesson.
never hearing the words wish granted floating away on the wind.

what ever Xander turn into will be a mix of a female Xander and the female character still liking girls?

human looking characters=
soldier = SAM carter or GI Jane
wolverine = x-23
star wars = bastila...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Oct 14]
Xander for Halloween dresses as mix of Jake Foley from Jake 2.0 and Gabriel Vaughn from intelligence but calls himself Alex 2.5

he imagines his character to be taller buffer smarter with the knowledge skills and augments of both characters.

after all its only Halloween right?

he gets more than he imagined when Halloweens over he is instrumental in the defeat of Adam

Xander gains a minor understanding and grasp of magic and an increase in healing and fair knowledge of the occult from the joining spell,

he decides to break ties and leave Sunnydale w...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het • sidiousclone • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Oct 14]
Xander got lucky or unlucky while buying at Ethan's, getting a damage costume at a cheap price as Bizzaro Dr. Doom. when the spell hit he and the Mayor senses him he try to banish him away. Now with the blessing/cursed face and the power of magic science he lands in the DCverse. He planned to lay low and not be become a white knight or a black pawn in the games of heroes and villains.

-Bizzaro Doom blessing/curse make his face so beautiful that he has to cover it up and has became bitter in the some way as in cannon Doom.
-Have moderate sanity and never having Reed Richards as a r...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • RoyalTwinFangs • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Oct 14]
this is technically a Non-crossover challenge but I couldn't find that option. Basically something happens and Xander gets turned into baby.
There are two options for this challenge.
Option A
-Xander jumps in the way of a spell aimed at another member of the Scoobies (preferably one of girls) and as a result gets turned into a baby.
-The Scooby that Xander save decides to adopt Xander, s/he feels that s/he owes it to Xander and/or baby Xander Cries when ever he can't see him/her.
-Xander's new parent must somehow know about Xander's bad childhood, and actively try to make h...
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The Powers that be have become arrogant too the point of blatant stupidity. They actually thought they could tell the gods what too do, the same gods who are there bosses, Janus decides enough is enough and proceeds too mess with the timeline. He brings Satele Shan at the moment of her death too Sunnydale (Alive and well.), he then brings Sirius Black at the moment of his death too Sunnydale (Alive and well). He then convinces Aphrodite too get them together and make sure that Xander Harris is born too the two shortly before they are forced too leave him at the Harris family with a Holocon mad...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered • GodofChaos • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Sep 14]
Disclaimer: I in no way own anything that is recognized in this story and I make money of any kind from this story. I am just doing this for fun and amusement.
BtVS X StarCraft
After Xander brought back Buffy in the Master's Layer and help defended the Hellmouth he goes back down to explore it more.
After completely exploring the main chamber he decided to explore the side passages.
After a few hours exploring and not finding anything he decided to head back out of the chamber, but just as he was about to head back the tunnels' floor gave way causing him to drop down through a...
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This is a genuine writing CHALLENGE, a test of skill to see how good you are at writing.

Specifically how good you are at characterisation!?

So a group of five different people from five different fandoms are picked up by a disparate group of “Higher Beings” and dumped into a dystopian world run on a form of magic/alchemy/Victorian era spiritualism (Ectoplasm, sprits of the dead etc.)

Each “Higher Being” has picked a “Champion” from their home dimension, that was just about to die/fail at some impossibly important task/make a HUGE mistake. Each Champion i...
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This is a fic-a-trois. Buffyverse (which may include any canon incarnation of either TV show)/SG1/Twilight. The plot is largely up to the writer, but it hinges on the fact the Meyer was incredibly sloppy in her sparklepire canon. Specifically, the origin of her species of vampire. Given their nature and instincts they couldn't have evolved alongside humanity, otherwise the hypothetical cavepires (the Meyer version) would have rendered humanity extinct before we ever tamed fire. Not even the Slayer could have stopped them. So, they must have appeared AFTER humans had a civilization. In mes...
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