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"Hey Wills."
"Hey Xan." Willow replied sadly.
"Had another fight, huh?"
"Hm? Another fight with who?"
"Who's Tara?"

Basically, for whatever reason, Tara disappears around the time that she and willow were on the outs... and no one remembers her at all, in fact, even the holes that should be there aren't, it's like she never existed! Except for one, or two, problems. Xander remembers. [option: And so does Dawn due to her status as the key.]

Xander, concerned for the missing scooby AND that she isn't missed by the others, because the others...
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When Faith runs at the end of Who Are You, she ends up in San Francisco. You just know she’s going to end up at P3 sooner or later. But someone else is coming to San Francisco too. The Saints of South Boston.

When the sisters meet the Saints they come up with their own version of The Prayer.

And witches we shall be
For thee, dread Lord, for thee.
Power of Three hath descended forth from thy hand
That our spells my swiftly carry out thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to thee
And teeming with demons shall it ever be.

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YAHF, but not.

Ethan Rayne didn't open up his shop and cast the spell for the halloween of 97 (season 2)... Some things are delayed, some brought forward, and he had another engagement already set so he changed plans. Sort of.

Requirements: None of them dress up how they had. Obviously if you set it pre-buffy (season 1 i believe starts halfway through the school year, in february, and there is no evidence that it was the start of the school year in the pilot) then maybe you can have willow be a ghost, but she wont be buffy-dressed beneath it, all 'sears' or whatever.
Multiple Crossings • AlexanderMcpherson • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Nov 13]
We know Willow Loves Xander, in ways both Sexy & Not. After a re watch of the Love Spell Ep with Willow & her Axe while listening to Untouched by the Veronicas this idea came to pass. NO BASHING.
Explore Willow as a Yandere with Xander as her "One & Only" :) either have her as a New Yandere via Spell or Head Injury or explore her being a Yandere hidden in plain sight from Day One. Make use of her Talents & intellect but include her flaws too. Willow Centric or Xander Centric fic please. Both POV's is best though. If you want to go Horror route then fine but I think Darkly ...
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As a fan of the Mass Effect series and multiple crossover stories, I offer up this challenge for your consideration and possible entertainment. It begins with a Halloween scenario where Xander does not get his rifle, but with a bit of haggling/work and the help of one or more pieces from the bargain bin from Ethan's is able to form a costume, building the identity/alter ego Paladin, a legendary demon hunter. At the end of Halloween he would keep whatever skills/enhancements/memories the costume gave him which he would then seek to either overtly or covertly aid the Scooby Gang, author's choice...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • HieiUchiha • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Nov 13]
I would like to see something along the lines of the ship of the line challenge but done with Buffy characters going as characters from the Kris Longknife series and gaining some Smart Metal ships, preferably the Wasp II, Admiral Longknife's flagship. Preferred third cross would be with Stargate but it is up to those who take up the challenge. Otherwise, all guidelines posted in challenge are valid.
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We all know that Xander has the capacity for magic and at the very least fire magic in particular (see the episode - Superstar).

What I propose is the following:-

1. At some point (early on) Xander decides that what with the ever present danger, and since magic exists, he gets tested to see if he has any real capacity for magic
2. Xander has a “minor” talent in fire magic (as in he is not really powerful and never will be - but he is able to get stronger, but it takes a lot of time and effort)
3. What Xander lacks in power he makes up for in ingenuity (so you need...
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Buffy goes through Glory's portal and lands in the Hansel and Gretel movie verse. After convincing then that she is on their side she helps them vanquish the witch. During the battle Hansel sees her fall and realizes that he is falling in love with her, when Willows Resurrection spell hits them sending Buffy home and making them both immortal. The last words that she hears are I will find you.

Fast forward to Sunnydale cemetery where the gang has just tried the spell and thinking that it didn't work walk away unknown to them they were being watched by Hansel now known as Hawkeye wh...
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Xander's family are messed up. Most of the group are unaware of the reason for this. When Xander was six or seven his cousin Dana was kidnapped by a serial killer and her parents murdered. Dana's mother was the sweet little sister of both Tony and Rory Harris and this left them devastated. Dana was never found by these family members but Xander's step-grandpa (surprise me with a fandom of your choice) put her into the mental institute and never informed anyone.

Andrew collects Dana from Angel as in the show but later he and his team are ambushed (chose a fandom bad guy) and Dana is ...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic Xander • wolfcub • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Nov 13]
Very similar to my previous challenge. In this challenge you are to take one canon (e.g. Marvel) and mix it with another canon (e.g. DC) to create a completely new canon. In which you must write the adventures for the characters you have created.

For example:

Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine amalgam)
Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings • Alector • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Oct 13]
This challenge is about taking the Buffy universe and blending it with another (i.e. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Twilight, etc.)

To help you, here is an example of what a entry might look like:

"Hogwarts Hellmouth Adventures"

The amalgam characters may look something like this:

Alexander Potter (Amalgam of James Potter & Xander Harris)
Willow Evans (Amalgam of Lilly Evans + Willow Rosenberg
Rupert Black (Amalgam of Sirius Black & Ripper Giles)
Ethan Pettigrew (Amalgam of Peter Pettigrew & Ethan Rayne)
Daniel Lupin (Amalgam of Remus ...
Multiple Crossings > General • Alector • Responses [1] • Date Added [30 Oct 13]
Xander goes as a combination of Captain America(Steve Rogers from the Captain America movies),Batman(Bruce Wayne),Jarod(The Pretender) and Snake-Eyes Gets Jonathan to go as Bucky Barnes(Winter Soldier),Jason Todd(Red Hood),Slade Wilson(Deathstroke the Terminator).

Super-Soldier Serum Superhuman strength, Longevity, speed, agility, stamina, and Superhumanly Durable, Regenerative healing factor and Captain America's shield stays

Must Have HET

Optional Crossovers
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered • razielCA • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Oct 13] • Date Updated [31 Oct 13]
I know there are a lot of Halloween fics that have Xander going as a specific soldier, but from what I remember from the episode, all the costumes were generic. Therefore what I propose is the following:-

1. Xander still goes as a soldier;
2. Xander did not want to risk going out at night without some protection so he adds a few extras to his costume. This would include things like a wooden combat knife (in place of a stake - you could have him discover his woodworking skills earlier than we were shown in the show) and a shoulder belt with vials of Holy Water in place of ammo, a c...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • TheForgotten • Responses [0] • Date Added [26 Oct 13]
Plot Points: -During the spell the Scoobies and whoever else you what get transformed in to their costumes'
-They retain their costumes skills, abilities, and memories.
-The Scoobies and whoever got transformed into their costume will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave them permanently as the character/a member of the character’s species after the spell ends, even though their own personality returns to control their mind.
-They leave the planet by some means and reach their ship/fleet.
-They Choose to keep the ship/fleet and live on it/them....
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Start your fic the morning after Halloween. The Scoobies had all dressed as their favorite Justice Leaguer/Justice Societier. Their costumes remain enchanted, giving them powers. They also have interactive memories/fictional possessions, but not of their costumes'owners. Their new personalities are of the Avengers/Defenders closest equivalent.

·Xander has a Batman suit, but his mental passenger is Nighthawk

·Willow's Zatanna tux hides the Scarlet Witch's Wanda personality

·Dawn, as a Valkirie in a Wonder Woman outfit can now hold her own at Buffy's side
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