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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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My first challenge!!!! Please read the whole thing before making any decisions or forming any opinions. For any questions or clarification, please contact me.

Buffy/Fallout3/Skyrim: After killing Angel, Buffy falls into a different "Hell" dimension, Fallout, then later travels to Skyrim, then after many years finally gets home. For good? Maybe...

Whatever way things happen, this is not a happy vacation in adventure wonderland. For Buffy, This. Is. Hell. Buffy is human, not a Mary-Sue. She will fail, forget things, nearly die, get captured, used, tortured, taken advantage of, ...
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Here are the non-negotiable rules for this challenge.
1: Xander must dress as something other then as a soldier, preferably a character with powers of one form or another.
2: Xander must keep the powers/skills/form of his costume while still retaining his personality.
3: Xander must be transported to a different reality one way or another, this reality must have nothing to do with the costume Xander wore.
4: Xander's very presence must severely change the story-line of this new reality, like a ripple effect.
5: No one else from the Buffy-verse may appear in the new reality....
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Premise: What if (for a reason you must identify) Wesley never found Faith and Angel and he was allowed to help her unmolested (Consequences, Buffy, Season 3, Episode 15)? They may move locations, including L.A., be whisked off by parties unknown, or Wes and crew just don't think to look in the Mansion that night (however unlikely that may be).

The crossover element can be minor or major, multiple or single, add in one character or an entire universe.

Examples might include: SG-1--Thor of the Asgard remove them from the Mansion and takes a personal interest.

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For those who don't know the Author Wraithrune I will explain Xander dresses as Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto decides that since he wasn't able to release kyuubi during his life time that he will use this opportunity to bring Kyuubi back to life inside Xander whether he ask Xander about it and how he does it are up to you but regardless the side effects must involve costume pieces retaining there ability's and any manikin wearing a costume will result in a clone of the character being permanently created, the Hellmouth must open temporarily on earth and Hellmouths all over the Galaxy must open how ma...
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New twist to the zoo story.

During the Zoo episode, Xander was possessed by a Primal Hyena and at the end, had the hyena removed from him. What if it that was literally what happened? They removed the hyena but NOT the primal energies. The energies; without a consciousness to direct them, lay dormant most of the time, only coming out when really needed. And this is the REAL reason why he barely gets seriously hurt fighting vampires; opponents that are at least 3 times stronger and 5 times faster than him. The real reason he survived being hit with the troll hammer. And why magic does...
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I cited this as Multiple as Sanctuary's not on the usual list.

Helen Magnus and her merry menagerie, the Sanctuary Network, have been catching attention of late, and the notion behind *Confess Thy Sins* had me commenting on the notion of Helen's network extending aid to Buffy or Xander when they underwent changes that would definitely show up on Helen's "radar". Such tales, I am told, aren't on FFN.

So, here's the challenge--what would happen?

As a bonus, consider the woman's impact if she and the Network were active in the Evoverse, and the Bayville situation came t...
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At the end of BtVS the powers pull a fast one to kill off most of the scoobies and a good portion of the Sunnydale S.I.Ts all in the name of 'balance'. However the Scooby's (unknowingly) have the last laugh due to willows last spell and a few other factors. First the slayer spirit is NOT amused and is sending slayer dreams to all newly called slayers informing them of the situation. Second the former Scooby's and surviving Scooby's band together with anyone who owes them anything. Third the faculty, staff, student population and alumni or St. Trinian school for girls were potentials. Last...
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The challenge is simple, bring a Robin Williams character into the BtVS world. And I mean character, like Mrs Doubtfire, not the creepy guy he played in One Hour Photo.

Acceptable characters include:
Genie from Aladdin
Mork – Mork and Mindy
Adrian Cronauer - Good Morning, Vietnam
Mrs. Doubtfire
Peter Pan – Hook
Batty – Ferngully
Alan Parrish – Jumanji
Professor from Flubber
Patch Adams
Fender – Robots
Teddy Roosevelt – Night at the Museum (Ampata anyone?)
Simon Roberts – The Crazy Ones (already stars with SMG)

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Basically, what I'm asking is someone to take Zaion's challenge, but to choose the ship in such way that essential consummables cannot be replaced, making it, and any technologies from it useless after what is available is exhausted.
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To be perfectly and completely honest Alexander Harris is a patently pathetic character. He was originally created as a love interest for the shows main lead (Buffy, duh) but that never went anywhere, was used as comic relief, but that was taken to a level so far beyond 'beating a deat horse with a stick' it only ever made people feel sorry for him rather than laughing, was meant to be the shows token normal guy, but was never allowed to grow into the role and had long standing unaddressed emotional problems that were never resolved.
With all of this and so much more I just don't have the...
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Xander looses his army fatigues in some unfortunate event.

While wondering through Ethan's shop he finds and buys a pair of yellow contacts.

That night just after Ethan cast the spell every Demon, vampire and human felt a shiver go down there spines.

Look out world Azazel here.
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween • Gibbsk • Responses [0] • Date Added [26 Jan 14]
Snyder decides to go with a theme ,the Scoobies are robed to go as samurai . i would prefer no outrageous Anime superpower ,otherwise use films and Anime,and you can gender switch as much you want , an example would be Willow as ken shin from the ova,Cordelia as Yaqui jibe, Xander as Sankara Sabik and maybe Buffy as Tome go zen , but these are only a few suggestions . must feature keeping their memory's and skills(and maybe whatever physical scars the characters had ) , a bunch American teenagers speaking Japanese and of course much samurai goodness. oh and if Andrew is going as usagi yojimb...
Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween • warriortree • Responses [0] • Date Added [26 Jan 14] • Date Updated [30 Jan 14]
What if Oz's idea of pummeling the mayor with humus had really been the way to defeat him? Was the Olvakian allergic to something in it? React badly with his skin -too acidic or corrosive? Dried to cement-like hardness on contact? Was 'a volcano erupting' literal or referring to spiciness

Or, What if it had been something else that's no longer available on Earth? What if it's only available on/in Asgard or on one of the worlds through the Stargate? How would they get it? A relative with connections or a clandestine trip or just making a phone call?

any cross is okay.
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Angel, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, & Veronica Mars - After Angel's Death in Not Fade Away, Connor opens his own Paranormal Detective Agency with his team consisting of Spike, Kimberly, Tommy and Veronica.

If you want to include pairings within the group that is fine but my only restriction is no Spike/Connor. I have no problem with slash. I love it actually. I just don't like the pairing. If you want to include other characters from the fandoms than just pair them with the core five.

Also please don't go into the comics, since I don't read them. Original plots is prefe...
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Xander goes on a road trip
You've heard this tale before
But now listen to the twist
He gets *your* car; no more.

Go out to your garage, driveway, street, front yard on blocks; wherever you keep your automobile. Take an inventory. Include everything, seats, seat belts, maps in the glove compartment, gallons of gas (or litres of petrol).

Next, Xander goes on his road trip and gets sucked through a portal. He has the clothes on his back, his wallet, one stake, and your car (e.i. not his uncle Rory's car).

Where he ends up is up to you, just so long as ...
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