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Everyone knows that Immortals cannot have children, unfortunately no one told the Watcher's not to experiment. Years have passed and now Methos and Mac find that they both have a child.

Sixteen year old Xander Harris always knew that Tony Harris wasn't his father, he just didn't know that both his Mother and Tony were Watchers sent to the hellmouth to hide Xander's existence.

Seventeen year old Faith LaHane ran away from her abusive mother and the death of her first watcher. In Sunnydale she has made a family and friends with Cordy, Xander, and Kendra. They hav...
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So I was thinking about what character to go as for Halloween and I came across the thought of going as Duncan Macleod.

Then it hit me today when I was thinking about how awesome it would be if we 'pulled a Buffy' and had our costumes possess us, and this idea came out. Unfortunately I know I don't have the skills to do it justice, but I know the spattering of Highlander fans on this site may appreciate it.

The challenge is this:
Xander went to the Costume Shoppe (Ethan's costume shop) and for some reason instead gets a plastic sword and raids his father's closet for ...
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"Lets put it this way... I'm fluent in Sumerian, and Mesopotamia was long after my time."

Buffy/Highlander Challenge

Standard Buffy's been around forever... blah blah blah,

-Work something interesting as to how she gets her current looks, maybe she's reborn every time the essence of the Slayer is recycled?Something original would be preferable.
-Have Buffy meet up with/already be familiar with various Highlander Characters, preferably NOT Methos... that's just cliché
-Scoobies find out about Buffy's immortality, but NOT after she dies in ...
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I've read several fics that go into the after-effects of Methos and Duncans shared Quickening. And i've oftened wondered if that was the solution to putting an end to the Gathering.


Methos/Xander preferred but can be Xander/anyone.

A prophecy is found that hints that the only way to end the Gathering was to unite the Immortals quickenings. The key to this prophecy is Methos and a new immortal Xander (how Xander becomes immortal can be the result of one of Buffy's airheaded screw-ups or what ever the author comes up with.) While trying to join the quickenings an...
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To start, a few questions to get the writing juices flowing:

What would happen if some Power went back to the beginning and changed things?
What if Xander was a pre-immortal?
What if Buffy didn't show up at the Bronze in "Welcome to the Hellmouth"?
What if Xander was taken instead of Jesse?
What if the Master took a liking to him/knew what he was?

So here is the actual challenge:

With Xander as a pre-immortal, somehow he ends up being taken by Darla as a snack for the Master. What happens next?

Must be Xander-centric in the ...
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I have yet to read a story, see a television show, or even a movie (with one exception) that puts Orthodox Judaism in a positive light. Maybe that's because no authors know anything about it, but I would like to see a story in which Willow embraced her Jewish heritage instead of becoming Wiccan.

To make things interesting, the author can alter the Highlander time-line (or erase a certain death) to bring Rebecca (Amanda's teacher, and possibly a Jewish character) to Sunnydale to guide Willow on the path of an Orthodox Jew who fights preternatural enemies.

The first difference...
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One of the female cast members of Buffy/Angel becomes a Highlander-style Immortal. Sometime after this, something mystical happens and all female Immortals (at least, those who are apparently of child-bearing years) become pregnant.

If you want to have more than one Southern-California born cast member become an Immortal, please have it be because of a spell or something similar with a definite starting point, such as with Dawn being 'made from' Buffy, because more than one pre-immortal naturally occurring in a group this small is somewhat unlikely, right? Giles, Tara and others bor...
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In an alternate universe, Jesse rises not as a vampire but as an Immortal.

Bonus points for exploring the new BtVS dynamics thoroughly and incorporating a discussion of vampires v. Highlander-style Immortality.
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this starts at the start Buffy the vampire slayer.Giles trained both Xander and Willow in how to fight hand to hand and with swords.Giles tells some stories about the guy who trained Giles in swordsmanship when he was at Oxford a man named Adam Pierson(aka METHOS) so for the next seven years Xander has trained. so when he goes to Africa to find slayers he meets a shaman who helps him regenerate the Eye he lost to Caleb after this he has his first death.all the possessions merge.Hyena, Solder, swim team,The Chumash vengeance spirit ,the merging spell to deal with ADAM, after he wakes up Whi...
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Buffy/Highlander (time travel)

This is a challenge for a long fic or round robin where Buffy jumps through the portal in “The Gift” but instead of dying the portal sends her back in time. Through her adventures Buffy becomes known by both Watchers’ Councils as the legendary immortal slayer. She travels through history fighting battles and meeting immortals. She could even meet other characters from different fandoms such as Xena/Hercules, King Author, Captain Jack Sparrow or even Angel.

Any Pairing

Any Time

Must fight in at least one major war
Highlander > Buffy-Centered • (Past Donor)angelaask • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Jul 07] • Date Updated [19 Jan 10]
Set after Buffy’s resurrection in season 6. Like the show Buffy had been ripped out of heaven by her friends, but unlike the show she hasn’t forgiven them.

When she realises that living in Sunnydale (with the constant negative energy that the Hellmouth emits) is never going to let her recover from the loss of heaven, she decides to leave.

To make matters worse Dawn died after Buffy did (since she was never created to survive) and so Buffy decides to go and see the only family that she has left that still cares about her- her Uncle Joe Dawson in Seacouver.

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BtVS/Highlander crossover

What if in the episode "Halloween", in the second season, when Willow becomes a ghost because of the spell Ethan casts, she didn't come back to life because the spell ended but rather because she died her first death and became immortal.

How will this change the future seasons? How will Willow find out that she is an immortal? Who will teach Willow to use swords? Will Willow still be interested in magic?

Don't want to see:
- Willow suddenly being superior fighter. She will need practice.
- No turning Willow into vampire/immortal hy...
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Challenge where Buffy is not really the Slayer but just a Potential, everybody had lied to her about being the Slayer. She finds out when Kendra, a Slayer, comes to Sunnydale.


1. Season 1
2. Must have everybody in season 1, Angel does not come to Sunnydale he has been dust for years you can decide how yourself
3. Must have Duncan posing as a teacher at the high school in search of a possible pre-immortal
4. Pre-immortal must be Buffy or Jenny Calendar
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Spike and Dawn are off on a road trip and their car breaks down in Seacover and they end u at Joe's Bar. He offers them a place for the night. In the meantime, Amanda is in town and looking to spend the thanksgiving Holidays with her favorite Immortals (Duncan, Richie, Methos), but what she doesn't know is that a Headhunter has followed her to Seacover.

Dawn/ OC or Richie
Spike/ Amanda

Must Have:
Insane Thanksgiving Nazi Amanda.
Yelling by Buffy and Angel.
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That the immortals from highlander are the biological children of active slayers
Highlander • vox • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 Mar 07]
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