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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Death Note on the Hellmouth
Crossover: Death Note
Time line: Any
Pairing: Xander x Hetero
Inspired by "Harry Potter and the Death Note" by TakatoRikku and Ranma/DN xover "The Note" by Demon God of Chaos

A Shinigami (Death God) follows the energies of the Hellmouth and finds a depressed Xander Harris. The Shinigami has witness the boy's fights and is curious to see what he would do with Death Note.

Rules for Death Note
(1) The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
(2) This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face ...
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I like to a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X/1999 or Xxxholic or Tsubasa or Tokyo Babylon(sp?). With it being a Xander-centered story. It also must contain slash/yaoi with Xander being in one of the slash/yaoi pairings..
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Fallen Cross
Crossover: Weiss Kreuz
Timeline: 2x06 "Halloween"
Pairing: Xander x Hetero
Theme: Halloween

Xander's Soldier constume is ruined. While searching for a new idea he sees a magazine marked Weiss Kreuz and a picture of an anime character. Xander knows were to get the same outfit as one of the characters and all he needs is hair dye and a few cheap things from that new store, Ethan's.

Xander choices
(1) Fujimiya Aya. (Age: 20, 178 cm)
Abyssian of Weiss. They say the wielder comes to resemble the weapon, and Aya is as slender, sharp, and cold ...
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Brothers of the Shaman King
Crossover: Shaman King
Timeline: Pre-2000
Pairing: Xander x Hetero
Theme: Xander's Real Family.

Xander goes threw some changes since he left Sunnydale. He begins to see a world of ghosts and spirits. He can even touch them! He's also confronted and nearly killed by a young teen named Hao and his monstrous Spirit of Fire.

He awakens to find himself in another country and learns his real father is Mikihisa Asakura, and he has a step mother Kei Asakura, and two half brothers (4 years younger than him) Yoh and Hao!

Hao became...
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Power of the Heavens
Crossover: Saint Seiya/Sailor Moon
Timeline: 2x06 "Halloween"
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

The Troll
Snyder decides to "ensure safety" and to increase the embarrassment of his "volunteer" students, by having them wear bright colorful uniforms/costumes. He arranges for Mr. Rayne to make the costumes and forces the students pay for them.

The Revenge
Ethan is upset that instead of making dark vicious monsters, he's forced to make cosplay outfits from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) and Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac). His reve...
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Village of Hidden Slayers.
Crossover: Naruto
Timeline: Post Season 7/8. Naruto: Pre- Shippuden
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

The slayers and allies have banished all demons from earth, ending a war with the supernatural that has lasted since 7000 BC. It's PARTY TIME! A hundred Slayers, Watchers, and the Original Scoobies have gathered for a party a British Mansion.

The last members of the nearly destroyed Order of Teraka arrives in silence. Most of Order was crushed by the Slayers and the banishment wiped out all except for a few human and wizard assassins. The wizard...
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Crossover: Inuyasha
Timeline: 2x06 "Halloween"
Pairing: Xander x Hetero
Inspiration: Based on my own "Halloween Cosplay Chaos"

Ethan Rayne buys cosplay costumes from a strange man in LA.

Xander dresses as the villain Naraku for Halloween. That night Naraku with the complete corrupted Shikon-no-Tama purges himself of his humanity. The purging creates an incarnation, which becomes Xander when the spell breaks.

Xander MUST dust Spike and/or Drusilla and/or Angel during Halloween
Xander MUST have several demon abilities, like all of Nar...
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Seed of the Past
Crossover: Gundam Seed
Timeline: Post CE 74
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

The slayers and allies banished all demons from earth, ending a war with the supernatural that has lasted since 7000 BC, and no more slayers will be called for hundreds of years.
2160s Post CE 74
The Bloody Valentine Wars upset the balance. The countless lives lost resonating in the lines of ley lines. It started with the destruction of an agricultural space colony Junius Seven, the death of 243,721 men, women, and children, and the rage triggered by the sorrow. Aft...
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Hell Exchange
Crossover: Full Metal Alchemist
Timeline: 6x01 "Bargaining"
Pairing: Xander x Hetero; Ed x Winry

The Urn was shattered. The Scoobies try to raise Buffy from the dead using Alchemy instead of Egyptian Sorcery with disastrous results. The Gate appears and swallows them whole.

Xander's bloody form is found in Resembool missing a couple of limbs. The Buffy Bot is also found near by, mistaken for a mangled Automail user. It sounds very human!

The Rockbells tend to Xander and the soul attached Android. They even give Xander automail limbs.
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Wrong Place, Different Time.
Crossover: Evangelion
5x22 "The Gift"
Pre-NGE Episode 1
Pairing: Xander x Hetero. Shinji x Hetero
Inspiration: Ranma/Eva crossover Shinji 1/2 by Neal Vincent Harris.

Xander is in the wrong place. Xander is too close when Glory's portal opens. Buffy manages to close it, sacrificing her life, but Xander's own mind and soul are torn from his body by the breaking barriers.

Shinji is in the wrong place. In the world of NGE, 2015, Shinji Ikari is standing too close when third Angel, Sachiel is attacking. Xander's min...
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Bleached Souls
Crossover: BLEACH
Timeline: BTVS Post-Season 7
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

Xander is sent to investigate a series of demon attacks in Japan. He finds a portal in an old temple and encounters a group of giant black demons with strange bone masks and holes in there chests. They are fighting a person dressed in black holding a strange sword. Hollows and a Shinigami

During the fight, Xander pushes the Shinigami out of the way and is torn from his body by a blow. He avoids a second blow, but his strange chain of fate shatters! Xander continues to help the S...
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AVATAR, Protector of Man
Crossover: Avatar: Last Air-bender
Timeline: Season 2 "Halloween"
Pairing: Xander x Hetero
Inspired by

Xander has a had a BAD DAY. Buffy hurt his pride defending him. Xander's army fatigues were damaged in the wash. Xander's father stole Xander's money for more booze, leaving Xander high and dry. He goes with Willow and Buffy to Ethan's, but still doesn't know what to do. The matter is made worse when a little kid buys the last plastic gun wiping out his Soldier idea.

Ethan notices ...
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Time line: BTVS Any time Post Season 2
Xander Centric
Match up: Xander x Hetero

A sorcerer tries to uses a spell to bind the slayer to a book, the same way Moloch was sealed, but Xander jumps in the way and damages the spell using a modern DVD. The DVD came from Dawn's Anime collection and sends Xander into that world.

18 Choices:
Avatar: Last Airbender - Bleach - Card Captor Sakura - Digimon - Dragon Ball Z
Evangelion - Full Metal Alchemist - Gundam Seed - Inuyasha - Naruto
Ranma - Rurouni Kenshin - Sailor Moon - Saint Seiya - Shaman King
Weiss Kreuz ...
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As you can guess, this is a Naruto Costume Challenge. Here are the terms ~grins~:

Your choice of characters must be one of the following for Xander, your choice:
1) Naruto
2) Rock Lee
3) Kakashi

The girls must stay in their original customes. That must stay the same.

Due to some unusualness (come up with something that makes sense), Xander keeps his abilities/memories after the spell is broken.

Plot bunnies/scenes
For Naruto/Xander: Buffy meets Xander the next day and her inner slayer freaks out due to the 9-tail fox within Xander. Hilarity ...
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BtVS/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover

Set after Season Seven for BtVS and near end of the duelist kingdom battles for Yu-Gi-Oh

After Pegasus loses the Millennium Eye, it somehow makes its way to Xander to replace he one he lost. The eye should restore his vision and grant him gifts to be even more "the one who sees" than he was before.

Xander, now possessing a Millennium item, is just as much a target as the others and must team up with Yugi and his friends.
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