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This is the 2nd of my Bleach challenges. This is a YAHF, with Yasutora Sado (Chad) from Bleach. I've never seen this done.

When Xander gets to Ethan's to get his gun, the last one has been sold. Ethan talks him into getting a glove that goes all the way up to his shoulder in red in black. Telling him that the clothing that he's wearing right now would work perfectly for the character. Stuffed in the glove Xander finds 2 things, a necklace with a coin on it and a stuffed turtle. You can either have him leave the turtle at home or take it with him, but I'd love to see Noba pop in (...
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This is the first of 2 challenges, of course it's a YAHF, but with a twist, after the series has ended (TV, not comics, I've never read them). Xander is taking the mini-slayers out Trick or Treating, (2 or 3 years after the end of the series) but the girls are getting sick of him going out as a Pirate every year. So the Mini's plot to get him to go as Kenpachi Zaraki, the Captain of the 11th Division in the Soul Society. To get the proper outfit, they order the captain's haori and maybe some of the other outfits as well and happen to get caught up in yet another Halloween spell.

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Write a crossover where Willow is sent in to Pokemon world.
Willow is turned into a captured esp-eon.
She is given a trainer and they head towards the city.
Xander comes after her and becomes a wild umbreon.
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this is a Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? crossover with Buffy.

1. As the name suggests Eucliwood Hellscythe from Wa Zombie Desu Ka? visits the hellmouth with or without her Friends. (you decide)

2. happens sometime during Buffy season 5.

3. Buffy and the gang will suspect Eucliwood for being something (you decide)

4. Eucliwood is there because she felt the key and found it interesting (and sends (if you decide he is there Ayumu Aikawa) to befriend the key)

And if you don't like this challenge then please at least make a the crossover.
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I don't know why this crossover didn't happen yet? It's "Buffy: The vampire slayer" meets "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica" - after all both series are rather dark allegorical stories about growing up and human condition.

Imagine that after end of season 5, it was Dawn not Willow who brought Buffy back from the death. Imagine that small creature named Kyubey made Dawn an offer that she can't refuse: Kyubey will grant young Ms. Summers one wish, he will resurrect Buffy but in return Dawn will become magical girl and she will be forced to fight endless battle with insidious creatures called...
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Of Alchemists and Homunculus's

On Halloween those students forced to dress up to escort kids have to go in groups
with matching costumes. Oz and Xander along with whichever characters you choose
to add end up with Fullmetal Alchemist costumes. (bonus if you can use the BBI
version where Ed ends up Pride in the end.) This leaves the Hellmouth with
Alchemist's and maybe worse once the spell has ended. Aside from the rules below
anything else works.

(not all of those who dressed up in costumes from Ethan's have to keep anything of
the costume t...
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I am so tired of reading about Xander being the bottom, so I'm posting this challenge. I want someone to write a story (slash/yaoi/Shounen Ai) about Xander being the dominant or top partner, it can be with any fandom except for the following:
-One Piece
-Ouran High School Host Club

Also here's a list of what you can (if you want to) put in the story:
-Xander with supernatural powers/Godlike!Xander
-Xander with hyena influences
-can have Buffy bashing (can't stand her)
-slight Willow bashing ( kinda like her, so ...
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Of Devil Fruits, Mages and Demons.

Thanks to Halloween people have gained new powers. Somehow Ethan had gotten
a hold of costumes for One Piece, Fairy Tail and a few other manga and anime. For
whatever reason random people kept parts if not all of the powers and skills they
gained that night due to who they dressed as. Now the Hellmouth must handle crazy
over powered Mages, Devil Fruit users and more.


Must have at least one of the main cast Buffy (I prefer Xander or Willow or even Angel
but who is up to you) dress up and keep some...
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When facing the master in the first season, Xander dies in Buffy's place. Buffy kills the master without being killed and resuscitates Xander. Upon waking Xander finds himself with the memories, the powers, and in part, the personality of...
Genryƫsai Shigekuni Yamamoto!



Powers That Be can't do anything about it because of orders from up high!

Has the Zanpakto of the captain commander!

Angel MUST DIE! Preferably from the fiery reiatsu of the Captain Commander.

No Escalation! Meaning no putting stronger enemi...
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So, as we all know, the Slayer's "Scythe" doesn't look much like a scythe. More like an axe-type weapon. Now, anyone who has seen Kuroshitsuji, otherwise known as Black Butler, knows that the scythes of the grim reapers are rarely, if ever shaped like scythes (except for those of the trainees). Examples of reaper scythes include a lawnmower, scissors, a chain saw, and garden shears. So, what if the worlds merged, or were connected? This would explain why the Slayer Scythe doesn't look like a scythe.

This is a Kuroshitsuji crossover. It must have:
*A reaper from the series (b...
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He likes the Silence...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Get Xander Harris together with Hotaru Tomoe, AKA Sailor Saturn. Having it start because Mistress Nine finds him hunky in a future-consort-to-the-dark-queen way would be in line with his past record, and watching her frustration while he treats it like a schoolgirl crush could be amusing. Obviously, Mr. White Knight isn't going to even think about returning things until and unless Hots (and I can't believe I just thought of that nickname, when she's my favorite ficcing character in SM...) at least looks the right ag...
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Basically, I'd like to see more Soul Eater stories on here. And I thought of having Buffy as a (sword) Meister. And if she somehow brought Masamune to the side of good and had him as her weapon/partner, that would be a bonus (read a story where he did that...). And yes, I'm expecting them (Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies) to be de-aged a little.

I'd like to see a Buffy/Kid pairing. Also would like a pairing with Stein...another story, possibly?

Good luck!
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U.N. Spacy on the Hellmouth

This is a modified version of my Macross challenge. This challenge is that Xander, Ox, Larry and any or all of the Pack from the hyena possession, Andrew, Warren, and Jonathan or any combination of the above must dress up in matching costumes. (Also note that Xander does not have to dress as any set character this time.) These costumes end up being from different Macross series and after Halloween the group is left with all of the memories and talents of the costumes. (this can include ships or weapons also.) Due to this they either use this to join the fi...
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Macross meets Hellmouth.

This challenge is simple. Cross Buffy and Macross together. You can do this through someone falling into a portal such as the Acathla one or through Halloween. The only rules are that if you use the Halloween episode Xander should dress as one of the following characters; Rick Hunter, Roy Folker, Basara from Macross 7, Gamlin from Macross 7, Maximilian Jenius from the Macross 7 or the original series or a made up character from any of the Macross series.
The second rule is that Buffy does not end up acting like an idiot/bossy know it all if she is the mai...
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Halloween Igura style, modified.(yaoi version)

This is a Halloween challenge for the series Togainu no Chi and Buffy.
On Halloween two characters wear matching costumes. Due to Ethan wanting more blood and chaos, He convinces two people to wear the costumes of Shiki and Akira.
After Halloween the one who dressed as Shiki finds he wants whoever was Akira that night.
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