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This is a story that wanted to be written but my stupid writer's block struck - please use any or all of this.

Alexander Lavelle Harris is the lost son of Nicolas Fisk AKA the Kingpin, major villain in Marvel Comics. His wife was eight months pregnant when she was kidnapped by his enemies. They took her to Sunnydale to hide, and when she gave birth the Mayor arranged for him to be raised by Tony and Jessica Harris. While the Kingpin found his wife, neither she nor he knew where she was or who took their child. She grieved and he became harder.

Xander grows up exactly as canon...
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John Constantine: Con-man, jerk...Their only hope.

Things have gotten bad for the Scoobies, for whatever reason, and they are desperate for help. In a move that makes him slightly sick to the stomach, Giles puts in a call to someone he remembered from his Ripper days: John Constantine.

The Rules are fairly simple:
1. It must be a crossover with the Comic, not the movie.
2. The Scoobies must be the ones to ask for his help
3. Must make an attempt to meld the DC/Vertigo rules of Heaven and Hell with the rules of the Buffverse.
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Either on Halloween or after, due to magic, one of Dawn's stuffed animals is brought to life.
The bad news: It's of the hyperkinetic rabbity-thing, Max from 'Sam and Max' fame.
How will this affect (destroy) the Hellmouth? That's up to you.
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While on his roadtrip that summer Xander rescues a wounded mute man from a group of Vampires...

- Damaged Car
- Cobra, Demons & Vampires
- Magic
- Scars
- Prophecy

Would prefer m/m(Xander/Snake Eyes) but is not absolutely necessary.. Can be slash/General(whatever you feel like)... Any result would be a welcome sight:)
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Snake-Eyes' Apprentice Kamakura and Falcon are both abducted while off duty by a newly revised version of the Initative...But the Chosen Ones & New Watchers locate the group 18 months after the two GI Joes abduction....

- Experiments
- Torture & Comfort
- Splicing
- Bad reactions
- Rescue
- Fallout

Would prefer a m/m(Falcon/Kamakura, Xander/Snake Eyes) but is not necessary.. Can be slash/General... Any result would be a welcome sight:)
...I always liked Lt Falcon and thought that they should have had him in Sigma 6 at the same...
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Etrigan and Xarathos/Ghost Rider are so livid with rage and thoroughly disgusted when they find out that a human (Mayor Wilkins) is planning to become an old one (first generation demon) that they go to Sunnydale with God's permission, rules, conditions, and blessing in order to stop the Mayor. They contact the one Scooby they can trust to do the right thing, Alexander Lavelle Harris. You decide what happens next.


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Oz loses a bet with the other band members and has to buy costumes from Ethan's for the entire band. The band members have Oz buy A Man-Wolf [Marvel] mask (with the ruby-like jewel in the larynx's position) And a Timberwolf [DC] costume for himself.


2) No Oz, Man-Wolf, Timberwolf, or Xander bashing.
3) no non-canon slash, No non-canon fem-slash, and no gender-bending.
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It is what it sounds like true believers, I hope to see more esoteric matchups slash or femslash preferred but regular pairings or gen match-ups are cool too. The BTVS universe is soooo easy to match up with Marvel with a lil' razzle dazzle here or there. Now, for the meat of the issue; Set it in the Marvel universe (the only exception is if you are a movie watcher in which case bring the characters over to the BTVS verse, since that is more established). Now one request beyond all of this I hope you can fit in- " Honestly, things could have been worse. The only thing I want to know now is ho...
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Though the Key of Dimensions was only really mentioned for one season and seems to have ceased to exist entirely, this challenge focuses on the Key.

For the sake of this story, the Key is made of a combination of the energies used by the Guardians of the Universe (the people in charge of the Green Lantern Corps) and the Zamarons (the Guardian's mates) and was created before they left Maltus (the planet they evolved on). When Buffy jumped into the portal in the Gift, Dawn lost the ability to access her powers as the Key, though she was still the Key. When Willow performs her spell to ...
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=”Accidental Reputation”=
In comic books, many supervillains have suffered from partial/temporary "amnesia," either as a plot device to keep a superhero's identity secret or to show that there's a half-decent person buried beneath all that evilness.

I can just imagine poor Xander, being the nice guy that he is, helps out a lost/confused person who’s really a partial amnesia super-villain (head trauma tends to do that). The POLICE to show up and assume that Xander is the villain’s accomplice, side-kick, and/or mercenary for hire.

Rumors spiral out of control, Xande...
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There are lots of authors and artists and author/artists out there who put time and energy into bringing their vision to life and then display it for free. If they're lucky, they can make a living off the sale of merchandise and compilation albums (bonus material included).

This website has very few webcomic crossovers, which is a shame because there are some great stories out there to be enjoyed.

All you need to do is write a fic with just the usual strong disclaimer, a link to the website and - when appropriate, for the more plot intensive ones - a warning such as "Contain...
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Birth of the X-Man
Crossover: X-men
Time line:
BTVS Post 7x22 "The Chosen"
marvel universe post "M-Day"
Pairing: Xander x Crossover Hetero

The Origin
Energy may be transformed from one form to another, but it is never created or destroyed. Mutants are born with a genetic trait called the X-gene, which allows them to naturally develop abilities not possessed by regular humans, but there powers are more than genes they are energy.

When the Scarlet Witch's stripping nearly all of the mutant population of their powers, reducing a society of ...
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Crossover: Image Comics
Theme: Xander's Real Family
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

An enemy summons a demon to attack the Slayer and her friends. The fiery glowing demon has enough power to easily kill slayer Buffy or witch Willow, but it finds Xander first, all alone. It attacks and thrashes Xander, when something happens.

Xander is not a Harris and the proof just wasted the demon. Xander's father was
(1) A member of International Operations Team 7 (John Lynch , Marc Slayton (Backlash), or Cole Cash (Grifter) which means Xander is Gen-active like Gen13 and DV8.
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while i know there are hundreds of Halloween fics out there, I was thinking it might be interesting to do one involving a scooby(preferably not buffy but no set rules) were decided to go as the silver surfer. pretty open challenge.

Have fun
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In the second series while fighting some unspeakable evil Xander is blinded. Giles feeling responsible takes it upon himself to introduce Xander to an old freind who happens to be blind.

The man with no fear is born from the ashes of pain is the Daredevil!
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