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BTVS/Angel/Charmed X-Over)

Angel and the gang find - while ransacking an office at Wolfram and Hart - a new prophecy pertaining to Angel and Connor, the only problem is also refers to Angel's other child - a daughter. Confused over this piece of information Angel begins a quest for information, but it seems that absolutely no one can find anything on this other supposed child. A nasty remark about Buffy by Xander starts Angel thinking 'What if Buffy had, had his child' - an unexpected result of their union on her seventeenth birthday. The only problem was there was no way to confirm o...
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(BTVS/Angel/Charmed X-Over)

Buffy dies before her time and she is reborn, so she can complete her destiny.


Piper and Leo (charmed) as Buffy's new parents.
New name Elizabeth, but makes everyone call her Buffy.
She must be a slayer and have Piper's power (freeze time).
Takes place at least 19 years after her death.
No one in Sunnydale realizes she's back, until Giles finds a prophecy.
She must be fully aware of her past life (either knows it instinctively or has dreams about it).
She must seek out the Scoobies.
Must fight an...
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When Willow activated all the potentials it activated Phebe Halliwell and because Xander is Phebe's twin brother that one of the (ELDERS had sent to the hellmouth because of a prophecy)it also activated Xander's own mage powers the the ELDERS had bound so when Xander's powers started to grow because he spent so long on the hellmouth he had absorbed a lot of energy so he went into a coma that started to cause all possessions including the slayer spirit to merge and make some changes.while he was in a coma he had a mental link with Phebe.who was scared of what was happening to herself so the...
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This story can take place after Buffy runs away after destroying Acathla.

She can have her own magical powers(your choice)

The pairing must be Buffy/Cole

The Scoobies come to San Fransico asking for help
The Elders send Buffy and the Charmed Ones to help prevent an apocolypse or defeat a powerful demon
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So, what if Xander spent a couple of months as a girl?
After a month or so of becoming a girl and being used to it Xander comes to San Fransisco. There he goes clubbing and meets Chris from the future. They have a one-night stand but something goes wrong. The Scoobies then realize after a while that Xander is pregnant.
Right before birth the baby decides to orb Xander to Halliwell Manor....
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Darla's last hope of trying to get rid of her baby (Connor!) leads her to the Charmed Ones. Will they help her, try to vanquish her or call in Angel and Co.? Either way, Connor is born.

Hope to see:
* Connor and Piper having a close relationship no matter what happens
* Connor still getting captured by Holtz and growing up in Quor'thoth
* Charmed Ones update books of shadows with stuff about the Order of Aurelius, Hellmouths, Slayers, and the miracle human child
* Connor getting jealous when Wyatt is born
* Oz! (mild obsession)
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1. Buffy must be adopted ether by a relative of the Charmed Ones (Joyce you pick how.)

2. You can choose who her mother is.

3. She must still be The Slayer.

4. Can include time travel if you want her to be the daughter of a Charmed One.

5. Can't be a future fic.

6. Must be longer than 5 chapters.

7. No Dawn. Ether she died or the whole deal with Glory never happened.

8. You must let me know of your response to it. With and if you want tell me bit about it. Please provide a link.

9. HAVE FUN with it.

10. Can be an...
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Hey just got another challenge Idea. This would require some time, but could go in many directions. Instead of Angel with a soul you get Cole with a change of heart, he no longer goes after Phoebe. and moves to Sunnydale to avoid temptation.

Prue doesn't die. She moves, to follow him, to keep watch?

that's all I've got of the top of my head.
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I would like to see a story where Chris and Buffy met in the future, but also when he came to the past. He won't be able to tell Buffy about their time together in the future. He also cannot tell her that she died so that he would end up with Bianca (part of Wyatt's plan). The story needs to end in the changed future with them living happily together.

Also you can put Wyatt with anybody else in the changed future.
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Angel S3 “Dad” / Charmed S4
On the list of enemies in “Dad” (Angel), there was something called a ‘piperbeast’. What if that is referring to a myth about an Charmed One whose name is Piper and because of a demon’s potion and her deep desire for a child she turns into a evil witch/demoness who kidnaps magical/supernatural children to punish the parents for having a child when she cannot?

In an alternate future, where Connor’s not kidnaped by Holtz, Piper turns into the ‘Piperbeast’ and kidnaps Connor. Paige and Pheobe are devastated when learning of this and h...
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BtVS Post S7 / Charmed S8
“A strange, powerful witch appears in the Charmed Ones’ lives. Just as the Triad is close to achieving its goal.”

The Ultimate Power is Willow, not Billie. Billie and Christy doesn’t appear in the Charmed Ones lives, Willow and her friends do. She’s Paige’s new charge who keeps calling for her unintentionally. Everyone in Willow’s life was kidnaped (Buffy, Dawn, Giles, & Xander). (Kennedy doesn’t exist). An evil sorcerer took them but Willow got away. Now she’s traveling the world, searching for her friends. She’s in San F...
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BtVS S6 / Charmed S4
BtVS cast: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya, Spike, Dawn, Giles (London), Tara (not around).
Charmed cast: Piper, Leo, Paige, Pheobe, Cole, Darrel, Glen.
After “Wrecked”, after she and Willow talk at the end, Buffy calls Giles. He tells her that the solution is not for Willow to stop using magic. He tells her of three sister witches, the Charmed Ones, who could help Willow understand her magic as being a gift and not to be used for personal gain. Buffy tells Willow about if and she agrees. Giles has a whitelighter friend of his tell the Elders, who tells L...
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BtVS Season Seven’s “First Date” x/over w/ Charmed Season Five’s “Baby’s First Demon” In San Francisco, the Charmed Ones and Leo are enjoying the new member in their family, a son (Wyatt) born to Piper and Leo. After saving Wyatt from the Parasite demons, Wyatt is kidnaped by an evil witch. Two days later, a package arrives for Piper. Inside are the bones/remains of a small child. In Sunnydale, the Slayer and her Slayerettes are just beginning the battle with Caleb and the First, though the Potentials have only just arrived. It’s just after Xander almost gets killed by his ...
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The Charmed Ones always had a Destiny to fight demons and to find love and be the most powerful coven on record. On a night across the planet a spell took effect changing the Destiny of the Charmed Ones, making them and a sister they never knew of stronger.

A year passed, Paige lives in the mansion with her sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe.

Leo orbs in with Xander Harris, their new watcher to replace the one that could not work with the four sisters and deal with the fact that Leo and Piper were married.

Xander is their watcher, but he is and al...
Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other • Caliadragon • Responses [1] • Date Added [14 Jun 07] • Date Updated [21 Jan 10]
Okay. We all know that Dawn is really a nexus of green spiritual power and that an order of monks transformed the Key into Dawn Summers by using Buffy's blood.
My challenge to you is that Dawn has powers like The Charmed Ones and she's techinally a White lighter but not really because of her green energy nexus-ness.
the following is what I would like to see in a fanfic you don't have to follow any of the following:

1. Dawn discovers her Whitelighter-like powers when she is in San Francisco with another Scooby and a Mini-Slayer, looking for a new Slayer.
2. Piper,Phoebe...
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