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***Warning - Spoilers for s2 of Supernatural****

**More space for spoilers**

And, here we go - in the grand tradition of the 20 Minute challenges, and in light of all the fun everyone (including me) has been having playing with the SPN fandom - I present to you -

20 Minutes from the Roadhouse

You take 20 minutes - no more, no less - and write a fic that either involves the s2 Roadhouse location, or one of the characters from the Roadhouse (Jo, Ellen, Ash), interacting with the world/characters of BtVS/AtS.

Got it? Ready. Set. GO!
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural

I just got done watching "Home" and It hit me how much Buffy looks like Mary so:

When Mary Winchester was killed by the demon she was pregnant (Optional if John knew about the pregnancy). The Powers That Be offer her a second chance at life when they see who her daughter will become. The one condition though is that Mary can't have any contact with her family until her daughters destiny has come to pass. Instead of sending the boys away Missouri reunites them with their father and tells them their mothers not dead (her appearance could be...
Supernatural • Chosenfire • Responses [1] • Date Added [3 Jul 06] • Date Updated [28 Mar 07]
Btvs/Supernatural crossover challenge

What if the Harbingers didn't just kill the potentials? What if they set them on fire to destroy any evidence?

The First was trying to wipe out the slayer line by killing off the potentials. That way the line would die with Buffy and Faith because there would be no potentials to call. What if the First was playing it safe by killing ALL potentials of ALL ages?

Now no slayer has ever been called over the age of 18, because there were always potentials under 18 to choose from. But if there suddenly weren't any potentials under 18 ...
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