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YAHF. Xander dresses as a barbarian hero for Halloween, trying to be Conan, but instead for the night he becomes 'Dave, the Barbarian'.

Afterwards, he retains Dave's herculean strength, as well as bringing his enchanted sword, Lula, into reality... but also becomes a complete and total wuss who's first instinct to danger is to run away and hide rather than fight.

Bonus: After the change, Xander argues with the Narrator about whatever direction the story happens to take.

Bonus 2: Buffy basically gains Fang's mentality that, since Xander is easily strong enough to smas...
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Xander becomes the new Shredder either by YAHF or a Legacy of some sort.
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Xander "dressed" as actor Jackie Chan buying a stupid mask. What he did not expect, was that he became an archeologist Jackie Chan instead. Also, he did not expect powers and creatures from the show to make their way into reality due to Ethan's unfortunate choice of toys and props. Or for them to stay there, tryng to bring on their own mark of the Apocalipse. Still, at least he kept his possessors skills. Probably due to kicking statue of Janus to the ground himself.
Though the most disturbing moment was appearance of "Uncle" - demoted due to his part in Ethan's scheme Janus - and a cute ...
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BTVS/Pixar's Brave crossover

Assumes the screwdriver that Merida is a Potential who originally wouldn't have activated. What if instead of a witch with a bear fetish, Merida had run into Halifrek, who grants her wish to "Change her Fate" by activating her as the then next Slayer. Other than gaining the strength that the original elder prince had suposedly searched for, and rapid healing to boot, nothing seems to be happening. But why does she keep dreaming of Mord Dhubh? And why does there seem to be this sudden epidemic of grave desicrations and church vandalism? Then all of the...
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Pinky and the Brain possess Angel and Drusilla.

Came about in conversation between souldriven and me.

souldriven:: \\\I have this image in my head now that won't leave.

Image: Xander, "Sorry but can anyone else picture Drusilla going 'Gee, Angelus, what are we going to do tonight?' and Angelus replying, 'Same thing we do every night, Drusilla, Try To End The WORLD!'?"///

My reply:: \\\I think you've got that image backward:

"My Angel. Make yourself ready for tonight." she breathed.

"Why, Dru? What are we going to do tonight?" (Narf...
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The Mane 6 may have sealed Discord in stone, again, but the spirit of Chaos has other plans. He contacts his "son", Ethan Rayne, and makes plans to launch round 3 against Celestia and the elements of Harmony much earlier than they expect.

Enter Giles and his team as experts on Ethan and chaos to assist the Mane 6 and Equestria before it is too late. (It's your call how they'll get there; same for Ethan.) Will they succeed? How will they succeed? It's your call!

Could have:

- Willow and Twilight Sparkle bond over the fear of frogs and the ability to babble.
- Cord...
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Yet Another Halloween Fic. Crossover with 'Captain Planet'.

For some reason or another, Xander cannot dress as a soldier, instead, in Ethan's shop, he notices a short red wig, and decides on a new costume.

Due to being a dedicated fan of the show in his younger years, Xander has one of the Planeteer shirts, as well as an appropriate ring, and dons the red wig, introducing himself as 'Wheeler' for the night.

When Ethan's spell begins, Janus's power invokes Gaia's own to give strength to the ring, and afterwards, if only on a whim, she decides to continue lending her m...
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I need to get something resembling a life.

Mostly out of curiosity I tracked down a few episodes of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and had a really evil idea.

Tara is, after the gun shot, resurrected in Equestria and ends up in ponyville as, of course, a new pony. Not much else to it there shouldn't need to be.

This is to anyone and everyone, go for it!
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This fic must be Xander/Twilight.

Yes, you read that, right.

Xander, sometime after Halloween season 2... perhaps the next day, gets transported to Equestria. How he does that I'll leave up to whoever answers this challenge. He is ejected, rather powerfully and painfully too, from the in some woods near Canterlot.

This must take place -before- Twilight Sparkle is sent to Ponyville. Two years before. Since Twilight was 18 when she went to Ponyville and she must be Xander's age when they meet now. Xander was born on 02/22/81. That would make him 16 when Halloween seas...
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xander finds a magic versen of the omnitrix the allows him turn into deamons instead of aliens. Instead of have deamons in it should gather dna from deamons he gone up aginst so it collected there dna. should have a vampire, could include the judge, glory or other any others you can think off.
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a fight with a demon Xander is Knocked into a vortex and into Equestria.

can he survive all the love and Friendship?
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Is Dethklok.

A BtVS/Metalocalypse crossover

Years ago Xander’s big brother, Nathan Explosion, ran away and later on helped create the most popular, successful and deadliest death metal band: Dethklok.

Would Xander and Nathan keep in touch with each other?


- Xander’s knowledge of his brother and the band.

- The Watcher Council’s knowledge of them.

- The Tribunal’s knowledge of Nathan’s brother.

- Any fans of DethKlok living in Sunnydale?

Please no character death unless it’s Dethklok fans....
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Rose: from Hunter to Slayer

Fandom: American Dragon: Jake Long

Challenge: Make Rose a Slayer. She was Huntsgirl, she had power, she could fight. And all she wanted was a normal life. She got it, via a wish and loss of memories. Her past caught up to her. She remembered who she was. Just in time to be Chosen for another destiny.


-The New Council freaking out over the existence of Dragons.

- There is a difference between the kind of Dragon Jake is, and the one Angel fought in the LA Battle. Jake is part-human. Other dragon was just a dragon....
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When Xander was at Ethan's to put together his soldier costume he finds dogtags with the name Brock Samson.
Angel and Spike are either dusted by Xander or shows them never to mess with him or the rest of the gang again.
Xander while taken over by Brock has sex with 1 or more of the women in Sunnydale.
Willow and Buffy dress as Triana Orpheus and Doctor Girlfriend or go with what they had from cannon.
Dress up anyone else you like.
Plot? To take over the world silly or just crazy stuff that you could expect from the Venture Brothers
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Okay most people will tell you that the cartoons of the 80’s and 90’s were better than they are now. Face it we had some pretty interesting toons show up in that period Scooby Doo, GI-Joe, M.A.S.K, Gadget, Ninja turtles, Dungeons and Dragons, Gargoyles, X-men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, He-Man, Captain Planet, the Real Ghostbusters. And on and on and on folks.
With that in mind and knowing Xander he would have an opinion on that era of toons being the best thing since the creation of the twinkie. The idea of the challenge is to dredge up your memories or check youtube and create a H...
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