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Buffy/Star Wars

The Watchers Council has rules and regulations meant to guide their potentials and Slayers. Rules such as no attachments, no mourning- simply keeping to the mission no matter what.

Sound like any other council to you?

What if centuries ago, the Watchers and Jedi Council were one and the same?

It started innocently enough. They trained the Jedi and the potentials and Slayers together, sharing fighting methods and skills in the Force.

But differences in how to lead the Council got in the way. While sometimes harsh, the Jedi disagreed w...
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Buffy/Star Wars

Buffy was born in a galaxy far, far away.

She grew up with the other younglings, including Obi-wan Kenobi, training to become a Jedi.

But something goes wrong when the Jedi are up against a foe(Or if you can think of something better, more power to ya'.). And in a desperate attempt to keep their champion alive, the Powers send her to a planet known as Earth.

Now on a foreign world where she can't feel the force and no one believes a young girl claiming to be from another planet, Buffy- scared and confused- ends up in child services, and ...
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Buffy/Star Wars

As far as I know this idea hasn't been used and it's been kinda stuck in my head.

Buffy is Han Solo's little sister.

Buffy's been working with her brother and Chewbacca and has helped keeped the Millenium Falcon running most of her life.

She can be a Slayer or strong in the Force, but when Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi hitch a ride with them, she's every bit a part of the action.


*Buffy being sarcastic and cocky like Han.
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Challenge: At some point in the series (preferably after Season 5), Xander somehow gets sent to the Galaxy Far, Far Away during the time of the Old Republic, either by interrupting a spell at the wrong moment, or being sent through some kind of portal (possibly Glory's portal, if at end of Season 5). Once there, Xander would merge with a post-mindwipe Revan, effectively keeping his Xander personality and memories, along with the skills and memories from the identity the Jedi had originally planned for him, not to mention the suppressed memories and skills of the original Revan.

Must ...
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This has probably been done before but I'm putting the challenge out anyway. Instead of Buffy jumping to safety at the end of "Chosen", she falls into a dimensional portal and she land in the middle of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. There Obi-Wan finds her and when he touches her to see if she is still alive, something happens and somehow Buffy's and Obi-Wan's minds link together and they each feel what the other is feeling and what the other is thinking. Yoda helps them to control it so they won't go crazy. Because of this, Buffy tags along with Ben and by extension Anakin on their journey...
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Buffy/Star Wars crossover challenge

Buffy time line after Chosen, 2 years, and AUish Star Wars; as in Anakin was not found by the Jedi, but by Palpatine, he freed Shmi and she get married with Mr. Lars, Ani grow up as Palpatine’s apprentice, Darth Vader.

Imperial troopers stumble upon a hidden planet, a.k.a Buffy verse Earth, and they wrongly think that Rebel Alliance is hiding there, they move to attack it… seeing common enemy humans (regular humans, you know normal) Witches, demons, Slayers and Vampires band together, they manage to defeat those troopers, but knowing th...
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At one time Slayers & Jedi moved between the 2 dimensions to fight evil. And there was more then just one slayer.... like the end of the series all those that had potential were slayers.

At one time Jedi were only human males since they hadn't achieved space travel yet.

The Slayers & Jedi used to fight side by side in the fight against evil and they would also find their perfect fighting partner or "mate" and sometimes they also became husband/wife but not always sometimes they were just very close friends. Once they found their "mate" they would become more powerful....
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