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opening scene: After sending Angel to Hell the girls and Giles force Xander out of the group and Xander hurting from this disappears without a trace.

jump to 5 or 6 yrs later: The Giles and the girls go to Miami and run into Xander who is a full CSI and in a steady relationship with Horatio working on a scene. Xander who is still hurting from their betrayal refuses to acknowledge they exist. Buffy meets Horatio and goes after him but Xander isn't letting go of his mate that easily. After all Hyena's mate for life.
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I would like to see Xander being Speed's little brother but neither even knew about the other until Xander gets put in the hospital for whatever reason (maybe Buffy and Willow put him there) and the docs run a DNA test, again for whatever reason. They find each other while Xander is a senior preferably, and he ends up moving to Miami to live with his brother. Xander finally decides he is through with being treated like a sidewalk, and an emotional punching bag.

I would love to see:
Buffy/Willow bashing
Abused but not beaten Xander
Smarter than everyone thinks Xander
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