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I'm a NCIS:LA new fan and I've got an idea for a fic I'd really like to read. In the BTVS show I really detest the way Buffy is treated by her friends and family (especially at the end). So I'd like to see her leave them behind to live her life (if you make her leave before the spell activated all the new slayers you have to find a plausible way for her to do it). Maybe she can work for the FBI or CIA or another agency but it's not an obligation. I want her and G. Callen meeting and becoming lovers but it must be realistic, they are both fighters, they both are secretive, their past is "classi...
NCIS > Buffy-Centered • manine • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 May 10]
I'm a NCIS:LA new fan and I've got an idea for a fic I'd really like to read. In the BTVS show hank has never been a father to Buffy and I really don't see Joyce acting all motherly either (but to be honest I really don't like her). So yes it's another Buffy has been adopted plot. I don't really care how or when she found out (before or after Joyce death). Then the plot is really open : Buffy has been adopted like any kid or their's a mystery concerning the adoption itself (in relation to the mystery of G. Callen). What need to be involved is that when G. was found there was also a baby girl w...
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There are a lot of challenges out there where Buffy is the child of L.J.Gibbs. While that is interesting I thought I would go with a different idea. I want Buffy to be the grandchild of Donald Mallard. I was thinking perhaps Ducky could be Hank's father. To make this challenge even more interesting I want this to be a Buffy/Giles pairing. The age difference is not all that much to my mind given her dating history and I would like to see Giles in a very supporting role. It might also be interesting to have the Mallards have some distant connection to the origional council. I would like Ducky to...
NCIS > Buffy-Centered • FireWolfe • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Apr 10]
I like the new NCIS: Los Angeles. I'd like to see a crossover with Callen's character and Buffy having met during her 'Anne' period. He could already be in NCIS or maybe this is the catalyst that draws him to NCIS. Relationship can be romantic / friendship / or mentor. I'd love to read a scene where Buffy introduces "G" to the LA nightlife. "Battling Demons" can be about both external demons and the internal turmoil experienced by both characters. A little angst is ok ... I hope someone takes this up - I just don't have the time, but foster home survivor Callen seems like a perfect char...
NCIS > Buffy-Centered • (Past Donor)Nuala • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Mar 10]
Ten years before Kelly was born two other children, twins, were born to Jethro and Shannon; a son and a daughter. Being a young couple just starting out they decided, or rather Shannon decided while Jethro was going through training to be a Marine, to give the babies up for adoption. Jethro, in his heart, never really forgave her for taking his children, his twins, from him. But God works in mysterious ways and Jethro finally finds out what happened them. As it happens he already knows his son and has for years. To top it off he's a member of his team. And his daughter? Well she just happens t...
NCIS > Buffy-Centered • jessie • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Mar 10]
Ziva learns that she has a relative in the USA - her cousin Jonathan Levinson, unsuccessful armored car robber and escaped felon, last seen in the company of his accomplice Andrew Wells. Now Wells has surfaced in Cleveland (or wherever else suits you), but there is no sign of Jonathan.

Ziva has a few day's leave over Christmas, and decides to visit Cleveland to investigate...
NCIS > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • (Current Donor)MarcusRowland • Responses [1] • Date Added [26 Feb 10] • Date Updated [11 Aug 10]
I posted this one awhile ago. Here it is again, edited and updated. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I’ve always thought Ms. Calendar and Kate looked a lot alike. Well, maybe just enough to be related. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Awhile back, I read Chaos Theory, by Rainne, and Kate was talking with her mother about the supernatural. Then I got to thinking…

Here it goes:

In Passion, Jenny doesn’t die. Somehow, she is able to take advantage of a split moment and escape. How? I’ll leave that to you.

After everything is said and...
NCIS > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • OutForAWalkBitkah • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Feb 10] • Date Updated [29 Jul 10]
This is a challenge focusing on a crossover between NCIS, of course, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and should contain the following:

1. Buffy and Dawn find out Hank isn't their father and that they have a brother, Tim McGee, and a sister, Sara McGee, that live in Washington D.C.

2. Buffy and Dawn along with Xander travel to D.C. to meet Tim and Sara. But while there and before the actual introduction the Scoobies are caught up in the middle of an NCIS investigation with Buffy and Xander as the prime suspects in the murder of a Navy officer. With Dawn looking good as an accesso...
NCIS • jessie • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Feb 10]
This challenge is all about pairing the laconic Oz with the domineering personality that is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Something about this pairing just makes me smile and giggle a bit. I'd like it to be werewolf instincts that draws Oz to that Alpha personality of Gibbs. Gibbs feels it too but on a smaller scale, and thus tries to deny the growing feelings. "I mean he is straight isn't he? Huh, I guess it doesn't matter if it's male or female, it's all about the red hair." If you can work this line or something similar in you get bonus awesome author points. Hehe, enjoy authors.
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Before her death, Kelly Gibbs was a Potential and upon hers and her mother's deaths, her soul was re-released into the ethereal plane.

During Angel's trials for Darla's life, his obsession with trying to save his own soul in the process was noticed by the Powers, who looked back and, in a rare show of benevolence, remembered the unjust way Angel's soul was returned to him in 'service' of Angelus' deeds and insist it's in the interest of maintaining a balance.

So they created not only one life to make up for Darla's second chance, but one for Angel's, as well.

In th...
NCIS > Angel-Centered • Angelfirenze • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jan 10] • Date Updated [23 Jan 10]
It started with a one-shot semi-crackfic of mine called 'Deceptive appearances'. It snowballed into a series (That probably should have been better as a single, multi chapter fic,) of a total of 4 one-shots, 'Whiskey on the rocks', 'Colliding forces of Nature' and 'Dealing with the living dead'. Now I propose a sequel.

I would like to write it myself, but I do not have the time right now. My work is taking up all my time. I would like a long story, at least 10 chapters , Xander-centered. It has to be compatible with my 4 short fics (mentioned above,) but other than that, you are free ...
NCIS > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other • firebreather • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Jan 10]
This challenge is NCIS/BTVS.
Perhaps Kelly isn't actually dead? Or Ziva has a sister her father never told her about? Or Tony has a baby sister that was taken/ran away at a young age.
Your challenge is to make Buffy related to one of the main characters on NCIS. Neither party knows about it, but they have to discover it somewhere in the fic.
- Buffy must be related by blood to one of the NCIS characters.
- Neither party can know that Buffy was the person taken from there lives.
- There has to be physical proof, like the witness protection program or gene test....
NCIS • Weirdgirl • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jan 10]
I've been writing this in my head for a week but I made a promise to myself to not begin another story until my own is complete.
Post 'Twilight' years for Buffy. The war was brutal and scarred all of them. Determined to prevent any further actions from military groups they reach out to the predominate powers and broker a deal that allows them to work autonomously. My conditions were simple: the Slayers forgo the use of modern weaponry - anything beyond a gun; they share info and vice versa; and they stay out of politics.
Enter Buffy. Tired of the game, sick of death, sh...
NCIS • paradocs • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Dec 09]
NCIS:LA crossover with BTVS. Xander has always lived in Sunnydale, and his parents are not the best. G has never lived in one place longer than 6 months and was in foster care for most of his life. With the issues that foster care has had in the past is it so unconceivable that Xander and G would meet in foster care? Just a bunny without a home, hope someone wants to adopt it!

NCIS • DemonChyld • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Dec 09]
When a demon-sighting brings Buffy to Washington DC, she crosses paths both with the NCIS investigative team and with one Riley Finn...and discovers that Riley is single again. And while Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is noted primarily for unraveling medical mysteries in the morgue, he may be the one man who can help a long-suffering Slayer and an emotionally bruised black-ops agent to find their way back to each other.

Key plot/story elements:
* strong Buffy/Riley chemistry, evolving from rivalry to romance
* Ducky's likely prior acquaintance with Riley
* Buffy coming to tr...
NCIS > Buffy-Centered • GrayCardinal • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Oct 09] • Date Updated [20 Jan 10]
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