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This is a BtVS/LoK Crossover Challenger, with the main character as Xander. The rules are as follows:

1. This is a YAHF, thus it takes place during the Season 2 Episode where Ethan Rayne runs the Halloween Costume Store.
2. This is NOT a Slash Story, that is Male/Male Pairing(s).
3. Xander does not go as a *Modern* Soldier and not *Just* a Soldier either. Xander goes a Warrior-Priest of Ancient Times.
4. Xander does NOT become a Demonic-Vampire or a Vampire at all.
5. Xander keeps ALL knowledge and abilities gained from Halloween.
7. I hope for more than just one...
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This is a BtVS/LoK Crossover Challenge. Xander is the main character. The premesis and rules are fairly simple.
1. This is a YAHF, thus it takes place during the Season 2 Episode where Ethan Rayne runs the Halloween Costume Store.
2. This is NOT a Slash Story, that is Male/Male Pairing(s).
3. Xander does not go as a Soldier, he goes as a Noble Man a.k.a. Kain.
4. Xander does not become a Demonic-Vampire.
5. Xander keeps ALL knowledge and abilities gained from Halloween.
6. Xander can either be the same type of Vampire Kain is OR he can become a Dhampir (Half-Vampire/H...
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This will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Believe it!

Several weeks ago I read a story in which Sunnydale got transported to the Forgotten Realms world and it was an awesome story! Two days ago I got my hands on Disciples 2: Dark Prophesy, I've also played Heroes 3 a lot as well as other such games...Here is the Challenge!

I am Challenging YOU the authors of to write a story in which either Buffy or her and several of the gang or hech the Whole gang or Whateva' the Whole 'Dale get transported to one of the many fantasy worlds of Turn based RPG/Strategies such as Heroes 3,4,5 or...
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I would absolutely worship and forever be the friend of whoever takes my challenge and either copletes it or it least writes a whole lot cause it seriously depresses me when somebody starts a really good story and then goes on hiatus.

Sooo my idea is that I want a dawn based story with a Tomb raider crossover. My idea is that dawn is from buffy's blood but is actually her daughter not her sister cause seriously people she would be a complete clone if she wasn't. But the twist is I want dawns other parent to be non other than Lara Croft. Follow the series as closely as possible but in...
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Another Halloween Challenge:

-Xander usual dress-up as a soldier routine.

- Only difference is the fatigues he uses, as they used to belong to his dead great uncle.

-He notices on the front of the uniform where the name patch is located is a single word that doesn't make any sense.

-That name is 'BOSS'.

There it is. Xander becomes the next Boss from the Metal Gear game saga. Whether or not it is the same dimension or an AU is up to the writer.


-No Slash.

-Xander keeps the skill sets and any memories from the posse...
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Xander's origins being the later addition to the Wesker Children Project of Ozwell E. Spencer.

unlike the other wesker subjects xander won't have the financial backing and conditioning by umbrella as a curious experiment by Spencer to see if he would reach his full potential without umbrella's aid. his life would still be the same in Buffy Canon, though his parents will be adoptive instead of umbrella scientist he will have spies watching him from a far to report his progress to spencer.

the wesker cunning mentality can be played in The Pack, and xander will be given the viru...
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Xander dresses up someway as Commander Keen. I suppose buying a cheap plastic gun at Ethan's, some jeans, a pink shirt, and a football helmet he has lying around somewhere. What happens next?

Must have:

Xander building rayguns and shooting vampires and demons with them.

Xander building an FTL space ship in his backyard (of course).

Willow lamenting Xander is now smarter than she is.

Xander taking his best friends on a tour of the Galaxy - and of course, landing in some kind of trouble.
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Halloween is the night where you dress up and be differently, provocatively. And Willow will find be dressed very provocatively when Buffy manages to get her to wear a very tight leather suit with two bracelets with plastic blades attached to them. What could possibly go wrong?

I leave it to you weather ot not you will make this into a ficlet or a full blown story. And if you do make it into a story, here are several rules:

1) No bashing of characters, unless it's Spike. It makes me laugh real hard when he gets beat up.
2) Willow will obviously be keeping her powers and a...
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What if Buffy had dressed as a different kind of Lady ... Lady Lara Croft! What would change during and after that Halloween? Would 'Lara' listen to Willow? Would 'Lara' be able to take out Spike? After Halloween would Buffy see the wonders of guns? Would Buffy become a 'Tomb Raider'?

There's also the parallels between the Croft Gang - Hillary and Bryce, and the Buffy Gang - Giles, Willow, and Xander. Giles reminds me a bit of Hillary and Bryce seems to be a cross of Willow's brains with Xander's humor.

- I just had a thought on how to blend it seamlessly or as seamless as th...
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After early losses, the Watcher's Council left Silent Hill alone. But now the forces in the town have begun to reach out into the minds and dreams of Champions and they can't afford to ignore it any longer.

* Please, please no Pyramid Head. The game designers have already over-used him. :P
* Bonus points for including Faith, Giles, and/or Anya.
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Xander Harris is considered the Heart of the Scoobies now he must call upon that power to save his and all worlds from the Heartless and live up to the title "Protector of Man". Start anytime after season 1 and preferably be Xander/Willow ship. Should only include any Disney, Square Enix, and Buffy/Angel characters.
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Just reading an excerpt form the forth coming D&D book Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons for 4th edition D&D and there is an organization based in Sigil, called the Guardians of the Gates, headed by a steel dragon called Irthossalur that monitors planar traffic and portals and defends these portals from outsider incursion. Each group monitoring a portal is headed by an officer called a Watcher and it struck me that there is potential for a Buffy crossover. Now, I DM but am not much of a writer and am in the middle of a campaign but I could see me developing this more.
So the Challenge...
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Rubi Malone ends up in Sunnydale.

Rubi Malone is the female protagonist in the video game WET by the way.
Kudos if any of these conditions are met:

It is not done using a Halloween costume.
She falls for one of the men mentioned in the series that is living.
Somehow she is connected deeper into the Buffy mythology than just dropped in.

I would not like to see
Rubi/vampire,zombie or any other dead thing in a relationship.
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Yes this has been done before, but now, along with there being a Spartan, have also the ODST involved. The best way for this to happen it either Xander winning a bet of some kind or Snider making them going as a group theme and Xander somehow convinces them or wins a bet again or wins a simple game, like paper-rock-scissors. Just have it to were Xander gets the girls to go with the Halo theme. Now for the real details:

Minimum people affect by this with after affects: Xander, Willow, Buffy; BUT can also include others like Amy, Jonathan, Miss Calendar, etc. that went as Halo chara...
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What if Willow had a different costume under the ghost sheet. How would Sunnydale or the world deal with an AI without ethics or morals. Would Willow stay good or become the newest 'Big Bad'?

Crossover: System Shock
Character: SHODAN
Games • Zarachek • Responses [1] • Date Added [26 Sep 09]
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