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Xander Harris is considered the Heart of the Scoobies now he must call upon that power to save his and all worlds from the Heartless and live up to the title "Protector of Man". Start anytime after season 1 and preferably be Xander/Willow ship. Should only include any Disney, Square Enix, and Buffy/Angel characters.
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Just reading an excerpt form the forth coming D&D book Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons for 4th edition D&D and there is an organization based in Sigil, called the Guardians of the Gates, headed by a steel dragon called Irthossalur that monitors planar traffic and portals and defends these portals from outsider incursion. Each group monitoring a portal is headed by an officer called a Watcher and it struck me that there is potential for a Buffy crossover. Now, I DM but am not much of a writer and am in the middle of a campaign but I could see me developing this more.
So the Challenge...
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Rubi Malone ends up in Sunnydale.

Rubi Malone is the female protagonist in the video game WET by the way.
Kudos if any of these conditions are met:

It is not done using a Halloween costume.
She falls for one of the men mentioned in the series that is living.
Somehow she is connected deeper into the Buffy mythology than just dropped in.

I would not like to see
Rubi/vampire,zombie or any other dead thing in a relationship.
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Yes this has been done before, but now, along with there being a Spartan, have also the ODST involved. The best way for this to happen it either Xander winning a bet of some kind or Snider making them going as a group theme and Xander somehow convinces them or wins a bet again or wins a simple game, like paper-rock-scissors. Just have it to were Xander gets the girls to go with the Halo theme. Now for the real details:

Minimum people affect by this with after affects: Xander, Willow, Buffy; BUT can also include others like Amy, Jonathan, Miss Calendar, etc. that went as Halo chara...
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What if Willow had a different costume under the ghost sheet. How would Sunnydale or the world deal with an AI without ethics or morals. Would Willow stay good or become the newest 'Big Bad'?

Crossover: System Shock
Character: SHODAN
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This is a Shadow Hearts Series/Buffy the Vampire Crossover Challenge. The following are the rules of the challenge:

1. No Male Slash, Female Slash is acceptable as long as it is tasteful.
2. Xander must be one of the Main Characters.
3. Xander is descended from Yuri Hyuga and Alice Elliot, as well as Johnny Garland and Shania.
4. Xander has the power of fusion in the fashion of his ancestor Yuri Hyuga. (Name the Fusion forms in an understandable language please!)
5. Must take place at LEAST after the beginning of the series, but BEFORE Faith shows up in Sunnydale....
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This challenge requires knowledge of the White Wolf roleplaying game Changeling: The Lost, and posits a crossover between that game and Buffy. The cosmology actually doesn't take much tweaking to fit into the Buffyverse without being wildly out of place with established canon.

Sometime during the first three seasons, Xander is abducted by the True Fae. After a period of time (you decide how long he spent in Arcadia and how long has passed on earth), he manages to escape his bondage and return to the mundane world. He must go about trying to fit in to a world that isn't quite what he r...
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Has someone did this before

Here is a challenge for you writers who love BTVS and a certain Video Game.

Xander is the last descendant of a famous family of heroes... The Belmont's, and an old enemy of the family has Xander in his sights... Dracula, and only Angel can protect him.

Some guidelines for this:

-Buffy and co. must not know until it's to late. Only Angel can know

-Xander will have odd dreams about the past adventures of the Belmont's. Include the famous whip if possible

-Alucard should pass Sunnydale and notice something odd
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X-Over with Black & White

A land of innocence has no need for gods, until fate intervenes…

When people pray, a god is always born, able to change eternity.

Will the god be a blessing, or a curse? Good, or Evil?

Here’s the challenge. At some point (doesn’t matter when), one of the Scoobies/Fang Gang (doesn’t matter who) cries out to the heavens, begging for help. That prayer triggers the creation of a fledgling god/goddess.

The god should (somewhat) reflect the personality and/or physical traits of the person who aske...
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Xander (or one of the Buffy cast, not including Buffy) *must* dress up as one of the Forsaken from World of Warcraft for Halloween. Any class or power set can go, but Xander (or other character) *cannot* have any sort of resurrection power.
Must be included:
1. Costume *must* be that of a Forsaken
2. Buffy must try to kill Xander/Other character at least once
3. Xander/Other Character must trade snark or banter with
4. Drusilla/Spike at least twice over the course of the story, minimum.
5. Angel must have the same attitude towards Xander's new state that Xander has tow...
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YAHF-Make Xander wear the costume of Solid Snake and leave behind the memories/training for him to build upon. (Reminders to the story "Dead Man Walking") Tweak his training to encompass new forms in which he can rely upon for combat with mutiple (2-5) demons if necessary.

-No Slash
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Xander goes as a SOLDIER for Halloween. Using Final Fantasy 7 "Crisis Core" as a base. Make Xander a SOLDIER cadet in the middle of his final testing as Zack was. After the bust of Janus is broken leave him with the memories/training/capabilities of a SOLDIER. Please do not have him be Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth or any other of the mainstream characters of FF7. It is more interesting if you make it an unknown and build it as a personal creation.

-Abilities cannot equal or exceed a Slayer (But must be greater than a normal human)
-Bonus for F/X ship
-No Slash
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it starts at The Gift ... but things don't go so well. The world shatters, and Dawn, Xander, Willow, and Tara fall through a dark void until landing in a darkend city. Then these little shadow things grab Tara and run off with her, just to make the night complete.

Then there's this huge key-sword-beatstick thing that forms out of Dawn...

cross over with Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2, or continue from them, depending on your preference.

Tara as a Princess of Heart?

the Idiot Trio as boss Heartless?

No slash.
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I keep having day dreams where Xander ends up in the Fallout 3 world. Anything can happen in the story as long as Xander is not a vault dweller. I keep thinking that he would most likely end up falling in with the Brotherhood Of Steel. The ones that Lyons leads.

Any who picks up this plot bunny please let me know. I would like to read the story.
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Dawn has been having a hard time fitting in around Sunnydale, so Xander promises to dress up however she wants for Halloween. In between Buffy's froofy dress and a misunderstanding about tights, Dawn decides to dress up as Zelda, and have Xander be her guardian and One True Love (all caps, folks) Link.

- Xander gets no special powers and keeps none of Link's equipment, he just gains a great deal of proficiency with medieval weaponry, arcane gadgets, and dungeon crawls. No Uber-Xander, still fairly easily beaten by Buffy one-on-one, probably better than her against crowds.
- Dawn p...
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