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I've been reading They Had Crossbows by VampireCow and I came up with this idea.
What if Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz were sent to the FF7 world. This can happen anywhere from "Surprises" to Graduation. The timeline for FF7 would be before or during Crisis Core and the Scoobies have been de-aged to about 10 years old (this would make them 17 during FF7). The Scoobies must survive their new world and those after them (because Shinra would likely hunt the Scoobies if it found our about their abilities.)

Must haves:
To fit in with their new world the Scoobies powers have changed....
Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final Fantasy • Linnie • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Nov 10] • Date Updated [8 Nov 10]
This is a Halloween story where Xander goes as Shepperd of mass effect2.
Things i would like to see in the story:
1) Xander can use biotics.
2) Xander had a small space ship in his pocket so when the spell hits Normandy 2 and EDI are there in orbit wondering what the hell is going on.
3) Xander has the facial scars until EDI can fix it with the Normandy medical bay.
4) Xander also makes some Geth drones that fallow the 3 laws of robotics and with a loyalty circuit so he can use them for labor as the geth where intended to maintain the ship with repairs and getting fuel. ...
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After reading McGregor's "I am what I am" for the thirtieth time. I came to a startling idea.

Why not make a Xander centered Epic story crossed with either the video games Crono Trigger or Crono Cross.

There is to my knowledge 3 possibly 4 different portal locations known in Sunnydale that could provide a good placement for Time Portals.
1-The Hellmouth or area surrounding it. I.E. Master's Cave, or School Basement.
2-Crawford St. Mansion. Where Acathla's Portal was established, or Angel's drop back in from Hell.
3-The Area around Glory's Tower.
4???-Where E...
Games > Japanese Fantasy • SadJack • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Sep 10]
X-Over with The Elder Scrolls.

I would like at least three, and preferably more, of the Scoobies to get transported to either Morrowind or Oblivion.

I would like them to set up shop there as a group, get involved with the prophecies and the demon-fighting action, all while trying to find a way out.

They can be literally transported into the game itself or dimension hop through a portal. I won't go into detail about how to get them there because there are several obvious methods you can use and you are free to pick any of them.

Would like to see:
Games > Fantasy • Coldhands • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Sep 10]
Buffy ends up in the Resident Evil movie-verse. She is captured/found by Umbrella who use her as the basis to create the T-Virus off of. Anytime after the first movie, she is found or rescued by survivors, and ends up with Alice and company (if she's not rescued by them).

Ideas' on getting Buffy into movie-verse:
1. Glory's portal (but she won't get sucked back into Sunnydale)
2. During the fight with the First, she doesn't make it out of the hellmouth
3. Umbrella develops some technology and capture her

Pairing Ideas:
1. Alice
2. Chris Redfield
3. J...
Games > Horror > Resident Evil • rekab • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Sep 10]
So maybe you've played any one of the games in the Super Smash Bros (SSB) series, or one of those represented in those games. Maybe you've thought, "This could be a good idea for a Buffy crossover!" but waved it off.

Well, guess what?

Let's write a crossover between SSB and BtVS/Angel.

The scenario should be that after fighting Tabuu, the Smashers agree to take a vacation somewhere other than the worlds they come from. The problem is, they select the Buffyverse. Hilarity/Insanity ensues.

All I'm going to ask is that it would at least have a few moments like ...
Games • NeverLookBack • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Sep 10]
This challenge, should you chose to take it is simple. Buffy, instead of dressing as a useless noble woman, goes as Johnny Garland, Detective. When Ethan's spell goes off, one really confused Johnny comes up.

Although this is a YAHF, I don't want a faithful retelling of the episode. Johnny is good at combat, and his other mode can kick ass. Re-work the episode around him. Weather or not you give him access to his "awaker" mode is up to you, but he should be able to use his "normal" malice weapon.

Please try to keep him as in character as possible. There are youtube walk thr...
Games > Japanese Fantasy > Shadow Hearts • mpsshadowmaster • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Aug 10] • Date Updated [13 Jun 11]
Malacath is a type of god from the series of games called The Elder Scrolls. He is the god( or daedric prince) of the spurned and ostracized(outcasts), the keeper of the Sworn Oath, and the Bloody Curse.

Now I was reading this description of Malacath I caught myself thinking "this sounds like Xander's type of higher power".

So this is the challenge to any one that is interested:
-For halloween Xander dresses as a orc or some race from the game that worships Malacath
-While transformed the spirt inhabiting Xander's body makes contact with his god, thus forming a link ...
Games > Fantasy • coalface • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Aug 10]
Buffy and the gang (which seasons gang is your choice) accidentally fall through a portal and end up on Phobos or Deimos.

Must contain:
*The gang encounter the DooMGuy, you name him. (Personally i call him Doug Moy which is an anagram)
*Someone must be hurt badly and then someone else finds a soulsphere (blue orb).
*One of the gang or all of the gang sees or encounters any of these demons - Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind, Icon of Sin, Mancubus, Arachnatron, Hell Knight, Baron of Hell, Cacodemon, Nightmare Spectre, Revenant.
*The must encounter at least one of the top ...
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake • RainbowCubes • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Aug 10]
TWEWY Challenge!

Which is really more of a funny 'what if...?' idea I have no intentions of writing and I figured I'd share the love. Pretty simple challenge. We all known the Magic Shop of Sunnydale is notorious for its short-lived owners. Well, what about the Espresso Pump? What if the Espresso Pump unexpectedly lost its owner to a random wild animal attack (or Gang on PCP mugging)? NOw imagine if Sanae Hanekoma aka Mr. H took over the popular coffee shop. How would the the change in managent effect the Espresso Pump's clientel? Will the new ownership effect the livs of the Soobies...
Games > Japanese Fantasy • souldriven • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 10]
I've done so many amazing things in this lifetime... / I've done so many amazing things in this lifetime...
At 12, I sailed the world... / At 12, I flew for the first time...
At 23, I battled a Prairie dragon... / At 25, I battled a sea-monster...
At 30, I saw her for the first time... / At 30, I got married...
Tomorrow I'll be 12 again... / Tomorrow I'm 12 again...
Games > Japanese Fantasy • Sydonai • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Jul 10]
More a character piece, but has it's points for action and other genres. Could be a pairing, up to you.

Xander is out searching for slayers for the new council, when he gets sent off after a girl about his age who seems to be stronger and faster than a normal person. Her name: Eleanor Lamb. She's new to this world, and has only been fully awake for a short amount of time, just long enough to try to save her father and escape the hell where she was claimed to be a savior.

Simple requests: Ideas Only here, of course it's all up to the author.
1) Eleanor can physically beat ...
Games > Sci-Fi • (Past Donor)Peaslums • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Jun 10] • Date Updated [28 Apr 12]
Cant think of a good challenge name

I would like to read a Buffy/Resident evil crossover

What if before Alice there was Buffy, after Sunnydale collapsed Buffy went into a coma and the umbrella corporation found her and kept her a secret making people believe Alice was the first success.
you can have it as Buffy escaped or was found, Can have either the Scoobies have been looking for her or they think she ran away from them for the betrayal when they throw her out of her own home you can decide and everything else you can think of.

I must be a Buffy/Carlos pairin...
Games > Horror > Resident Evil • (Recent Donor)amenti • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Jun 10] • Date Updated [13 Jun 10]
Xander and Hillary (from the films) are cousins.

Or, Xander and Winston (from the games) are biologically related.

The challenge is very broad, allowing for nearly any biological relationship, and can be of any genre, rating, and length. Xander can simply be in correspondence with Hillary or Winston, or there can be more interaction between the two fandoms.
Games > Other Genre > Tomb Raider • Ductile • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Jun 10]
Haven't seen this YAHF before - Xander dressed as a soldier: one Carlos Olivera, which explains why he handled Jack so well. It's just that none of the zombies he remembered ever talked, so O'Toole was a bit of a shock. Now how scary can a vampire be now that he's fought tyrants, hunters, and the like?

For a Powered-Xander twist: Xander remembers everything up until the very end of Carlos' life, including being bitten. Well, the hellmouth has first dibs on the whole dying/disease thing and a little magic gets added to the mix. Cue the mutation maestro.

For a Darker fic: Xand...
Games > Horror > Resident Evil • (Past Donor)Peaslums • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Jun 10] • Date Updated [5 Jan 13]
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