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I've seen many stories both on TTH and other sites where some inspired author decides to cross Overlord with another Verse, and makes use of human or similar Minions.

One thing that is irritatingly common is the author constantly and unnecessarily describes the cup sizes of the minions, most often sizes that are not only ridiculously oversized, but physically crippling if real.

As such I've posted this challenge in the hopes of a Overlord crossover story without such, and came up with some rough Minion classes to help in inspiration, all I ask is a mention in the first chapte...
Games • branz • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Mar 14]
I recently re-read a story called 'Slayer Magic', by Perfect lionheart on Fanfiction net, the story struck me as full of potential.
As such my challenge is for you to write a story using the possibilities brought up in the first chapter of his story Slayer Magic.

-Obviously don't just copy ideas, put your own characters, different items, could be anything.

-Doesn't necessarily need to involve 'Magic: The Gathering' in your story, but try to include something similar.

-The most important premise in the story is that some items remain empowered after the ...
Games > Fantasy > Magic: The Gathering • branz • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Mar 14]
Yet another halloween challenge with lasting effects for Xander. What if instead of a soldier Xander was High General Abbendis for a night and awoke with a new path and Zealous hatred for the undead.

If you take this challenge go wild but pleases keep the scarlet crusade mindset.
Games > Fantasy > Warcraft • hkblarg • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Feb 14]
I have recently been on a kick and have begun to play all of the Star Ocean games and this just suddenly came to me... Why hasn't there been a Btvs/Star Ocean cross before?

After playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, I got to thinking...

What if at the very beginning of WW3 (in the game it was around 2064AD) one of the core surviving Scoobies... Or even one of the Fang Gang was severely injured in an attack and Willow and the Devon Coven had placed He/She/Them (can be more than one) in suspended animation to heal until the war was over. How would He/she/they feel after learning...
Games • Fablesrogue • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Feb 14]
With the release of dark souls a player created a legend this player was Xander Harris and on that fateful Halloween he decides to dress as his creation ...and it sticks.
(xander as giantdad)
Games • janusofchange • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Feb 14] • Date Updated [17 Feb 14]
as some of the other challenges i'm asking someone to take the ship of the line challenge but instead of what's normal xander chose the harbinger controlled collector and harbinger comes through and with no caytalist here but still the progaming to obey obeys xander in his new and powerful collector body.
Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy • janusofchange • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Feb 14]
This is a BtVS/DMC crossover challenge.

This is Xander focused with none of the following:
1. Xander will not do the Halloween switch with any DMC characters.
2. Xander will not be thrown into the DMC dimension.
3. BtVS and DMC do not share the same dimension.
4. Xander is not a half human demon/devil hybrid like Dante/Vergil/Nero.
5. Xander will not stumble upon or receive any of the Devil Arms from DMC.

The only Major item I want taken from the DMC universe is the Divinity Statue (aka The Watcher of Time) which throughout the games you paid "Blood of Dem...
Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May Cry • RedtheBattler • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Jan 14] • Date Updated [9 Apr 14]
Typical YAHF, but based on F/SN. That series doesn't get nearly enough love on this site.
So, Xander's body suddenly becomes made of Swords, Willow gets a boost to learning magic but in the explosive gems variety. Buffy, well she gets the powers of a certain other short, immensely strong blonde woman.

Basically, the trio is possessed by Shirou, Rin and Arturia from UBW Good End. But Buffy gets Arturia's Dragoncore, Caliburn, Excalibur and Avalon. She does have a human body so her existence won't need to be supported by Willow. Although you can change this if you want.

Games > Japanese Fantasy • Destrark • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Jan 14]
For Halloween, Buffy tried to get Willow to dress-up as Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, only for her to chicken out on it and pulling the Ghost Blanket over herself.
To bad the Halsey costume included a Forerunner AI-core/chip, in the style later used by UNSC AI Cortana.
So here is your challenge, how to end Halloween in a way the gang can live with (something that smashes that Janus statue, if possible) & how Willow will deal with having all that UNSC know-how in her head.
Knowledge that might or might not, be a combination of Halsey & Cortana, from their whole lives.
Games • Vianca • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Dec 13]
A YAHF fanfic. Buffy and co. dress up as a characters from the Ninja Kingdom game and end up as its characters. Now they must rescue the princess from the shogun and save their kingdom. In other words, it is probably Tuesday. :)
Games > Japanese Fantasy • Dmitri • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Dec 13]
Ok this challenge is based off the youtube viral hit of the same name. What if Anya had a brother who came to visit the scoobie gang?

Now the challenge is this

Its up to you how her brother survived 1100 years

He must be a Demon Hunter of some kind.

He Must be Human still

He has to have a similar personality to Inspector Gadget, Maxwell Smart, and Frank Drebin
Games > Fantasy > Warcraft • deamon • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Dec 13]
It would be so easy to make a crossover with dark soul SO SOMEONE ANYONE MAKE ONE I'M BEGGING YOU!
Games > Horror • janusofchange • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Dec 13]
have Xander and two Buffyverse females dress up as Cole, Nix, and Kuo for Halloween keep the powers and crossover with any compatible Universe.(PS no slash)
Games > Comic/Superhero • demondude • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Nov 13]
In a lot of fanfics writers have Xander dressing as a character from a game for halloween, he then keeps items/powers/skills etc from the possession. This is great but I wonder if anyone has done a fic where Xander keeps the game aspect after the night is over. I can see this going two ways:

1: Xander gains enough XP points just as the bust is destroyed and levels up, ie from killing Spike.
2: Xander dies and wakes up with the GAME OVER screen and the CONTINUE screen and as there is no Saved Games has to start from the day Buffy turns up.

Would love to see a fic done with...
Games • (Recent Donor)drdeth • Responses [1] • Date Added [27 Nov 13]
A crossover between Saint’s Row and BtVS.

At the end of S1 or 2 of Buffy or the summer before season 1, Xander’s parents sent him to a family member in Stilwater for the summer.


While on his road trip Xander went to Stilwater, Michigan where his car was stolen.

While wondering around town he runs into the main character (The soon to be Boss of the 3rd Row Saints/The Playa) just as the incident happens and they get saved by Julius Little.

- Xander joins them out of boredom or for some other reason.
- He can help the Saints by doing minor (...
Games > Crime • Omegaprime • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Nov 13] • Date Updated [9 Sep 14]
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