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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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It would be so easy to make a crossover with dark soul SO SOMEONE ANYONE MAKE ONE I'M BEGGING YOU!
Games > Horror • janusofchange • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Dec 13]
have Xander and two Buffyverse females dress up as Cole, Nix, and Kuo for Halloween keep the powers and crossover with any compatible Universe.(PS no slash)
Games > Comic/Superhero • demondude • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Nov 13]
In a lot of fanfics writers have Xander dressing as a character from a game for halloween, he then keeps items/powers/skills etc from the possession. This is great but I wonder if anyone has done a fic where Xander keeps the game aspect after the night is over. I can see this going two ways:

1: Xander gains enough XP points just as the bust is destroyed and levels up, ie from killing Spike.
2: Xander dies and wakes up with the GAME OVER screen and the CONTINUE screen and as there is no Saved Games has to start from the day Buffy turns up.

Would love to see a fic done with...
Games • (Current Donor)drdeth • Responses [1] • Date Added [27 Nov 13]
A crossover between Saint’s Row and BtVS.

At the end of S1 or 2 of Buffy or the summer before season 1, Xander’s parents sent him to a family member in Stilwater for the summer.


While on his road trip Xander went to Stilwater, Michigan where his car was stolen.

While wondering around town he runs into the main character (The soon to be Boss of the 3rd Row Saints/The Playa) just as the incident happens and they get saved by Julius Little.

- Xander joins them out of boredom or for some other reason.
- He can help the Saints by doing minor (...
Games > Crime • Omegaprime • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Nov 13]
DnD 4.5 /Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The state of the heavans is mutch worse the any asumed the PTB keep constricting the infuence of gods on the mortal plane and Janus sees a chance to change it all. Useing his dwindleing power to push Xander to a certain costume and from his days playing DnD with Jesse. A tribute and buying some bits and picese from Ethan's to finish it Janus burns himself out giveing Xander the Divine spark, the ability to become a demigod but repressed now as he fights it will come to him...

(Xander goes as a dragonspawn or a tiefling)
(Xander is a Warlo...
Games > Dungeons and Dragons • janusofchange • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Nov 13]
Back Story: -Sunny Hell High school Library-

The Scooby gang was setting up a game of WoW RPG. A weekend past time none of them were quite sure when it started, but were all glad that it was still going on. after they all got out all their respective character sheets they turned to the local WoW chapter master, whose job it was to write up/invent a story line that the RPG group could play through, and listened as he told them the description of the environment that they were starting the game in. As he spoke each member of the WoW RPG group started to glow...
Games > Fantasy > Warcraft • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Oct 13] • Date Updated [22 Oct 13]
During the Halloween spell Xander finds out that Dawn will be in his escort group and so they decide to get costumes together. Then Joyce decides to pay for them to have matching costumes.
Xander went as the human form of the blue dragon Kalec while Dawn went as Anveena (The Sunwell Trilogy manga).
Now the Key is also a living Sunwell capable of opening herself and any other she chooses to a vast untainted wellspring of power but the demons want to capture and taint her into a living mobile Hellmouth. With Xander being a magic wielding dragon dedicated to the protection of magic,...
Games > Fantasy > Warcraft • Muroshi • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Oct 13]
Back story: Xander convinces the gang to go as the characters from his and Willow's favorite video game.
Plot points:-Buffy dresses up as Dagger aka Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
-Xander dressed up as ZidaneTribal
-Willow dressed as Vivi
-Jenny dressed as General Beatrix
-Joyce dressed as Quina Quen
-OZ dressed as Amarant Coral
-Giles dressed as Adelbert Steiner
-Cordelia dressed as Freya Crescent (If you add her to the group.)
-Each of their costumes remain and stay 100% real after the spell ends as well as they keep all the memories, abilities, an skills. The...
Games > Fantasy • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Oct 13] • Date Updated [12 Oct 13]
Back story: Just as the Halloween spell ends and Xander realizes his costume is still real. A being appears in from of him in a trench coat and a Feodora. The being says in a Brooklyn ascent "Hello Xander my name is Whistle. I am what you would call The Powers That Be's' mouth piece, the beings that you mortals call higher powers, any way I'm here to let you know that they didn't like you messing up their plans of having saved Buffy when they wanted her to die from her fight with the Master. So here's the deal kid they can see into the future and they see if you stay in this reality you will m...
Games > Fantasy > Warcraft • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Oct 13]
Back story: During the episode 8 "I Robot, You Jane", Season 1. When Moloch punches an electrical power line and dies. Bolts of electricity shoots out of his dieing body, but only one strikes somebody. Xander being the closest thing gets struck.
-Xander's I.Q. gets boosted.
-Xander builds stuff that an Engineer on WoW could build. But has to start at the easy stuff and work his way up. He can build anything that an Engeneer could on WoW even if you had to go to a trainer to learn it. Xander will be able to make it.
-Xander finds jewels and stones from WoW around Sunnyhell or any ma...
Games > Fantasy • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Oct 13] • Date Updated [19 Oct 13]
As Buffy entered the portal from hell back to LA ken in his dying breath he changed the portal a bit and it although it spits in LA but in 2170. She after a while finds out that magic, demons are vampires are barely existing and are on the brink of extinction later she finds out that year after her disappearance Sunnydale exploded in a huge magic surge that destroyed all caused magic to slowly die out (it might be willows unsuccessful ritual to summon Buffy back). Two years later she joins alliance in hopes of better life than running with a street gang and takes a name Shepard.

Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy • NoirDetective • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Oct 13]
Xander dresses up as a soldier who just so happened to be consumed by Alex Mercer just before the spell took effect. Rules:#1:Xander retain the Blacklight virus and Alex Mercer's abilities an memories.

#2:Xander can recreate any organic matter he comes into contact with enough organic matter via creating a cocoon or some other kind of organic womb.

#3:Xander can mate with other races and have offspring. The offspring will have the Blacklight virus.

#4:Through mating Xander can make others like himself.

#5:When Xander consumes different D.N.A. he can use them...
Games > Sci-Fi • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Oct 13] • Date Updated [14 Oct 13]
Halloween Fic. Challenge Rules: #1:Xander dresses up as Master-Chief from the Halo Game series.

#2:Master-Chief's ship appears but is damaged and Xander/Master Chief sends it out in to the solar system to gather materials to repair itself. It is away till between alittle before Joys' surgery to alittle before Glory the hell goddess starts to make a appearance.

#3:The Halo armor and the Master-Chief's ship stay 100% real after the spell ends as well as xamder keeping all the memories and skills of Master-Chief permanently.

#4:During the battle with glory some portals ...
Games > Sci-Fi > Halo • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Oct 13] • Date Updated [9 Oct 13]
I've seen all these stories were Xander's costume is the Master-Chief from Halo. Well I haven't read one were Xander has dressed up as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect game. So here is my challenge:
#1:Xander keeps Shepard's memories.
#2:The armor and equipment stays real
#3:Xander's an Engineer class
#4:Xander keeps the body of Shepard and any in-plants that were in the real Shepard's body

Everything ells is up to you.
Below are some ideas that might work with a story you create for this challenge: #1:Crosses over with Stargate or Star Wars or X-Files or A...
Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Oct 13] • Date Updated [10 Oct 13]
Xander’s parents didn’t want him hanging around during the summers so they sent him to an uncle/cousin far away. This cool member of the family has a cool friend and both of them decided that having him just visiting them was just plain boring so they taught him martial arts.

The names of these two fun loving guys are Ken and Ryu: best buddies and sometimes rivals of the Street Fighter series.

How will this affect the series? Will Xander make any friends/enemies from the Street Fighter group? Will Ken and Ryu visit Sunnydale?

Any pairing can be used.

Games > Martial Arts • Omegaprime • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Sep 13]
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