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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Back story: During the episode 8 "I Robot, You Jane", Season 1. When Moloch punches an electrical power line and dies. Bolts of electricity shoots out of his dieing body, but only one strikes somebody. Xander being the closest thing gets struck.
-Xander's I.Q. gets boosted.
-Xander builds stuff that an Engineer on WoW could build. But has to start at the easy stuff and work his way up. He can build anything that an Engeneer could on WoW even if you had to go to a trainer to learn it. Xander will be able to make it.
-Xander finds jewels and stones from WoW around Sunnyhell or any ma...
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As Buffy entered the portal from hell back to LA ken in his dying breath he changed the portal a bit and it although it spits in LA but in 2170. She after a while finds out that magic, demons are vampires are barely existing and are on the brink of extinction later she finds out that year after her disappearance Sunnydale exploded in a huge magic surge that destroyed all caused magic to slowly die out (it might be willows unsuccessful ritual to summon Buffy back). Two years later she joins alliance in hopes of better life than running with a street gang and takes a name Shepard.

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Xander dresses up as a soldier who just so happened to be consumed by Alex Mercer just before the spell took effect. Rules:#1:Xander retain the Blacklight virus and Alex Mercer's abilities an memories.

#2:Xander can recreate any organic matter he comes into contact with enough organic matter via creating a cocoon or some other kind of organic womb.

#3:Xander can mate with other races and have offspring. The offspring will have the Blacklight virus.

#4:Through mating Xander can make others like himself.

#5:When Xander consumes different D.N.A. he can use them...
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Halloween Fic. Challenge Rules: #1:Xander dresses up as Master-Chief from the Halo Game series.

#2:Master-Chief's ship appears but is damaged and Xander/Master Chief sends it out in to the solar system to gather materials to repair itself. It is away till between alittle before Joys' surgery to alittle before Glory the hell goddess starts to make a appearance.

#3:The Halo armor and the Master-Chief's ship stay 100% real after the spell ends as well as xamder keeping all the memories and skills of Master-Chief permanently.

#4:During the battle with glory some portals ...
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I've seen all these stories were Xander's costume is the Master-Chief from Halo. Well I haven't read one were Xander has dressed up as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect game. So here is my challenge:
#1:Xander keeps Shepard's memories.
#2:The armor and equipment stays real
#3:Xander's an Engineer class
#4:Xander keeps the body of Shepard and any in-plants that were in the real Shepard's body

Everything ells is up to you.
Below are some ideas that might work with a story you create for this challenge: #1:Crosses over with Stargate or Star Wars or X-Files or A...
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Xander’s parents didn’t want him hanging around during the summers so they sent him to an uncle/cousin far away. This cool member of the family has a cool friend and both of them decided that having him just visiting them was just plain boring so they taught him martial arts.

The names of these two fun loving guys are Ken and Ryu: best buddies and sometimes rivals of the Street Fighter series.

How will this affect the series? Will Xander make any friends/enemies from the Street Fighter group? Will Ken and Ryu visit Sunnydale?

Any pairing can be used.

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Xander is splashed with blood from a random demon one night. Soon after, he begins to have strange dreams about a man from 1000 years in the past. He's acquired an aspect of a demon, but it's not as obvious as telepathy; it's the power to view one's ancestral memories.

Crossover with the ancestral memories part of Assassin's Creed, though is doesn't necessarily have to involve Altiar and the Assassins.
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In Second Age Pamaltela in the standard Gloranthan Runequest setting, a Wizard decides to experiment and summon a demon to hold in the Psychic Zoo for study. Meanwhile in Sunnydale, Willow makes herself very noticeable across the multiverse when she raises the Temple and tries to destroy the world in "Grave". In her exhaustion afterwards, her defenses are weak, and the summoning captures her.

What happens when she awakens and talks with her captors? She could recover and wreck the place, but that would be boring. She could have hostile but not immediately violent talk with her capt...
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BtVS/Castlevania Xover.

Rating: - FR18/FR21 - The Darker the Better!


In honour of the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2, I would love to see a Fic were Xander IS and WAS Gabriel Belmont before he became Dracula. When I say this, I don't mean he died and was reincarnated, I mean that he is truly Immortal. I want to see a Fic were he has lived for nearly a thousand years and that the passage of time has taken its toll on him and he seeks to redeem himself and to break his curse and truly die as a Mortal. If yo...
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Xander goes as Mage from Dragon Age (not the/a Grey Warden) and as in cannon gets to keep some of the knowledge.

Ordinarily this would have no lasting consequences as there is no Fade for him to draw his power from and the memoires would fade (no pun intended) over time. However it turns out that Xander's character (possibly a not evil apostate mage) was a Blood Mage, thus allowing him some means of accessing his magic (to a limited extent - perhaps only restricted to actual blood magic spells).

I would prefer that his second class be Shapeshifter for 2 reasons:-

1. ...
Games > Fantasy • TheForgotten • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Aug 13]
The Scoobies all dress as Assassin's Creed characters.

No slash.
Costumes can be named assassins, or custom characters(Alexander the assassin, Buffy the assassin, etc).
All other alternate costumes are left to the writer.
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Xander dresses as Desmond Miles for Halloween. Afterwards he retains Desmond's memories from his
life & animus training.

No slash.
Anything else, fill free.
Your welcome to give other people different costumes.
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Andrew cast a spell on his Dungeon and Dragons books and screws up resulting in Creatures, races, classes, Magic, psionics, Primal powers, Divine powers, gods, Magic items, people and anything else that appears in Dungeon and Dragons, Athas (The Dark Sun), Eberron, Faerûn A.K.A. The Forgotten Realms, The Planes, ShadowFell or Feywild to appear in random places all over the world at random times.

You are free to create your own worlds, Creatures, Races, Classes and anything else you can think of.

Must not have: Male on male relationships of any kind.
Games > Dungeons and Dragons • GodofChaos • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Jul 13]
There were a lot of stories of Scoobies choosing different costume.
On the other hand, very few want to tinker with existing ones.
Buffy dressed in a pink frilly gown and become Lady Useless.
But what if she really did become a Princess?
A fairy Princess with magic powers?
Namely, Princess Peach.
There is a game where Bowser (apparently having problems with vision in his old age) kidnaps Mario, and Peach has to save him.
She has some emotionally activated powers - such as Fire attacks caused by anger. She can also fly.
Okay, I admit, Buffy spontaneously comb...
Games > Other Genre > Super-Mario • Kasyblack • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Jul 13]
There's been a fair few fics where Xander dresses up as the Master Chief for Halloween, despite the fact that Halo wasn't around when the episode in question first aired. However, there was another Bungie game series that was; Marathon. As a bonus, the player character's outfit looks like it's be reasonably plausible for someone to cobble together a reasonable duplicate of it

You can probably guess where I'm going with this. When Ethan's spell kicks in, the Scoobies turn into a noblewoman, a ghost, and a very confused and out-of-place cyborg.

Whether Xander keeps anything aft...
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