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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges


One or more of the Scoobies finds out who their real mother is, and is not happy about it.


*) One or more of the Scoobies finds out who their real mother is not only a mutant, but a villain, so they think is better if they never found out.

*) The Scooby or Scoobies has the X-gene, but is not active when they find out, it may never activate, or it might activate later in the story due to some accident. Basically they have the type of X-gene that needs to be activate with magic or science.


*) Cloning Ennma Frost was not the only ...
Marvel Universe > X-Men • raxadian • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Nov 14]
One day, several years after the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy Summers gets a nasty surprise in the form of a man on the doorstep. His name is Sam Wilson, and according to him, Riley Finn is dead. She was listed on one of the old next of kin forms and as Riley's friend, he felt that he should chase it up.

The two bond, first over Riley (who was Sam's Wingman), then over being soldiers tired of war and why, in the end, it might just be worth fighting.

Could be platonic, could eventually lead to a relationship. Could equally be a self contained short, or the beginning of a series i...
Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-Centered • NimbustheMariner • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Nov 14]
1. Xander is discovered as a mutant at a young age between 10 - 13 and is kicked out of his home. He ends up at Xaviers school. He stays in touch with willow.
2. Willow is discovered as a mutant between 13-15. How her parents react is up to you. Whether they kick her out like xanders did or she convinces them to send her to xaviers. Either way she ends up at the school with Xander.
3. Buffy was mistakenly identified as the slayer, the mistake is discovered after she defeats lothos and burns down the gym. She is actually a mutant. Rather than moving to sunnydale they move close to xavi...
Marvel Universe > X-Men • aussiemel • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Nov 14]
Dawn went through the portal, not Buffy. She ended up in another dimension, not the Avengers one. Fast forward 10 years, and she's figured out how to take care of herself and use the key to make portals, and she's decided to make the Avenger's dimemsion her home. She been living in New York for a while when Loki arrives and tries to help.

1) Portals don't come easy, she can make and control them but there is a limit to what she can do in a day, she's not all powerful.

2) The rest of the scoobies aren't a part of this, I don't care if she dimension hopped until she found her w...
Marvel Universe • KeiraFirestone • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Nov 14]
Daniel Jackson in the Stargate 'verse discovered the pyramids were much older than thought and were built by aliens...In the Marvel 'verse he discovers that the Norse pantheon were real beings who had visited Midgard...

He was almost laughed out of academia...

So when the first Thor movie-events happen SHIELD picks Daniel up (from where he's working with the Watchers Council) to advise them on what to do...and then after this, if you think of it as a prologue then main story would happen around Avengers movie- like events!

* the stargate system was originally built b...
Marvel Universe > Avengers • thewrongalice • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Oct 14]
High School is over and the Mayor defeated so Xander sets out on his epic road trip. In doing so he runs across the good and bad of the mystic nature of the Marvel U while riding around in a special van he fixed up and Willow added some spells to.

Must have Xander meeting and helping the likes of...

Johnny Blaze. Hellstorm and Hellcat. Jennifer Kale. Blade and the Nightstalkers. Dr. Strange. Amora the Enchantress. Scarlet Witch. Black Queen. Loki and more.

Xander learning some magic and getting a mystic weapon of some sort.

His trip is not cut short...
Marvel Universe • shazamo • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Oct 14]
A What if challenge set on the Marvel U and the Slayer Line was never created. How is the fate of Buffy and Gang altered by this?

*Must have vampires..but not the demon kind only those used at Marvel.

*Mayor still around just no Hell mouth. He is a very old and powerful Dark Mage who has battled Dr.Strange and seeks greater power.

*Buffy as a mutant and living in Sunnydale. Willow learning magic from Harkness. Xander the bastard son of Johnny Blaze and able to summon hellfire. Corey secretly some alien princess with powers of her own. Faith as Thor and Sif's hi...
Marvel Universe • shazamo • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 14]
So, this is my very first challenge to everyone.

# You will need to do the following #
-> Illyria (From Angel) will have to be integrated into another superhero movie. Example (Avengers) She becomes one after the battle in Los Angeles.
-> She is the only one who survived the battle in Los Angeles.
-> Some kind of friendship or understanding needs to have taken place. (Example - Captain America also doesn't know much about Earth like her)
Marvel Universe • LisaGorman • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 May 14]
When Ethan cast the Chaos Spell, instead of sucking the Noblewoman into Buffy's body, it sucked in Buffy's previous incarnation, one Peggy Carter. After the chaos spell is over, Buffy keeps Peggy's memories and skills. What happens when Steve Rogers (Captain America) is thawed out? Does Buffy immediately go to New York and work with the Avengers, proving to Rogers who she is? Do Buffy and Rogers hit it off quickly? How do the Avengers react to Buffy/Peggy?

The rest is up to you!

Marvel Universe > Avengers • CelebwenTelcontar • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 May 14]
Basic layout for Halloween. Xander goes for the toy rifle and finds broken in the bin. All hope is lost for our poor hero until he notices a leather wallet in the bin. He picks it up and discovers a Shield badge. Inspired by this turn of events, he goes as Philip Coulson agent of Shield.


-straight pairing (no Anya).

-Buffy and Willow bashing not required, but wouldn't be out of the question.

-can be Coulson from one universe or all of them combined into one costume.

-Buffy verse cross with whatever, except Marvel or DC verse.

Marvel Universe > Surprise Crossover • Marvel • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 May 14]
After Joyce dies from the brain tumor Buffy finds outs from her mother's lawyer that her mother had been keeping secrets from her. The first secret was that Hank was not her real father. The second that she has a half-brother, and third that she had an uncle she had never met.

This story could take place anywhere between season 2 through 5 and after the Avengers movie.


Mention of Joyce being in a short term relationship with an older Howard Stark while she was married to Hank.

Tony vaguely remembering his dad dating Joyce. (Tony would be in his mi...
Marvel Universe > Avengers • Plato • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 May 14]
We all remember Willow turning down the offers of different companies to come work for them when she was to graduated Sunnydale High School. Well, what if Willow had another company that made her a offer? The company: FROST INDUSTRIES! Yes, Willow would end up working for Emma Frost and eventually become her aide in her dealings not only with normal businesses, but with her Hellfire Club matters as well!

Among things I would like to see: 1) Willow learning how to be a ruthless businesswoman early on. 2) Tutorials in Magick use from Stephen Strange. 3) A outfit of her own to fit in as ...
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-Centered • Harry • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Apr 14]
Xander is a mutant, however he was never actually stressed enough for it to fully activate. That is until the Fertilizer Bomb fails to kill the Mayor. When one of his girls is injured/killed Xander's power finally erupts: The Firestorm is born. What happens after he defeats the mayor is up to you.

Firestorm (based on the original Nuclear Man abilities) has a number of powers based around Matter and Energy Control

Known Powers:
-Super human Strength and Endurance: Can lift 10 tons and operated for a weeks without any sleep.
-Phasing: Firestorm can disperse his own mo...
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered • (Past Donor)ScottWanderer • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Apr 14]
There are not enough Spider-Man crossovers here. I challenge you authors of Twisting the Hellmouth to write a Spider-Man crossover with:

>Xander having Venom
>Do Not Make It A YAHF! I want you to try using a different episode or even have the event (Xander gaining Venom) happen before or after the show begins or ends.
>You can't have the story happen in the Marvel Universe. Try using different Universes instead. Like Spider-Man and Stargate, or just Stargate with Venom in the story, or the DC Universe, etc, etc. You can use other Marvel Universes in the story like X-M...
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man • WhiteFirePhoenix • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Apr 14]
A Crossover of BTVS/Deadpool.

Must Have:
1. Willow of BTVS ending up being raised by Deadpool this is done is up to you.
2. Willow must still be best friends with Xander, but ends up with Deadpool before Buffy ever shows up. But she must still meet Buffy somehow. Xander does not need to be a Main Character, but he can't just disappear out of her life.
3. Willow being a "normal" kid, yet she can not be as insane as Deadpool. Means she is not totally sane, yet not Deadpool insane.
4. Willow can still use magic, though how this comes to be is up to you....
Marvel Universe > Deadpool • Kyr • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Apr 14] • Date Updated [19 Jul 14]
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